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Some very technical ACA and wage theft questions
I have a small business with 3 employees. Prior to the ACA we had a group health insurance plan. We were switched into a new group plan as of January of this year. The plan was wretched. It was ...
jasonb 05/22/2014 18 5 - -
The Far Right Is Crazy Like a Fox and Routing the GOP
From the beginning, I've thought the major element behind the defund Obamacare push was to gain far right Republicans leverage in their fight against the rest of the GOP.
jasonb 09/27/2013 11 9 - -
This election feels different
In 2008 and during the Clinton years, the Presidential election felt like victory. We were elated. Absolutely elated. But this year I can't help but notice something else. This is different. In ...
jasonb 11/07/2012 278 575 8 -
A former trial attorney's thoughts on the debate
Cases are never won in the opening statement. A person should not try their case in an opening. Anything said in an opening statement which is untrue will be held against you to your excruciating ...
jasonb 10/03/2012 297 444 5 3624
The debate is over and Romney has a lot of explaining to do
There's no doubt we are hyper sensitive to all things which we think might hurt President Obama's re election chances even in the slightest.
jasonb 10/03/2012 16 9 - 98
Not the first time Romney has told America to f**ck off
Hopefully, Mitt Romney making the case as to why half of Americans who pay no income tax, like himself, should jump off a cliff will gain a lot of traction. But it is no the first time he has said ...
jasonb 09/17/2012 1 - - 52
Mitt Romney can't win Mitt Romney's vote
because there were lots of years he didn't pay income taxes. Oh well, at least he has the government to take care of him while he regales family and friends with heart warming stories of buying ...
jasonb 09/17/2012 1 - - 14
Is Innocence of the Muslims a criminal conspiracy?
It is beginning to stink. Something is so very wrong with how this movie got made and distributed.
jasonb 09/14/2012 110 6 - 415
Mitt Romney: Bain Capital Meets the Middle East
Extremism is based on the simple principle that vulnerabilities in a society can be exploited for gain.
jasonb 09/14/2012 19 23 - 400
New Drinking Game: How Many Unpatriotic Acts Did Mitt Romney Commit Yesterday
I thought I had thought through what Mitt Romney did yesterday pretty well. But every time I think I have a handle on it, I read a new diary which points out some other act of ridiculous foolishness.
jasonb 09/13/2012 7 1 - 39
Mitt Romney is Endangering American Lives
There are now potentially four violent movements in countries which endanger the lives of American citizens. The countries are Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Egypt.
jasonb 09/13/2012 16 8 - 90
Romney's Motivation
Politically, Mitt Romney is best served by a disillusioned and disgusted electorate. The worse America feels the better it is for him. That should be self evident and while he says his campaign is ...
jasonb 09/12/2012 7 4 1 81
While the United States was under attack and Mitt Romney
1. While the United States was under attack in two countries, Mitt Romney chose to basically call the commander in chief disgraceful and someone who apologizes for America.
jasonb 09/12/2012 4 12 - 68
Candidate Obama Passed the Leadership Test. Romney Failed.
Leadership is the willingness to take an honest position involving important matters. To explain why you think you are right. And then have the courage to see if you're right and have the courage ...
jasonb 08/05/2012 9 15 1 173
Some people fought to build it
To Mitt Romney, the large business owner who believes he helped create America and America did nothing to help create him: a reminder.
jasonb 07/25/2012 5 8 - 57
Hey Mitt, how did you retire from a company you owned?
Correct me if I'm wrong and if I don't understand finance or all the quirks in the law, ...
jasonb 07/15/2012 2 6 - 67
In his recent diary I think TJWalker hit the nail on the head with this scenario/question.
jasonb 07/14/2012 5 2 - 51
Wisconsin and our collectively hurt feelings
One thing I've learned, if you feel devastated over last night's devastating result in Wisconsin, you don't get what this game is all about.
jasonb 06/06/2012 5 17 - 122
So what if the Court strikes down the mandate?
Maybe I don't know as much as I should, but if the Court strikes down the individual mandate and leaves the rest of the law intact, isn't Obama still a huge winner?
jasonb 03/27/2012 16 1 - 142
Only a Conservative Could Have Saved the Olympics
Mitt Romney saved the Olympics.
jasonb 03/15/2012 54 - - 222
An impartial view of the Obama Presidency
Whether one agrees or disagrees with President Barack Obama, I think any conversation about how he has governed should start by acknowledging one simple fact. His is a Presidency mired in crises of ...
jasonb 09/15/2011 23 5 - 127
Deficit deal and Republican Primaries
When I first heard about the Obama deficit ...
jasonb 08/01/2011 1 1 - 18
Good Advice From Frank Luntz
Frank Luntz was on NPR today and spoke honestly about how he would advocate on behalf of NPR and the issue of tax payer funding.
jasonb 04/06/2011 15 7 2 181
Bizarro Obama World.
Let's assume that instead of electing Democrat Barrack Obama, we elected Republican Barrack Obama. And let's assume he was equally as transformative. For example, instead of passing health care, ...
jasonb 11/12/2010 17 1 - 85
How is this for a Health Care idea
Tired of compromise? Feel like we have a bad health care bill? Don't trust the big corporations? Here's one final try. ELIZABETH WAREEN AS HEALTH CARE CZAR!! A real position. With a budget. ...
jasonb 12/17/2009 11 2 - 26
Obama bin lying signs. Where do they come from?
I was struck the other day when I saw a sign at a McCain rally that read: Obama bin lying. I have been volunteering for the Obama campaign in Pennsylvania and on Sunday we were assigned to the ...
jasonb 10/14/2008 55 26 1 25
Why can't democrats ever talk about the obvious?
One of the constant laments regarding the Democratic Party is their inability to effectively punch and counter punch with Republicans. Given the extraordianry amount of material Democrats have, it ...
jasonb 08/25/2008 10 3 - -
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