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BREAKING! - WI Collective Bargaining Bill Published Today!
In an another incredible twist, today the Legislative Reference Bureau has published the collective bargaining bill, meaning it could take effect tomorrow, March 26th.
jazmen8 03/25/2011 20 32 - 255
WI GOP: Looking for a way out? No re-vote on union-busting budget bill
Walker and the GOP were dealt a setback Friday afternoon, when a Dane County judge issued ...
jazmen8 03/19/2011 21 30 - 300
WI school district BLOCKING the speech!
It was with great sadness and shame, but not much surprise, that I read the following news in my morning paper. The Elmbrook School District will be blocking the telecast of the president's speech ...
jazmen8 09/04/2009 45 16 - 14
Breaking: MSNBC reports Panetta confirms CIA briefers misled Congress UPDATED w/MSNBC video links
This story is breaking on MSNBC and was being discussed by Keith Olbermann with Andrea Mitchell and others on tonight's Countdown. Rachel Maddow is now leading with this story on her show, for ...
jazmen8 07/08/2009 194 285 4 198
Buhbye Bush - STFIL 2: A Photo Diary Reminder
Inspired by Jeff Lieber's fantastic diary - Stay the F*ck in Line! It's hard to believe that our long national nightmare, a.k.a the Bush Administration is finally coming to an end. It can be ...
jazmen8 11/03/2008 7 15 - 1
Conservative principles in practice - The country is "Bushed"!
Watching Keith Olbermann, and now Rachel Maddow, has become a part of my evening routine. During tonight's episode, I noticed that he did not do a "Bushed" segment, his running tally on the ...
jazmen8 10/28/2008 15 15 1 9
"We've been vandalized!"
The first thing I heard this morning was "We've been vandalized!" and my heart just sank.
jazmen8 10/11/2008 23 17 - 1
McCain/Palin talk to People Magazine (??)
Given John McCain's well-documented uh contempt for celebrity, I have to say that the very last place I expected to find him and his new running mate was in the pages of the new People magazine. ...
jazmen8 08/30/2008 31 15 - 10
Barack hits back (hard) in new ad "Embrace"-ing McCain
For those who have been worrying (hoping, praying, predicting) that the Democratic nominee is not tough enough on McCain, I submit his latest ad, "Embrace", my new favorite. Parental advisory: ...
jazmen8 08/11/2008 460 405 4 182
UPDATED: Hell yeah I'm voting Republican!!! w/Video and Poll
My husband found this gem on the Huffington Post site today. It really summarizes the argument for voting Republican in a concise and entertaining way. I, for one, found it undeniably compelling.
jazmen8 06/11/2008 30 32 - 18
CNN hit piece on Obama tonight
Wow, my mouth is still hanging open after what I just watched and I only caught the last few minutes. Tonight's edition of Anderson Cooper 360 featured a piece called 'The Obama Style of Politics'.
jazmen8 05/29/2008 132 13 2 37
DNC chair defends Clinton
The year? 1992. The DNC chair? Ron Brown. But first, a bit of context. After the 7th viewing of the angry Bill Clinton clip alleging a coverup aimed at his wife, it was obvious what this week'...
jazmen8 05/28/2008 24 23 2 20
Hey DKos: The magic number is 2026 not 2025, right?
The front page delegate counter indicates that the number of delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination is 2025. However, I am under the understanding that the number increased to 2026 ...
jazmen8 05/21/2008 34 2 - 1
CNN: Kennedy family is "guardedly optimistic"
Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA), 76, was rushed to the hospital earlier this morning. He was at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport and was taken to Cape Cod Hospital. CNN's John King reported ...
jazmen8 05/17/2008 94 102 1 19
Hey, hey, I got polled today! UPDATED w/poll
Okay in all honesty it happened last night but a) that doesn't rhyme and b) I wanted to write about it last night but I had already posted a diary. So here's what happened.
jazmen8 05/13/2008 15 7 - -
UPDATED: Andrea Mitchell says Clinton may be out this week (?)
I'm on my way to work, so I don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to share a few nuggets I heard this morning. In the spirit of marital compromise, I suffered through Morning Joe with my husband ...
jazmen8 05/12/2008 108 30 1 19
Supers aren't really undecided and don't care about Wright
Many of us are (unfortunately) familiar with Harold Ickes, who is in charge of managing superdelegates for the Clinton camp. His counterpart in the Obama campaign appears to be Representative ...
jazmen8 05/08/2008 27 20 - 24
Hillary Balboa vs. 200+ "elite" economists.  She lost.
Hillary Clinton/John McCain have continued to distinguish themselves from President Bush this week. Along with long term commitments in Iraq (see Hillary, 2005) and threatening Iran, now the two (...
jazmen8 05/05/2008 16 7 - -
I don't care what anyone says, Michael Moore is my homeboy
I'm watching Michael Moore talking to Larry King right now and I can't seem to stop nodding. Larry King is far from my favorite, but he does manage to cover a lot of ground with Michael Moore ...
jazmen8 04/30/2008 48 32 1 21
So (black) people, do we have his back or what?
Just to be clear, the title of my diary is not meant to exclude anyone. I am particularly interested in what black folks here are thinking and feeling about this whole situation. That said,
jazmen8 04/29/2008 923 331 14 47
Disagreeing with KOS?  I got next.
Fox News is not fair and balanced. Let us begin from a point of agreement. We all know what it is, and we most certainly know what it isn't. Whatever role Fox has in the VRWC (main player), we ...
jazmen8 04/28/2008 27 19 1 79
We got our recession in the mail today (+Poll)
Yesterday I wrote a diary talking about the stimulus checks due to arrive next week. I asked what people's plans were ...
jazmen8 04/26/2008 48 19 - 18
Rebate checks coming--Anyone think they'll really help? w/Poll
Over the course of at least the last few months, the U.S. economy has been slowing down dramatically. A late February Reuters/...
jazmen8 04/25/2008 88 8 - 31
Rep. Clyburn takes B Clinton to the woodshed w/Poll
House Democratic Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina seems to be putting both Clintons on notice with his recent remarks. Earlier today jkddude wrote ...
jazmen8 04/24/2008 30 9 1 1
I lied to a Hillary supporter this week, but for a good reason (?)
I told a lie to a Hillary supporter this week. It wasn't meant to be malicious or mocking. I was trying to promote lying. It probably isn't the right way to go, but I'm trying to ...
jazmen8 04/19/2008 87 11 - 26
Enough with the effing N-word already!
Listen, it's enough, enough, enough already with the n-word. Below is a sampling of two diaries posted today on DKos, one of which used the n-word, with all of its toxic, uncensored power, twice in ...
jazmen8 04/14/2008 34 13 1 12
Um we spent $736 million for 1 embassy?!?! (W/Photos)
After months of delay and enormous cost overruns, on Friday Ryan Crocker, US ambassador to Iraq announced that the new US embassy in Baghdad was complete. This is troubling on two fronts, first, ...
jazmen8 04/13/2008 15 15 - -
Meanwhile, Hillary embarrasses the PM of the UK
While the collective undies are in a twist about 'BitterGate', Hillary Clinton is busy embarrassing a world leader over attendance at the Beijing Olympics.
jazmen8 04/12/2008 21 14 - 14
RIP: A student of mine has died
Michael Bonan, age 22, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin died yesterday. He was involved in a auto accident on I-94, and when he got out to check the damage to his car, he was run over by an oncoming car. ...
jazmen8 04/07/2008 32 22 - 30
Beyond the Dream - King and the Vietnam War
On April 4th, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a sermon at the prestigious Riverside Church, an interdemoninational church in New York City. The sermon was called Beyond Vietnam-A Time to ...
jazmen8 04/03/2008 15 20 2 154
UPDATED: Richardson responds re: B. Clinton
According to the CNN Political ticker, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has responded to former President Clinton's assertion that "Five times to my face he said he would never do that" referring ...
jazmen8 04/03/2008 60 12 2 5
"Do the math." - Brazile says no to convention fight
This is sort of a recap diary. I tuned in late, but, the last segment of This Week with George Stephanopoulos featured George Will, Donna Brazile, Paul Krugman and Robert Reich. During the ...
jazmen8 03/30/2008 52 17 1 17
BREAKING: HRC donors play hard ball with Pelosi
Today a group of top HRC donors sent a 'private letter' to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today, according to The Page and Talking Points Memo, taking Pelosi to task for her recent comments regarding ...
jazmen8 03/26/2008 60 55 1 9
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