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A question to Conservatives who believe in a ban on abortions
I posted this last night and several members asked to post it as a diary all by itself. No words are needed to express the anger I and millions of other women have all across the country. No man ...
janemas 08/24/2012 51 25 - 191
Amazing Speech by Republican Rep. Maureen Walsh, WA
janemas 02/09/2012 18 29 1 267
(update) Sacred Heart Hospital In PA Dumps Patient In Cold Street
UPDATE: Two days after I posted this diary I drove my brother, Antonio Velasquez Jr. , to Wilkes Barre Veterans Hospital in PA with my sister and mother. As soon ...
janemas 01/14/2012 12 33 - 235
I don't know about you but nothing is going to change until we march and protest by the hundreds of thousands all over this nation. You can write and comment all year long on how ...
janemas 08/08/2011 7 4 1 35
McDonalds Promotes FOX Cable 24/7
Today after work I decided to order a McDonald's burger because I was too tired to drive further away and wait for a meal. A McDonald's near me was suddenly convenient since it was within sight. I ...
janemas 09/22/2009 161 38 1 122
I'm a Wise Latina and Proud of It
While listening to the radio station at work desperately waiting for Judge Sotomayor’s 1st day to begin I knew this was going to be a proud day for Nuyoricans and Puerto Ricans alike. As I ...
janemas 07/16/2009 18 8 - 20
The Sicko's Are Crawling Out Of The Woods
There are hundreds of blogs reporting experiences of McCain supporters in coffee shops expressing hate towards Obama or wishing him dead. Fights & arguments breaking out and lawns & cars with Obama ...
janemas 10/11/2008 60 8 - 16
Don't Tell Me Mortgage Crisis Is Borrower's Fault!
Those in the media and many in Washington like to place the mortgage crisis blame on the "working class" who acquired loans through what any sane economist knows to be a ...
janemas 09/20/2008 140 9 3 2
Is Comcast Working For The Republicans?
For weeks I've been talking with my family in Cumming, GA about the elections. My dear sweet family who been Democrats for decades suddenly are undecided or are thinking of going Republican.
janemas 09/15/2008 47 15 1 35
Everyone has focused on Palin's response to the Bush doctrine, but did anyone pay close attention as to why she answered Gibson's question on Russia so dimwittedly? The serious mistake this woman ...
janemas 09/13/2008 1 1 - 4
When The Shoe Is In The Other Foot, Views Immediately Change
The Republican Party should stop trying to link every rumor reporters and bloggers in the country publish to a Democrat. It is an elementary, ignorant and divisive argument deserving an F from a ...
janemas 09/11/2008 4 5 - -
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