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The front page delegate counter indicates that the number of delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination is 2025.  However, I am under the understanding that the number increased to 2026 with the election of Travis Childers to the House Seat in Mississippi.  If this is correct, the DKos tracker should reflect this, no?


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Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), 76, was rushed to the hospital earlier this morning.  He was at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport and was taken to Cape Cod Hospital.

CNN's John King reported that Kennedy was being transported to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  According to a Democratic source, Kennedy is feared to be suffering stroke-like symptoms.

Kennedy is the second most senior member of the Senate, having served since 1962.  I'll update with more information later.  Let's keep this liberal lion of the Senate in our thoughts.

StevenR broke the story on DKOS this morning in an excellent diary that is also being updated.

This story continues to develop and I will also keep updating as I can throughout the day.

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Okay in all honesty it happened last night but a) that doesn't rhyme and b) I wanted to write about it last night but I had already posted a diary.

So here's what happened.


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I'm on my way to work, so I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to share a few nuggets I heard this morning.  In the spirit of marital compromise, I suffered through Morning Joe with my husband today (thankfully, no Joe).  As a reward for having to look at and listen to Pat Buchanan, I heard a few interesting tidbits from Andrea Mitchell.


Hillary Clinton will leave the race

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Many of us are (unfortunately) familiar with Harold Ickes, who is in charge of managing superdelegates for the Clinton camp.  His counterpart in the Obama campaign appears to be Representative Melissa Bean, 8th district, Illinois.  Representative Bean is one of the top superdelegate hunters for Obama, and, as such, is in daily talks with superdelegates.  She shared some interesting insights with Greg Sargent of Talking Points Memo in a phone interview earlier today.


I think the superdelegates

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Hillary Clinton/John McCain have continued to distinguish themselves from President Bush this week.  Along with long term commitments in Iraq (see Hillary, 2005) and threatening Iran, now the two (Republican?) candidates are hitching their wagons to the gas tax moratorium.

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I'm watching Michael Moore talking to Larry King right now and I can't seem to stop nodding.  Larry King is far from my favorite, but he does manage to cover a lot of ground with Michael Moore during this interview (it almost makes up for Tori Spelling).

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Just to be clear, the title of my diary is not meant to exclude anyone.  I am particularly interested in what black folks here are thinking and feeling about this whole situation.  That said, I welcome everybody's thoughts, opinions, feelings and poll votes, as the white guy I'm married to probably does not represent the views of all white guys.


After Obama cut Wright loose

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Mon Apr 28, 2008 at 01:12 PM PDT

Disagreeing with KOS?  I got next.

by jazmen8

Fox News is not fair and balanced.  Let us begin from a point of agreement.  We all know what it is, and we most certainly know what it isn't.

Whatever role Fox has in the VRWC (main player), we cannot ignore a basic fact.  People watch Fox.  More importantly, voters watch Fox.  Not just rapid, right-wing, racist, sexist, homophobic, myopic trolls, but, you know, some normal people, too.  Barack was talking to them.

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Yesterday I wrote a diary talking about the stimulus checks due to arrive next week.  I asked  what people's plans were and whether or not they thought the stimulus package would have any impact.  I wanted to know what the real experts thought about our economy and how it was affecting them because, in our neck of the woods, it seemed like life was going on normally.

Well, that was then this is now.  Today, the economic chickens came to our home to roost.


Economic indicators suggest that

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Over the course of at least the last few months, the U.S. economy has been slowing down dramatically.  A late February Reuters/Zogby poll indicated that a majority of Americans are expecting the economy to head into recession, defined as two sucessive quarters of negative GDP growth.

But, my fellow Americans, help is on the way, in the form of federal income tax rebate checks.  However, how helpful these checks will be in jump-starting the economy remains to be seen.


My rebate check

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House Democratic Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina seems to be putting both Clintons on notice with his recent remarks.  Earlier today jkddude wrote a diary about Clyburn's remarks about what he hears is Hillary Clinton's long range plan to cripple Obama now so she can reload and try again in 2012 against McCain.  However, Representative Clyburn saved his strongest remarks for former President Bill Clinton.


I think that...

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