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Blog for Choice Day 2010!
Happy Roe v. Wade anniversary! Every year on January 22nd, NARAL Pro-Choice America has Blog for Choice Day, and this year, in honor of the memory of Dr. George Tiller, the question is "What does ...
jakri2 01/22/2010 3 - - 12
Happy Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day!
Did you know that today is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day? According to the website for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and ...
jakri2 05/06/2009 34 18 - 295
Public universities, state $ and controversial speech
Public universities are a hugely valuable resource in this country. They provide (relatively) cheap college education to thousands of students each year, who might otherwise be unable to afford it, ...
jakri2 04/03/2009 10 2 - 25
How dare you try to "protect" me from my decisions.
Today, I'm glad I don't live in Arizona. According MSNBC , the Arizona State House today approved a bill that, among other things ...
jakri2 03/13/2009 89 45 - 20
How to Talk to Phone Soliciters
As part of my plan to be fully self-supporting, I have been working some nights and weekends for a political organization doing fundraising phonebanks. Having now been on the other end of these ...
jakri2 02/25/2009 91 10 1 16
North Dakota gives a fertilized egg human rights
As reported by AP. I was just looking ...
jakri2 02/19/2009 59 14 - 19
Stop Willfully Misreading the News!!
Welcome to the new media. Anyone with a computer gets to take a fact, an article, or an executive order and claim that it says something completely other than what it actually says. Today's ...
jakri2 02/13/2009 11 3 - 3
the Military and the University
NYTimes: Send ROTC Back to School talks about the relationship between the military and Ivy League schools- namely,
jakri2 02/09/2009 13 4 - -
Ashley Judd vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: is killing wolves like abortion?
Have you all seen this? On the View, while discussing Ashley Judd's new ad about Sarah ...
jakri2 02/06/2009 73 13 - 14
Young, College-Educated, and Underemployed
(I'd like to preface my remarks by saying that I know how lucky I am to be young, college-educated, and employed at all. I'm not complaining so much as chronicling.) When I was growing up, I was ...
jakri2 02/04/2009 28 5 - 2
How to Keep Choice Alive
I recently saw a blog post at claiming that "Choice is Dead." Granted, the poster was really ...
jakri2 02/02/2009 2 - 1 -
NJ-5: Updates from the Dennis Shulman Field Campaign
by Jocelyn K, Shulman Field Coordinator On Saturday, we went to the West Milford Autumn Lights Festival. Originally a celebration for the town’s first stoplight, the festival on Saturday ...
jakri2 10/12/2008 9 10 - 12
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