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Wake The Kids! Phone The Neighbors!
Tonight the great Darlene Love, accompanied by Paul Shaffer and the band, a string section, some French horns, some terrific backup singers, and a guy on sleigh bells will perform "Christmas (Baby ...
jazzmaniac 12/19/2014 5 2 - -
My Mystery Affliction, One Year Later
Early last September I published this diary, detailing the mysterious affliction that had beset me a week and a half earlier and my efforts to receive medical care as an uninsured individual in ...
jazzmaniac 08/22/2014 31 44 1 -
Losing The Family Homestead
I've written before about my parents, and the house my Dad designed and built shortly after WWII in farmland west of Chicago. I've also written about the seven years I spent caring for my Mom after ...
jazzmaniac 07/29/2014 24 21 - -
Joe Walsh Defends Clive Bundy
Apparently not all the wing nut pundits are furiously distancing themselves from the racist freeloader Cliven Bundy. Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh, who in true wing nut style parlayed his ...
jazzmaniac 04/25/2014 11 11 - -
Tell Walgreen's What You Think Of Their "Citizenship"
If you live in the USA there's a good chance you live within spitting distance of one of Walgreen's 8,000 plus stores. Walgreen's, a 113 year old Chicago (now suburban Chicago) based ...
jazzmaniac 04/15/2014 21 23 1 -
Rest In Peace, Ray Price
Country music legend Ray Price has died at the age of 87 following a two year long battle with pancreatic cancer. Price's exquisite phrasing made him not only one of the best singers in country music,
jazzmaniac 12/16/2013 8 24 - -
Fish Fingers And Custard
Jelly Babies Allons-y I've reversed the polarity of the neutron flow Lapel celery Bow ties are cool Mmm, what's that, my boy? Venusian Karate Recorders Bessie Don't blink Behind the sofa Sonic ...
jazzmaniac 11/23/2013 2 5 - -
Obamacare Can't Come Soon Enough For Me
Some of you may have read my diary of September 2nd in which I detailed an ongoing health crisis and my ...
jazzmaniac 09/18/2013 30 50 1 -
Update: Even Sicker, Was It The Moldy Yogurt?
Some of you may have seen my diary from a few days ago about the onset, two weeks ago today, of a strange weakness in my arms and legs, accompanied by pain and deterioration of fine motor skills.
jazzmaniac 09/05/2013 17 13 - -
Medical Crisis, Need DK Community Advice, Please!
I apologize for this diary, but I have never been this frightened in my life. I value this community and know that there is a great deal of knowledge within its members, as well as kindness. A ...
jazzmaniac 09/02/2013 78 18 - -
Barack Obama Proves Corporations Aren't People
From the New York Times (Emphasis mine) ...the administration on Tuesday abruptly announced a one-year delay, until 2015, in his health care law’s mandate that larger employers provide coverage ...
jazzmaniac 07/03/2013 5 6 - -
Leave Your Keys In Your Car
That’s right, just leave your keys in your car the next time you park. Leave the doors unlocked too. In fact, just leave the car running. Or, if you don’t want to waste gas, turn ...
jazzmaniac 01/02/2013 17 39 - -
Don't Be Fooled, FOX Is Happy
That's right, the friendly folks at FoxNews are happy with the results of last Tuesday's election. Everyone from Grand Poo-Bah Roger Ailes down through Hannity, O'Reilly, Britt Hume, and the ...
jazzmaniac 11/11/2012 7 28 - -
40 Years Ago Today. The Andes Plane Crash
Forty years ago today, Friday, October 13, 1972, an Uruguayan Air Force Fairchild turboprop chartered by the Stella Maris school’s alumni rugby team was crossing the Argentine portion of ...
jazzmaniac 10/13/2012 21 23 - -
Dems Nix Tom Hanks Conv. Appearance
BREAKING: Organizers for next week's Democratic Party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina briefly considered, then later rejected plans to have actor Tom Hanks provide a counterpoint to Clint ...
jazzmaniac 08/31/2012 21 18 - 468
Poll: Which Doctor Who Villain Is Mitt?
The night of the Olympic opening ceremonies I posted a comment regarding the absence from the ceremonies of one of England’s most iconic pop culture figures, specifically Doctor Who. It ...
jazzmaniac 07/31/2012 104 54 - 631
Gingrich Made Limbaugh Member Of Congress!
Somebody needs to ask former Speaker Of The House and current candidate for the GOP's presidential nomination Newt Gingrich if he disowns the recent comments of Rush Limbaugh regarding women who use ...
jazzmaniac 03/02/2012 2 5 - 62
Tell Us About Your Favorite Teacher
I never thought I'd live to see the day that schoolteachers were regularly vilified. Pilloried for having pensions. Excoriated for having the hubris to negotiate the terms of their employment and ...
jazzmaniac 03/02/2012 8 6 1 42
Sorry Gals, It Just Ain't Your Womb
Seems there's been a real hissy fit from the estrogen lobby lately over breast cancer and Planned Parenthood and contraception. Now, as much as it amuses us men to see you put your mind to ...
jazzmaniac 02/09/2012 20 15 - 168
Poll: How Folks Reacted To Eastwood Chrysler Ad
The commercial that actor Clint Eastwood made for the Chrysler corporation, shown during Sunday night's Super Bowl broadcast, has ended up causing quite a stir. On this site, a lot of folks got ...
jazzmaniac 02/07/2012 29 15 - 446
Do You REALLY Want Your Country Back?
"I want my country back!" Ah yes, the cry of Conservasaurus Americanus in the early days of the 21st Century. Those of us here in the Daily Kos community are familiar with the refrain. We'...
jazzmaniac 02/02/2012 42 137 8 689
Should Vanity Fair Be A "Spelling Vigilante?"
In an utterly brilliant riposte to the New York Times' public editor's ridiculous question as to whether his paper should be a "truth vigilante," Juli Weiner of Vanity Fair questions whether her ...
jazzmaniac 01/14/2012 9 15 - 124
Newt VS Mitt. Pass The Popcorn!
There's an old saying that "Politics makes strange bedfellows." In the case of Newt Gingrich, perhaps that should be amended to "carfellows." And I'll pause a moment for those who are now rushing ...
jazzmaniac 01/12/2012 4 3 - 58
Reflections Of A Caregiver, Part 5
NOTE: For those interested, Part 1 here: Part 2 here: http://www.dailykos.
jazzmaniac 08/23/2011 15 30 2 147
Reflections Of A Caregiver, Part 4
NOTE: Part 1 of this series may be found here: Part 2 here: http://www....
jazzmaniac 08/16/2011 17 44 4 165
Reflections Of A Caregiver, Part 3
NOTE: The first entry in this series is available here, and the second here,
jazzmaniac 08/12/2011 43 41 3 221
Reflections Of A Caregiver-Part 2
The response to my first diary in this series, "My Mother Has Died. Reflections Of A Caregiver," available here:
jazzmaniac 08/08/2011 14 33 - 158
My Mother Has Died. Reflections Of A Caregiver
This past Wednesday, July 27th, my mother passed away at the age of 96 years, seven and a half weeks. For just shy of five years I have been her full-time, live-in caregiver. I thought I ...
jazzmaniac 08/02/2011 69 129 7 424
Repubs To Read Bible On House Floor
In the wake of their recent reading of the Constitution of the United States on the floor of the House of Representatives, Republican lawmakers have announced they intend to do the same with ...
jazzmaniac 01/19/2011 68 34 - 93
Ill Action Alert:  Tell Quinn "End Death Penalty"
Not much of a diary, I know, but I must urge all fellow citizens of the Land Of Lincoln who are opposed to capital punishment to take action. The Illinois General Assembly has passed legislation ...
jazzmaniac 01/12/2011 5 11 - 69
He'll Break Our Hearts Wednesday
Face it folks: He's going to break our hearts on Wednesday. The man who so many of us on this site (not all) revere. The man who changed the world. The man who captivates us when he speaks. The ...
jazzmaniac 09/08/2009 53 25 - 26
I Want To Kick Kids Off SCHIP
I want to kick kids off SCHIP. That's right, every freakin' one of 'em. No more SCHIP for them! You think I'm heartless? Just wait! I want to kick all those poor people off of Medicaid too! ...
jazzmaniac 09/03/2009 12 34 - 234
What A (F'd Up) Country!
With apologies to Yakov Smirnoff. In Canada, the government buys you health insurance. In America, the government will soon make you buy health insurance!
jazzmaniac 06/25/2009 19 26 2 36
Breaking: Gregg Has Further Second Thoughts
Just hours after Senator Judd Gregg stunned Washington by withdrawing his nomination for Commerce Secretary, the New Hampshire Republican called a second surprise news conference to state ...
jazzmaniac 02/12/2009 16 17 - 18
Did You Hear About My New President?
Did you hear about my new President? You probably have. But did you know.... The new President can string words together to form grammatical sentences. Then he can string those sentences together ...
jazzmaniac 01/21/2009 9 5 1 2
Obama To Name LaHood (R) Trans. Sec?
The Chicago Tribune is reporting That President-elect Barack Obama will name Republican Ray ...
jazzmaniac 12/17/2008 158 12 - 27
Chi. Trib:  Blame The Dark-Skinned People
In tomorrow's (9/28) edition of the Chicago Tribune, (link posted when it becomes available,) the paper's editors weigh in on our nation's financial meltdown It is, as might be expected, a pastiche ...
jazzmaniac 09/27/2008 17 12 - -
Breaking: Bush's Speech Leaked
Tonight in a rare prime time address to the nation, President Bush will discuss the financial crisis and outline his reasons for his proposed bailout. A few moments ago an anonymous White House ...
jazzmaniac 09/24/2008 15 10 - 22
Breaking:  Palin's New ebay Sale
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is once again attempting to sell a high profile item on internet auction site ebay. Whether this attempt will meet with greater success than her attempt to sell the state'
jazzmaniac 09/19/2008 19 16 1 9
McCain's Plan:  Keep Changing The Game
What's the most common phrase applied to John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin to be his running mate? "Game changer." If I had a nickel for every time I heard or read that phrase this weekend I'
jazzmaniac 08/31/2008 3 2 - -
Palin By Comparison (w/poll)
Some thoughts on the Sarah Palin pick. Perhaps slim pickings for a diary, but more than I want to share in a comment. There's little doubt that Palin is a horrifically bad choice to be Vice ...
jazzmaniac 08/29/2008 8 1 - -
Ebert's B-Day Ode To Studs Terkel
Upon reading the diary by sophistry makes me tired on the death of director and actor Sydney Pollack, I went over ...
jazzmaniac 05/26/2008 17 24 1 26
Repubs Consider Adding Themselves To Endangered Species List
Washington--In a development that threatens to further divide an already fractured party, some members of the GOP are considering adding Republicans to the Endangered Species List. ...
jazzmaniac 05/16/2008 10 4 - 2
Top 10 Unheralded HRC Accomplishments
I'm sure many of you here in this community were as astonished as I was to learn of some of the heretofore unknown accomplishments of Hillary Rodham Clinton. From her instrumental work in ...
jazzmaniac 03/10/2008 49 21 1 6
Chi. Trib:  Torture OK, If Only 3 Times
In its lead editorial for tomorrow's February 10th edition, (link will be inserted when it becomes available,) the Chicago Tribune addresses CIA director Michael Hayden's admission of the use of ...
jazzmaniac 02/09/2008 4 4 - -
Chi. Trib: Waterboarding Illegal, but OK
In a truly "through the looking glass" moment, the editorial board of the Chicago ...
jazzmaniac 11/02/2007 22 18 - 6
Can Somebody Cure Me Of Teh Straight?
Can somebody cure me of my straightness? It’s been a constant source of unhappiness for me, you see. Maybe somebody knows of a minister who can cure me of teh straight. Perhaps some ...
jazzmaniac 10/30/2007 37 49 - 130
Let Me Be The First
Let me be the first to post a diary on this topic. Tonight, on this crisp February, 2008 evening, the spineless, fucking Democrats capitulated to Mr. 18% in the White House. Again.
jazzmaniac 08/04/2007 12 5 - 1
Poll: Will You Talk To Fox At YearlyKos?
As much as it breaks my heart, I won't be attending the upcoming YearlyKos confab, even though it's taking place practically in my backyard, and even though I've been hanging around this ...
jazzmaniac 07/29/2007 50 11 1 14
Who Makes You Laugh?
Okay, it's late Saturday night here, and I'm watching water coming down here in Chicago in practically every state other than steam. While reading ...
jazzmaniac 02/24/2007 69 8 - 10
Steve Jobs Slams Teachers' Unions
I happen to think that when it comes to technology, Steve Jobs is a visionary. I routinely stay up late into the night to watch a stream of Jobs' latest keynote address. I regularly volunteer to ...
jazzmaniac 02/17/2007 113 26 1 8
Daily & Yearly Kos Makes Front Page Of Chi Trib
For as long as I can remember, my family has been in the habit of picking up the Sunday paper on Saturday afternoon. While the practice does not, sadly, provide us with the next day's winning ...
jazzmaniac 12/30/2006 172 165 5 22
Lou Dobbs To IBEW: I'm A Fool
I don't know what to think of Lou Dobbs, frankly. I used to pretty much detest the man. I still find him jingoistic in his immigrant bashing. Perhaps he is worse than an idiiot, or perhaps he's ...
jazzmaniac 12/01/2006 34 22 1 6
Mike Royko On The Iraq War
jazzmaniac 07/23/2006 162 348 16 39
Chi. Trib Slanders Gore, Disses Blogs
jazzmaniac 02/22/2006 9 7 1 -
What will the Dems do about Alito?
jazzmaniac 10/31/2005 23 3 - 9
How High's The Water, Karl?-The Video
jazzmaniac 09/21/2005 6 10 1 10
How High's The Water, Karl?
jazzmaniac 09/06/2005 5 5 - -
It's The Homeland Security, Stupid!
jazzmaniac 09/02/2005 4 8 - -
OMFG, my nasty-ass LTE gets printed!
jazzmaniac 08/21/2005 22 24 1 1
Chicago Trib Bashes Bush
jazzmaniac 08/14/2005 10 13 - -
My LTE re: Bush's Speech Gets Published
jazzmaniac 07/06/2005 8 13 - 1
We Interrupt Our Programming...
jazzmaniac 06/27/2005 4 - - 1
Freep This Poll! Durbin Apology
jazzmaniac 06/23/2005 4 5 - -
Walmart Fires Disabled Worker For Not Smiling
jazzmaniac 06/15/2005 4 9 - -
Air America Returning To Chicago
jazzmaniac 05/05/2005 6 2 - -
Exclusive! Interview With The Devil
jazzmaniac 03/23/2005 174 355 6 23
New Meme: Greenspan & GOP: We'll Tax Your Income AND Your Purchases!
jazzmaniac 03/04/2005 9 8 - -
Poll: You Talk The Talk. Do You Drive The Drive?
jazzmaniac 03/02/2005 34 - - -
Clarence Page On Propagannon
jazzmaniac 02/20/2005 13 13 - -
Poll: Social Security-Will they dig in or cut and run?
jazzmaniac 02/07/2005 20 2 - -
Chicago Tribune: War OK Because Saddam WANTED Weapons
jazzmaniac 01/14/2005 8 4 - -
Chicago Tribune Editor Says Gary Webb Was Right
jazzmaniac 01/07/2005 44 58 - 10
Bush's Balls
jazzmaniac 12/30/2004 17 14 - -
Design Your Own Magnetic Ribbon Website
jazzmaniac 12/24/2004 4 6 - -
Rudolph The Red State Reindeer
jazzmaniac 12/06/2004 5 5 - 1
What A Democrat Believes
jazzmaniac 11/04/2004 5 2 - -
My Issue With Moral Issues
jazzmaniac 11/04/2004 4 1 - 1
Editorial Switchers: Proof Bush's Support Softer Than We Thought?
jazzmaniac 10/24/2004 13 2 - -
Sun-Times Endorses Kerry, Endorsed Bush In '00
jazzmaniac 10/23/2004 30 36 - -
Chicago Tribune Endorses Bush. Shame On Them
jazzmaniac 10/16/2004 20 3 - -
Drunken Sailors Oppose Bush
jazzmaniac 10/09/2004 5 1 - 10
Chicago Newspaper On Maya Keyes, Blogs
jazzmaniac 10/07/2004 - 1 - -
Free Audio Of Debate From i-Tunes
jazzmaniac 10/03/2004 - 1 - -
Send Jim Lehrer your respect.
jazzmaniac 09/30/2004 2 - - -
Bush Suffers Breakdown On TV, Wins Debate
jazzmaniac 09/29/2004 44 94 - 13
Obama stumps nationwide for KE/Dems
jazzmaniac 09/28/2004 10 1 - -
Chicago Beer Drinkers Pick Kerry By Two To One
jazzmaniac 09/26/2004 4 - - -
It's not Privitization. It's Commercialization
jazzmaniac 09/21/2004 11 14 - 11
Support Our Troops: Is It Really That Easy?
jazzmaniac 09/18/2004 21 1 - -
Why Kerry Is Losing
jazzmaniac 09/10/2004 7 - - -
Movie: A Man Of His Word.
jazzmaniac 09/04/2004 31 106 - -
The Ownership Society: Conservatives Tried It Before
jazzmaniac 09/02/2004 3 - - 5
Richard Perle an "abject failure."
jazzmaniac 09/01/2004 2 - - -
George W Bush Finally Tells The Truth About Something
jazzmaniac 08/31/2004 - 1 - -
George W. Bush Tells Another Lie
jazzmaniac 08/31/2004 3 1 - -
POLL: Conservatives. Stupid, or Evil?
jazzmaniac 08/30/2004 8 - - -
jazzmaniac 08/26/2004 4 9 - -
Top Discarded Bush Campaign Slogans
jazzmaniac 08/24/2004 7 1 - -
The Tribune's Lies Of Omission
jazzmaniac 08/24/2004 - 2 - -
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