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I thought this was somewhat interesting, and I hope you might as well. When the fucking idiot boy-king screwed up his lines the other day, I knew that he did not just come up with up himself. So, I did some checking on Lexis and found that the talking-point has a probably not too unique lineage.

This diary traces it.

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The filthy murderers in the Republican Party have successfully filled a Kansas cemetery with the dead from their illegal war and occupation of Iraq. This is quite a coup for Senate republicans who voted for the surge and continue to block opposition to their blood-bath by the opposition party and the people of America.

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Over the past months, it has become quite apparent that things are not going to change in Washington.  Perhaps it is because of poor leadership, perhaps it is just too hard to change; the reason or reasons are not relevant to this Diary. Instead, this diary points no fingers to any Democrat, whether a leader or a voter.

Fortunately, last night I listened to Mike Malloy and he, as he often will do, says the exact right thing at the exact right time. Maybe this diary will, by paraphrasing his argument, do likewise for those of you reading it who may have missed the show last night.

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Each summer, a small mid-western city named Winona, Minnesota has a Great River Shakespeare Festival. As with many of similar festivals, it relies on the support of the community and the various small businesses, and one or two larger corporate donors for its support.

In their quest for supporters, they use email to contact potential volunteers and contributors. Today, I received an email announcement that the Festival had invited a speaker to their 'Front Porch' series of speakers. Is the speaker from any of the nearby universities speaking on Shakespeare and its relevance to today? Is the speaker an actor who appears on Broadway in various Shakespearian roles? No.

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Every knows that John Gibson is a smirking douche-bag on the Fake News Channel, but, he is rapidly becoming a blatantly racist smirking douche-bag...

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Once upon a time, in a place far far away, a magical fairy took wing and sprinkled magical peace dust over Israel! Decades-old barriers between the Israelis and the Palestinians fell away as if they never existed. Peace ruled. Palestine was granted state-hood, and Israel was finally at peace with its new neighbor!

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This will be a rather quick diary, prompted by seeing John Negroponte's evil visage today, and noting his pie-hole making sounds about 'humanitarianism'. It also made sounds about China...more on that below.

This sudden epiphany by the Bush Crime Family towards Sudan is a false, phony, fraud and we in the 'reality-based community' had better begin seeing it for what it really is: The next step in Empire, and the next step in stripping a continent of its oil and gas reserves. Period.

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Below is the list of 86 Democrats who need to be replaced in 2008.

Time for an upgrade!

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The time has come to look back.  Below is a diary that was written the day of Madame Pelosi's Inauguration; its words were true then, and seem even more relevant tonight.  The Democratic Party has not taken advantage of the opportunities that we have given them through our hard work and our campaigning.

This diary was read on the radio by Mike Malloy the day it was written; the email responses were about four-to-one in favor of the sentiments. Many of the responses to the diary when it was initially posted were quite negative and suggested that "I wait and see what happens". Well, I have waited, and what I have seen, especially this past week, is truly nauseating.

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Whilst reviewing some enemy websites this afternoon, one article in particular made me quite happy!  If anything good comes out of the Immigration Bill it is the sight of the red-neck, not so veiled racist wing of the War Party chew at their chains a bit, and blame their leadership for siding with, of all people, Senator Kennedy!

Of course, being good racists and not wanting to actually come out and proclaim their hatred of brown-skinned Mexicans, they have decided to attack the leadership for its lack of ethics in other matters; namely, the entire Cunningham/Doolittle/Calvert debacle...

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As I have said in a companion diary, The Godfather, Monica Goodling, and Paul McNulty: Cue Frank Pentangeli!: Everything--well, almost everything--you need to know about the Bush Crime Family you can learn from The Godfather.

The hospital bed incident with Alberto Gonzales and John Ashcroft is reminiscent of a portion of The Godfather...


Who was the Sollozzo in the Bush Crime Family?

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26%6 votes
13%3 votes
8%2 votes
4%1 votes

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Whale shit--or, dung, if you prefer--is called amergris...


More interesting?

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