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Why You Should Try Skydiving
(a friend of mine wanted me to contribute a piece to his blog Adventure Savvy?! . This is my contribution. I should probably note that I have never been skydiving). Are you dead on the inside, ...
jared the bassplayer 03/11/2015 14 4 - -
Its not f*cking Space Aliens, Okay?!
Can we just put this one to rest? I'm getting seriously agitated with these "Ancient Alien" theories and TV shows and blogs that are trying to peddle the idea that humans could not possibly have ...
jared the bassplayer 02/16/2015 537 268 1 -
Coloradans- Am I missing anything?
I wrote a letter to my over-privileged Southern California nephew last year when he went off to, what was was referred to in my day, as "Outdoor Ed." I grew up in the Rocky Mountains and to this day ...
jared the bassplayer 09/23/2014 5 3 - -
How to remove mold properly
Mold. Not your friend. So mold spores are these microbial bits that are around us every day- we breathe them every time we go outside, and in general they're perfectly harmless. Until they ...
jared the bassplayer 05/31/2014 105 200 42 -
Here's an idea (National Parks)
As good liberals and America's actual patriots, I'm sure that anyone reading this has by now seen, or at least heard of, Ken (...head rolls back, begins snoring) BURNS! KEN BURNS' documentary "...
jared the bassplayer 05/20/2013 19 9 1 -
round two- extorting small businesses.
I'm serious. Its bad. has officially pissed me off. They've gone after my auto mechanic. That doesn't sit well with me at all. Yelp uses extortion tactics against small businesses and they'
jared the bassplayer 04/16/2013 15 25 - -
Yelp, extorting small buisnesses
This is really troubling to me. has screwed a guy that I've known for almost ten years. It's extortion and the spotlight needs to be shone into the mafia-like tactics of yelp. I'll make ...
jared the bassplayer 04/13/2013 34 21 1 -
Preaching to the choir. R's and their economic policies
We've been having this debate in this country for as long as I've been alive (1978, for those of you keeping track). And I can't see this ending anytime soon. These guys just keep rehashing the same ...
jared the bassplayer 04/03/2013 1 2 - -
Rick Perry, Patriot
Yeah, I know that this is old news, but I figured I'd add my two cents. Remember when Rick Perry (R, N*ggerhead Ranch) tried to lure businesses from California to Texas? That really burned my ass. ...
jared the bassplayer 03/29/2013 12 3 - -
First of two comets this year to make Northern hemisphere appearance tonight
I haven't seen a diary on this yet, so I figured I'd post one. If I missed one, I apologize. 2013 is being billed as the "Year Of The Comets." The really bright one will light up our skies this ...
jared the bassplayer 03/07/2013 31 24 3 -
op-ed: Little dogs suck!
I'm kind of on a roll today and I have some time to kill, so I figured I'd go ahead and offend people who own little dogs. But seriously, little arf-arf dogs suck. Follow me below the orange ...
jared the bassplayer 02/19/2013 70 3 1 -
If I only had a back yard (aquaponics)
Yep, being an apartment dweller has its advantages- like when something breaks, I just call the manager and it gets fixed. That's pretty cool. But, no equity, no back yard. If I did have a back yard (
jared the bassplayer 02/19/2013 55 70 10 -
Doomsday Preppers
Maybe you guys have seen this on the once-respectable National Geographic Channel: These people piss me off. They really do. And it pisses me off that National Geographic gives them a mouthpiece.
jared the bassplayer 01/26/2013 55 26 1 -
Jared's book review, part 1
Being a renowned literary critic in my spare time, I have decided to focus my attention and skills on an old, beloved classic. Though, as you'll see below the Orange Cloud of Self-Absorbed Literary ...
jared the bassplayer 01/13/2013 7 9 1 -
RIP Huell Howser
Well this sucks. KCET television icon and much-beloved California transplant Huell Howser died aged 67. We'll miss you, big guy!
jared the bassplayer 01/07/2013 50 35 - -
Bullet Control wake of yet *another* horrific tragedy involving a rampage shooting, I thought that it was time to put into writing an idea that I've had floating around for a long time. So, here goes...
jared the bassplayer 12/15/2012 25 2 - -
Hey Kos- I want a new T-shirt!
...and I've thought about this one for a while- Can I get a T-shirt (black/white) with just the flag guy and nothing else? I think that'd be real cool- Kossacks would recognize it instantly, and ...
jared the bassplayer 10/25/2012 15 3 - -
Paul Ryan Invented Mustard
"Historians" have claimed that mustard, as a condiment, was most likely first introduced to the world back in the days of the Roman empire. This is simply not true. Paul Ryan invented mustard. ...
jared the bassplayer 09/06/2012 19 5 1 193
Dave Mustaine- what the hell happened?
You know, as a musician, I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for Dave Mustaine. The guy can play some of the most technically difficult licks on a guitar and sing at the same time. That'...
jared the bassplayer 08/21/2012 59 16 - 347
Fievel for Immigrant Rights
You remember the 1986 animated film "An American Tail?" About these anamorphic Russian mice that were trying to migrate to America? "There Are No Cats in America?" And just what the hell has this ...
jared the bassplayer 02/22/2011 3 1 - 15
Someone surely caught this- "Proud racist"
Welcome to Southern California! An area that was once a part of Mexico; but since the collective view on history here goes back... oh, 90 seconds or so, it's okay to be a "Proud Racist" when you sit ...
jared the bassplayer 01/24/2010 22 12 - 22
Diary from Los Angeles
Hi. This is the first diary I've ever posted on DK. But I think that the time has come to where I need to say something. All this horrid economic news over the past months all seemed kind of ...
jared the bassplayer 03/14/2009 13 11 - 17
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