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this will be short.
I live in Orange County, California. The home off crazyass congresscritter Dana Rohrabacher. I've been asked many times why I live here. Below is an example of what is happening in the OC this ...
jakedog42 03/27/2015 5 6 - -
Molly Ivins birthday
With all the meta going on around here I plum forgot that yesterday would have been Mollys 70th birthday. So here is a belated birthday wish to her ...
jakedog42 08/31/2014 15 24 - -
Are Republicans hypocrits?
Your call. On May 27 President Obama proposed selling off the socialist program knows as the Tennessee Valley Authority to private enterprise. Now you would think the republicans would endorse this ...
jakedog42 06/04/2013 15 15 - -
Ft. Mojave Indian Tribe
I recently spent some time on the Ft. Mojave Indian Reservation. While I was there I learned a little of their history. The Mojave people call themselves Pipa Aha Cacav which means the people ...
jakedog42 05/28/2013 17 35 1 -
Traveling back in time in a time machine
On Friday I had the opportunity to do something that tens of thousands of people used to do, but now only a few of us get to experience. I traveled back to the past in a time machine. To be more ...
jakedog42 05/13/2013 56 71 1 -
Let's hear if for privatization
A school in Mass. contracted out providing lunches at school to a private contractor. Pretty much SOP these days. It seems 25 students didn't have enough money in their prepaid accounts or enough ...
jakedog42 04/04/2013 9 16 - -
What's up with republicans
First we had Charlie Fuqua from Arkansas who wants to execute kids who disobey their parents. Maybe he can get some tips from the Taliban in Pakistan on how to kill kids. Now thanks to Rebecca over ...
jakedog42 10/11/2012 4 4 1 -
Vanished into thin air
Returning to my old school this weekend after almost half a century I got to thinking about the jobs I've have had over that time and what it means for today. In this age of Wal-Mart workers and ...
jakedog42 07/25/2012 8 19 - 122
Ireland in February
Hi everyone, this is my very first diary ever and it's not about anything Political. If this isn't cool or there is something wrong with it, please let me know. I'll delete it. Not really sure what ...
jakedog42 03/17/2009 22 10 - 2
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