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Nebraska Hearing: Pipeline Fighters Dominated
The final tally at the State Department hearing showed one thing loud and clear, folks from Nebraska and all over our great country want President Obama to deny the Keystone XL permit. • Over 1,...
janefleming 04/20/2013 28 97 - -
Laborers Ties to Koch on Keystone XL Export Pipeline
Last night I sent an email to the AFL-CIO Executive Council. I'm not part of the labor leadership. I am though in the thick of the fight on Keystone XL and the expansion of tarsands. The Laborers ...
janefleming 02/23/2013 39 43 - -
Stop Tar Sands: Stand with Randy
Randy Thompson is a landowner fighting to protect his legacy, his heritage, his economic activity and his grandkids'€™ clean drinking water.
janefleming 08/15/2011 23 44 2 150
Wimps. Heineman. Janssen. Kobach.
If Heineman-Janssen-Kobach were strong, if they were bold, they would be at the doorsteps of our Nebraska federal delegation and demand they lead on comprehensive immigration reform. Instead,
janefleming 06/21/2010 8 1 - 42
Government’s Role in Our Food
The size of government is a hot topic these days. Whether you think government should be big or small, we can all agree government has a role in ensuring the safety of our food and keeping ...
janefleming 06/01/2010 7 9 1 197
“Con”servativ​e Bait and Switch
Tonight, my husband got a call from Dick Morris. Yes, that Dick Morris . Sure, it was a recorded voice. But, Dick was calling to let Scott know that ...
janefleming 05/21/2010 8 4 - 55
Protect Nebraska’s Economic Activity, Put the Brakes on the Pipeline
As I drove to the pipeline hearing in Atkinson, I watched the farmers out in ...
janefleming 05/13/2010 3 5 - 171
Ben Nelson Does It: New Ad
Finally, an ad that tells the truth from a real doctor in Nebraska. This week, Vote Kids, launched an ad campaign ...
janefleming 01/16/2010 10 3 - 89
UnitedHealth Locks the Door on Faith Leaders
On a Fall day in Nebraska a group of citizens and faith leaders gathered to pray for the CEO of UnitedHealth, Stephen Hemsley. No, Mr. Hemsley is not “sick” but his business model is...
janefleming 09/28/2009 17 18 - 77
Nelson Stood Strong During Townhalls, Don't Stop Now
It’s clear, the cost of doing nothing will break our family and business budgets. As Senator Nelson heads back to DC, he can’t stop pushing for reform. Our Nebraska based group,
janefleming 09/04/2009 41 10 - 34
Franken Stands with Nebraskans: Passing the Employee Free Choice Act
We wrote this article before Senator Franken got seated, we are thrilled he just signed on as a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act which is common sense bill to reform outdated labor laws. ...
janefleming 07/08/2009 10 24 - 26
Senator Nelson: Wrong Target
In the current debate over healthcare reform, an awful lot of attention has been paid towards Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. And it's certainly understandable that it should. After all, Nelson has ...
janefleming 05/29/2009 26 23 - 164
Nebraska: Politics from a Plains State
For my last assignment with MTV, I did a wrap-up piece with some of my favorite pictures and video clips from the year. Thank you to everyone who I interviewed, captured and recorded! We find ...
janefleming 11/18/2008 9 8 - 10
Cowboy Politics by jane fleming kleeb
It's rodeo season in Nebraska.� Jake is a young cowboy who travels rodeo to rodeo trying to make a living and seeking a little bit of glory along the way.� While politics is not the ...
janefleming 08/11/2008 2 4 - 6
What's the Dickens with Pickens?
The other night I was watching MTV and a commercial came on with an old guy talking in front of a bunch of windmills. It got my attention because here in Nebraska we are on the verge of multiplying ...
janefleming 07/23/2008 97 8 - 26
Inside the Scott Kleeb Campaign
My husband Scott Kleeb is running for the United States Senate. He has a committed staff of young people who work 12 hour days, 7 days a week. So we decided to take them up to the ranch to relax, ...
janefleming 07/08/2008 10 16 1 30
Candidates Get Dirty in Nebraska
Candidates in Nebraska are getting rivers and parks that need to be cleaned up. Come meet some of the candidates running for office in Nebraska that are taking part in new brand of ...
janefleming 06/30/2008 2 3 - 3
More than Words on a Piece of Paper: Passing of the Farm Bill
President Bush vetoed the Farm Bill on May 21st, 2008. Fortunately, Congress had enough votes to over ride that veto. ...
janefleming 05/27/2008 5 7 - 21
Ranchers: the good life in Nebraska (kleeb in video)
Ranching is a way of life. While it is becoming more and more difficult to stay alive in this business, the young ranchers profiled in ...
janefleming 05/16/2008 8 6 - 7
Inside my husband, Scott Kleeb's, race for the US Senate
It's 12:03am on Tuesday, May 13, 2008. That means it's primary day here in Nebraska. Usually during elections I am following the youth vote trend and reporting on the increase with my role at the ...
janefleming 05/12/2008 27 95 1 43
Sowing Blame: Farmers, Food and Fuel
It's corn planting season in Nebraska. Farmers all across our state are tilling the land and planting corn. Some for food, some for fuel and some aren't planting anything at all and leaving a ...
janefleming 04/28/2008 8 5 - 32
Prairie Mavens: the creative class of Nebraska
To see the entire post and video visit . From small town galleries ...
janefleming 04/24/2008 3 3 - 7
Kleeb Bumper Stickers, T-shirts, Pics + Voice Mail
Hi all, this is Scott Kleeb’s wife, Jane. I promised the campaign I would raise $33,000 by May 13th when Nebraskans head to the polls to vote for Scott as the Democratic nominee for US Senate.
janefleming 04/23/2008 8 17 - 14
Young People Get Cut: How to Navigate the Last Stages of the Delegate Process in Nebraska
Young people across the United States this past week are getting a taste of the politicking that goes on inside campaigns. Young people, who are trying to become “pledged ...
janefleming 04/14/2008 1 6 - 14
Charlton Heston: A Mixed Legacy
Charlton Heston passed away this weekend leaving behind a mixed legacy when it comes to political agendas and activism. While not from Nebraska, he was a mid-westerner who grew up in Illinois ...
janefleming 04/07/2008 35 6 - 14
Senator Hagel Loves Politics
I am enthralled with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE). He has made news lately with suspicions of joining Barack Obama as a possible Vice President or cabinet member or at the very least giving Obama ...
janefleming 04/04/2008 27 9 1 -
Sandhill Cranes Descend Upon Nebraska
Every year around this time Sandhill Cranes descend upon Nebraska. The Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary is an organization, led by Brad Mellema, that works ...
janefleming 04/01/2008 33 47 2 34
Renewable Fuels. Renewing America.
As part of my gig with MTV's Street Team , I cover politics in Nebraska. No, we don't wear tan sport coats or wear white turtlenecks ...
janefleming 03/03/2008 32 1 - 3
Are Young Superdelegates Following Trends Of Young Voters? A Street Team '08 Report
Over at MTV I explore the question of young Superdelegates and if they are following the trends of the 2008 youth vote. There are way cool graphs on turnout, Party choice and which candidate young ...
janefleming 02/18/2008 - 1 - -
How MTV's Street Team is Changing Politics
Check out the full post (this is just a summary) at: ...
janefleming 01/15/2008 4 1 - 1
I Need a Hero
They say young people won't show up. They tell reporters young voters are just "icing on the cake." They remind candidates young people are the "elusive voter" who may come to ...
janefleming 12/31/2007 14 12 - 12
Winning with 18-35...Walling and Hersha Need You
Two candidates this election cycle have targeted young voters and need your help to win on Tuesday, November 6, 2007. Elections boil down to two things-votes and money. You need both to win ...
janefleming 11/01/2007 1 4 - 17
How to Get 18-35 Year-Olds to Vote for Your Candidate
November 6 th --Election Day 2007--is just around the corner for folks in many states. If you're reading this, you probably don't need to be convinced to target young people to vote ...
janefleming 10/30/2007 26 16 2 14
Campaigns Must Do More Than Use MySpace and MTV to Capture Young Voters
This is cross posted at and at Future Majority The ...
janefleming 09/27/2007 5 8 - -
Ready to Swing an Election? Ready to Build a Bloc?
janefleming 11/02/2006 2 9 - -
Get our peers to the polls + change the culture of politics
janefleming 11/07/2005 25 77 1 3
The 2005 YDA National Convention--Values. Voices. Victories. It's Our Fight Now.
janefleming 06/07/2005 - - - -
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