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Bishops behaving badly ... again
They just can't help themselves. This time, it's the Roman Catholic Bishop in Peoria, Ill. who compares President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. According to a story in today's Chicago Tribune: The ...
jackmac 04/19/2012 20 4 1 124
An e-mail from a 'conservative Republican'
I received an e-mail (excerpted below) over the weekend from a former local elected official commenting on candidates running in local elections this week. I'm not going to identify the area or who ...
jackmac 04/04/2011 13 22 - 312
Bush: Miss Me Yet?
The Chicago Tribune's Swamp Politics site reports on a billboard in Wyoming, Minn featuring a smiling George W. Bush and the words "Miss Me Yet?"
jackmac 02/09/2010 32 8 - 23
Yelling at clouds ...
At the risk of sounding like Grampa Simpson or John (Get Off of My Lawn) McCain, I need to get this off of my chest on this murky Thanksgiving day in Illinois. Rant commences on the jump.
jackmac 11/26/2009 8 5 - 39
We said 'farewell' to our friend today  
Our dog, Kendall, survived abusive previous owners, a serious accident and came within days of being euthanized before we found him on a pet adoption web site six years ago. But our brown-eyed ...
jackmac 10/14/2009 77 51 - 41
Out of work ... but it was still a great day!
Yeah, the economy sucks. I've been out of work more than a year, but am making ends meet. But in this spring of discontent, several delightful things happened to made me appreciate the more ...
jackmac 04/06/2009 13 12 - 19
Pass the popcorn -- Blago to show up at trial
The Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich will appear at his impeachment trial -- not to testify but to deliver his own "closing argument".
jackmac 01/28/2009 14 4 - 3
No vote for any Republican -- not a one
I'm a longtime Democrat who lives in a predominately Republican county and have occasionally gone over to the dark side to vote in local GOP primaries or back some local Republicans in general ...
jackmac 10/12/2008 18 7 - 2
BREAKING! Barack Obama got discounts ...
... on GROCERIES. Obama recently stopped at his neighborhood store, swiped his preferred savings card and got 10 PERCENT OFF. And there was ARUGULA in the bag. On his way out, he grabbed a pound of ...
jackmac 07/02/2008 48 11 - 28
IL-14 -- OMG! I live in a Blue District!!
Somewhere in the great beyond, there's a big smile tonight on Tim Hall's face. Who's Tim Hall? Find out on the jump. .
jackmac 03/08/2008 52 36 - 19
Edwards fans: Time for an intervention?
Hey John Edwards fans. Yeah, we're talking to you. Come on over and sit down with us. Right in this big easy chair by the fireplace. It's pretty cold today. Here's some hot chocolate. Comfy?
jackmac 01/20/2008 148 8 - 6
35 years later, George McGovern's words still resonate
Thirty five years ago this week, Sen. George McGovern accepted the Democratic nomination for president in an acceptance speech that was bumped out of prime time by a raucous session that included no ...
jackmac 07/10/2007 23 12 1 -
Fun with Conservapedia !!
The occasional visit to Wingnuttia can make one want to throw up, but unlike peeks at idiotic sites like Little Green Footballs, Free Republic or checking up on Sean Hannity, a trip to the new ...
jackmac 02/24/2007 20 7 - -
A question to ask George W. Bush
Michael Graham, a former newspaper reporter, posts this question today on Romenesko's popular media site: "What is Jesus telling George W. Bush to do about Iran?
jackmac 02/19/2007 1 - - 1
What's the best bumper sticker you've seen lately?
Chicago boy traveling this week in San Francisco (should drop in on Kos!). While driving to check out the Golden Gate Bridge saw the following (on the jump):
jackmac 12/27/2006 104 20 3 3
Rightwingers aren't capable of being funny ...
The Hollywood Reporter says that the Fox News Channel might air episodes of a "Daily Show"-like program that lampoons liberals and could become a regular Sunday night feature. Yeah, that'll work. ...
jackmac 11/20/2006 9 - - 4
A history lesson for Denny Hastert . . .
jackmac 10/08/2006 2 2 - 4
jackmac 09/10/2006 28 16 - -
My e-mail to Scholastic
jackmac 09/07/2006 5 4 - 1
Studs Terkel, ACLU sue AT&T over phone records
jackmac 05/22/2006 15 12 1 -
Sensitivity at the Naperville Sun
jackmac 05/02/2006 5 - - - sinks back into (well-deserved) obscurity
jackmac 03/30/2006 32 4 - 12
Chicago Tribune managing editor slams Tucker Carlson
jackmac 02/08/2006 22 14 - -
More lies about Abramoff contributions -- in the COMICS yet
jackmac 01/26/2006 15 3 - -
Fox and Novak -- a perfect match
jackmac 12/16/2005 4 2 - -
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