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The Real Crime Here is that I Have to Defend Brady
Warning: I'm just having some fun tackling a serious issue , on a work-free Saturday after a looong time of not being healthy enough to enjoy wasting time. So feel free to read and comment, but don'...
jack23 01/24/2015 19 3 - -
I'm a Liberal Democrat. I'm Voting for Rand Paul in 2016. Here Is Why.
I really can't understand why this Rand Paul schmoozfest isn't getting more attention in the form of being appalled (aPauled) as I am. This was posted prominently on a site that gets dumber by the ...
jack23 11/17/2014 58 18 - -
This is silly. A bunch of Republicans won in Red States and everybody slits their wrists?
I'm as nihilistic as they get. But WTF? I'm not writing this to cheer you up. 55-45. That's a fact. But holy hell WTF? Name a Democrat state that lost a Senator. And look at the Senate map for 2016.
jack23 11/06/2014 32 20 - -
Gillibrand is Useless
It's been 6 years or thereabouts, and I've yet to have any reason to support "my" junior senator from New York. And before you start about Chuck: at least I know what Chuck is. He's a slimy camera ...
jack23 09/09/2014 34 1 - -
So criticism of Hillary Clinton is blackballed around here, huh?
I'm not comfortable with the coronation syndrome going on in the Democratic community, and I'm certainly not cool with the former Secretary of State's blatant attempt to tack to the center on Obama'...
jack23 08/11/2014 116 2 - -
69% haven't changed opinion on Christie
Well duh... If someone asked me if I'd changed my opinion after the GWB crap I'd have to answer "no!" Because I've always loathed the guy. Meanwhile the wishful thinkers (Joe Scarborough, Chuck ...
jack23 01/16/2014 15 4 - -
Erik Prinz and Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart lobbed them up like a batting machine for one of the most determined advocates of wealth-makes-right in modern history. I don't have the time to explain who Erik Prince is, but y'all ...
jack23 12/19/2013 14 1 - -
"The New American Center" is a Chuck Todd sham
The new "poll" by Esquire/NBC news is actually a juvenile lark parading as some sort of science. While I actually agree that it is one of the fundamental problems with America that the extremists (...
jack23 10/15/2013 20 6 - -
Nobody getting it: Legislating through the budget is unConstitutional
It's driving me crazy. People are not internalizing the fundamental issue with this shutdown brouhaha. The essence of the difference in this shutdown is that - whereas the other 30 shutdowns were ...
jack23 10/03/2013 26 5 - -
The Mealy Mouthed Rebuttals to "Shutting Down the Government to Defund Obamacare."
Why are there so many points being discussed regarding the Republican aspiration to eliminate "Obamacare" through a budget gimmick? I hear many voices who mean well in their attempt to refute the ...
jack23 09/20/2013 4 3 - -
The Trouble With Democrats (a.k.a. "Wake the F*** Up!")
Every four years there is a flurry of creativity poured into compelling people to vote. You might recollect the Samuel Jackson classic, or the controversial yet interesting "first time" double ...
jack23 12/10/2012 12 17 - -
How the Republican Party Can Survive
Not that I care - or rather I do care that it wouldn't happen - but in the ever pleasing pastime of relishing their apparent political conundrum created by the new era - and I do think this election,
jack23 12/02/2012 9 2 - -
Screw That Idiot Mark Halperin. Listen To His Father.
jack23 11/20/2012 10 - - -
Joe Scarborough
Joe Scarborough is walking a Moses-wide divide right now. The fact that Democrats are gratified with a serious, realigning election thumping, and Republicans are alternately screaming in agony and ...
jack23 11/13/2012 28 10 - -
Celebration's Over
Okay, actually it's not, but while it's going on there is an attempt to undermine it. What do I mean? Well, I wanted to watch "Meet The Press" for the first time in years but I couldn't. I'm ...
jack23 11/12/2012 11 4 - -
Frick Rick Scott
I've got 4,129,502 to 4,083,441 from a reliable source. Votes to be counted from Dem districts. That's 49.8 to 49.3. a.k.a. 50% to 49%. And more importantly 29 electoral votes for Barack Obama ...
jack23 11/07/2012 20 13 - -
Obama in Green Bay
I can't find footage anywhere else, but I've been pining to know how the post CiC rollout would go. Apparently it goes... really, really well. Best President in a generation.
jack23 11/01/2012 1 - - -
Here's Where Wishful Thinking Comes Back To Haunt
In 2009, The intellectuals and progressives in Iran - i.e. the Students in Tehran only - by virtue of the fact that the media is completely comfortable implying that they know what happens in Iran ...
jack23 10/22/2012 1 1 - -
Romney "wins" the debate nobody remembers and Obama wins the debate no one will forget...
that is all.
jack23 10/18/2012 9 3 - -
I missed this the first time...
"we have a president talking about someone's plan in a way that's completely "foreign" to what my real plan is..." Mitt Romney: douche-bag, extraordinaire...
jack23 10/18/2012 1 - - -
I've had snow jobs, hose jobs, cob jobs... even hand jobs and blow jobs
but I ain't never had a "wind job!" But Mitt makes them sound so attractive I just gotta get me one! "I appreciate wind jobs," C'mon! who can't "appreciate" that endorsement!
jack23 10/17/2012 6 4 - -
What's With All The (Anglo) Foreigners?
Tina Brown Katty Kay Zanny Minton Beddoes Niall Ferguson Rupert Murdoch I can't imagine an election in England having 5 non-English people given such prominence, such plum gigs, to babble ...
jack23 09/20/2012 11 1 - 89
There is no "47%"
It's not like I'm unique in realizing that this arbitrary, account-speak demarcation line is bullshit. You make 50 grand at a wage job and have a family to support and you pay taxes, of course. But ...
jack23 09/19/2012 5 2 - 37
I've never liked Bill Clinton, but tonight I will love him
I've never understood how, in the process of having the 8 years you could - could! - have to be President, you would decide to get your dick adulterously sucked. I would never do that. Even if I ...
jack23 09/05/2012 60 1 - 521
It wasn't funny it was just a shame
I actually found Clint Eastwood's comfort in implying the "angry" and "uncooth," black man as president responding vulgarly as racist. But as soon as I say it I don't want to talk about it because ...
jack23 08/31/2012 24 7 - 152
Zbigniew, Zbigniew: wherefore art thou Zbigniew
Your daughter is overplaying her hand as the priveleged, daughter of a statesman... need I post the photos of her sporting a "Newt University" T-shirt? or aren't all the times she plays submissive ...
jack23 08/30/2012 5 3 - 88
when it comes to birth control battle there are 3 issues: clarity, clarity, clarity
Right now this is a textbook case - as in this could literally be made into a textbook - about how ignorance is the "realpolitik" of politics. I mean, what is this "Jansing and Co." on MSNBC? I've ...
jack23 02/09/2012 2 1 - 35
Republicans are freely lying about "religious freedom" regarding HHS hammer on Catholic hospitals
I don't have the time or inclination to dive into this issue and make a thorough diary explaining the blind-side to the Obama campaign that this could become, but it's quickly being mis-...
jack23 02/07/2012 51 12 1 156
Rick Santorum did NOT say "Black people's lives"
I'll admit that it can sound like he did, but what he did was so common that it baffles me that no one is even considering it. I mean, the guy is rife with insanity. So we've got to play dumb and ...
jack23 01/06/2012 17 13 - 470
Liberals' Original Sin
There is no doubt to me, or anyone who has carefully considered what comprises the electorate of oh... say... - the Republican Revolution of '94, or the give-away of '00, or the fear induced ...
jack23 07/04/2011 53 15 2 198
Jon Stewart's Integrity is Overrated
I like Jon Stewart. Well that's a ridiculous understatement. I wouldn't say it's the best show, but that's only because I happen to find Colbert to be more epic. Sure it's easy to see a show or ...
jack23 04/15/2011 48 16 1 377
the bee in Lawrence O'Donnel's bonnet is a thorn in my side
Who can't appreciate Lawrence O'Donnel (sic)??? I mean, "West Wing"??? Com'on... And generally, as slow as it is, his show is fighting the good fight but What the hell can Obama's appearance in ...
jack23 02/26/2011 10 9 - 202
Is it possible pollsters missed Dem enthusiasm by 2 pts?
Nate's got a little throw away piece where he "fleshes out the caveats" on his predictions. It's a long winded piece that spends more time trying to calm Republicans for daring to imply that Dems ...
jack23 10/28/2010 15 9 - 51
Those who understand, Those who can understand and those who will never understand
The ability to govern requires the room to be misunderstood. In America, when Republicans are in charge and they act, the fools who will never understand - the ignorant and their handlers - begin a ...
jack23 02/10/2010 1 2 - 11
New York Needs an Enema
You may not be from New York, but in any sober assessment of the Senate it is obvious that any Blue State Senator has to do the work for an underrepresented populous. As a citizen of New York I am ...
jack23 02/02/2010 14 5 - 11
Corpocracy: Zombie Rule - Revenge of the Blog
I saw representative James Clyburn on Countdown talking about a "corpocracy". The substance of his point - a disappointment with the Supreme Court's Ruling on corporate money - was admirable but the ...
jack23 01/24/2010 1 - - 22
There is no good reason to go to the Moon
I don't understand any attraction to going to the Moon again much less establishing a base as is apparantly the ambition ...
jack23 01/04/2010 87 3 - 31
Why Couldn't a Private Group Create a "Public Option"?
Insurance has two primary purposes: communal assurance and bulk purchasing power. Private systems differ from public systems in that the cost of providing their product is a "cost" itself, ...
jack23 12/22/2009 35 12 1 54
No No No No No
Even those who still support this bill must acknowledge that this is not even close to what WE want. It was OUR country once. Now we talk of which punishment we should suffer - and tear at each ...
jack23 12/20/2009 8 4 - 28
Bleeding Heart Liberals and Libertarian Liberals
I'm gonna use the word liberal here, just to contain the parameters of my point. Let's forget all subspecies for a moment. This current rift over the Senate Health Care bill has made me discover ...
jack23 12/17/2009 14 1 - 20
What's with the Siemens Ad?
I don't know if everyone sees the same thing I do, but here there is a picture under the Kos template (that gives me the impression of having Macular Degeneration)and at the top is the tag-line:
jack23 12/10/2009 38 2 - 71
Glenn Beck is Nidal Malik Hasan
Glenn Beck is obviously a self loathing misanthrope whose entire history is littered with the evidence that he is on a quest to validate his unusualness. He believes nothing of the principles he ...
jack23 11/22/2009 8 1 - 42
How to Handle Joe, Kent, and Mary
It's either this or a legislative lobotomy.
jack23 11/08/2009 6 3 - 95
No Way, Jose: Kill the Health Insurance Reform Bills
The current stack of flaccid health care bills being proposed must be defeated. Historically, there were always enough people who could be lied into believing the worst about any health care reform.
jack23 10/30/2009 97 4 - 24
Republicans Poised for a Comeback a la 1994
The uncanny resemblance between the strategy being employed to defeat health care and Obama's Presidency and the campaign that killed Clintoncare and turned congress red in 1994 is palpable. The ...
jack23 09/08/2009 71 3 1 8
Rupert Murdoch is a Fascist Hitler Antichrist
Perhaps it's too aggressive to say such a thing. I'll tone it down and just flaunt my gun at a presidential event. But after all, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, and Obama -
jack23 09/07/2009 50 4 - 112
Right wingers are right: Tyrany is upon us
There is a shadow government operating RIGHT NOW! They're devious and clever! They, like the devil, have achieved the greatest feat of all: convincing you they don't exist! I bet you're thinking ...
jack23 09/05/2009 1 - - 19
Personal Responsibility vs. The Government
Tony Perkins was on The Ed Show parsing Jesus to explain that a government takeover of health care is cherry picking Jesus. Fortunately Ed got a jab in about the fact that we are the ...
jack23 09/03/2009 3 2 - 5
False Equivalence and the Treason of Republican Senators
There is always a false equivalence emanating from republican mouths. Frank Rich mentions such when he claims: Those on the right who defend the reckless radicals inevitably argue “
jack23 09/01/2009 6 3 - 21
Health Care Reform Is Easy! In a democracy anyway...
I may not explain this well, but i need to get this out there. We have a House of Representatives (meditate on that for a second, because the Senate is definitely not a ...
jack23 08/19/2009 3 - - 3
Blue Dogs are the Extremists, Seniors are Hypocrites
Discount the millions who simply hate Obama without justifiable reason. Discount the 10s of millions who are elderly and are arguing against change and reform from their comfortable nest of our ...
jack23 08/17/2009 6 2 - 1
Health Care Hoarding: Enough with the Palin Bashing
I watched David Waldman debate on CNN while i pulled my hair out. I know Sarah Palin's a liar. I know she's a polluter of reasonable ...
jack23 08/16/2009 19 3 - 31
Unsexy Truth: Government is... Good(?)
Few would begrudge a man the right to sell his wares in a free-market environment. If you've got some, say, furniture to sell, well I see little reason to allow the government to play any role in ...
jack23 08/15/2009 5 2 - 1
When I grow up i want to be an overdraft charger
Meteorblades posted this article on the economy in which someone ...
jack23 08/10/2009 12 5 - 21
Progressives should play the long game
Political capital is an interesting thing. There is an awful lot of it sitting on the table right now. I don't know whose it is. Obama's? I don't think so, rather he is one of the larger bills in ...
jack23 08/08/2009 7 3 - 2
Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk and Alexander Fleming: Capitalist failures
we must stop hailing successful capitalists as the standard-bearers of human advancement. There are the Henry Fords and the Bill Gateses, but there are also the Philip Morrises and the P.T. Barnums. ...
jack23 05/13/2009 28 5 - 25
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