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Cesar Chavez—Great Story, Pretty Good Movie
(Cross-posted at Left Coast Voices. ) The day before the holiday celebrating Cesar Chavez, my wife and I watched the recently released movie about his life. We were staying the weekend up in ...
j be 04/11/2014 4 9 - -
Voter ID Laws: A ‘Solution’ to the ‘Problem’ of Democracy
(Cross posted at Left Coast Voices ) Last week, a federal judge in Wichita gave the green light to laws in Kansas and Arizona that will require proof of citizenship to vote in state and local ...
j be 03/26/2014 1 6 1 -
The Meek Do Not Inherit the Earth —€” In Defense of Shameless Self-Promotion
(Cross-posted at Lazy Organic Gardener .) I grew up in the Midwest and my parents were serious, albeit liberal Catholics, with maybe a bit more Calvinism in the mix than some. (I remember my Mom ...
j be 01/06/2014 1 - - -
Six Days in Albuquerque -- An Election Journal
I promise myself (and some friends) that I'll write a blog post every day while I am in New Mexico working on the election. I do. But the days are long and I don't find much time to sit in front of ...
j be 11/08/2008 2 4 - 2
He won't pledge allegiance to the flag.
Another hot afternoon in Albuquerque. My walk partner Kurt and I are assigned to knock on doors in an area northwest of the university, near Albuquerque High School. Many of the homes on our call ...
j be 11/03/2008 19 12 - 11
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Meets Canvassing in Albuquerque
Decades ago, I saw a comedian from England explain Heisenberg's uncertainty principle to a nightclub audience in Berkeley. Since I'm not a quantum physicist, I can't vouch for his accuracy, but I ...
j be 11/02/2008 5 11 1 31
Facing Global Warming a Blessing?
Yesterday I was listening to Bill McKibben on the radio talking about his recent book Deep Economy -- ironically while driving, by myself, in my not-so-fuel-
j be 06/09/2008 12 7 2 2
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