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Not Sure Boys are Learning Anyting
Need a little therapy this morning. I have a boy and a girl currently in high school and am increasingly convinced that my son and most of the other boys are learning almost nothing at all. There'...
jbd66 04/16/2015 24 3 - -
Mr. Potter is Winning
Everyone, well at least everyone I know, loves the movie It’s a Wonderful Life and understands that Mr. Potter is the villain. Unfortunately, off of the silver screen and out here in the real world,
jbd66 01/06/2015 4 2 - -
Our VP Candidates are Just Better
Earlier today I encountered yet another insipid comment from Paul Ryan, and it occurred to me that one of the many, many ways that the Democratic party is better than the Republican party is in our ...
jbd66 08/27/2013 11 2 - -
A Summary of the Issues in NC
For Kossacks around the country who may not have all of the details about the sad and tragic actions being taken since the Republicans took over state government in January, this article in the ...
jbd66 06/17/2013 6 8 - -
The McCrory Blues in NC
For those not familiar with the political situation in NC, prior to November we were already saddle with republican control of our legislature, but at least we could keep most of the crazy at bay ...
jbd66 02/01/2013 11 11 - -
Question for Kossack Economists
While I am quite enjoying seeing my president negotiate from a position of strength, there is a part of the fiscal puzzle I don't understand. Personally, I believe that increased governmental ...
jbd66 12/03/2012 19 3 - -
Using Data Based Tax Policy to Undermine the Republicans
Before getting into the heart of my argument, permit me to celebrate for a moment. Consider what is about to happen. The economy is about to flourish under President Obama, totally undermining the ...
jbd66 11/08/2012 3 3 - -
Gary Johnson Effect in NC?
I am working hard for the Obama campaign in NC and yesterday I received a copy of the sample ballot for Nov (thought I'll be voting on 10/18 the first day of early voting here) and saw that Gary ...
jbd66 09/26/2012 14 12 - 176
It's Only 4.6 Cents
Today's clarion call from the Republican Party is "redistribution." At the root of this charge is that President Obama is suggesting that the marginal tax rate on Adjusted Gross Income above $250,...
jbd66 09/20/2012 3 3 - 36
Let's Start the Rumor of Romney Stepping Down
With the fallout of the Romney 47% video still in progress, I have been thinking about how best to help abet Governor Romney's demise today. I believe it is reasonable to assume that a large number ...
jbd66 09/18/2012 21 3 - 180
GOTV Approaches, Maybe Both Are OK (with poll)
Over the last few weeks there has been a lively debate regarding the best way to get out the vote for President Obama. Given the clear polling data which shows the President Obama's support is ...
jbd66 09/17/2012 5 3 - 48
Maybe Indiana? (with poll)
Like many other Kos readers, I am obsessing this week about pressing our advantage and running up a big win rather than just squeaking by. I dreaming of big coattails and also building our ...
jbd66 09/10/2012 14 5 - 181
Unsolicted Advice for the President
It's now clear that we have momentum coming out of the DNC. The question is how best to exploit this. From the clips I heard President Obama is doing very well in FL. I think the time is ripe for ...
jbd66 09/09/2012 8 1 - 60
Long Days Ahead for Romney
After the end of the DNC tonight, election season truly starts. The Obama campaign undetstands this and has kept its power relatively dry up to this point. From here on out Romney can keep hiding ...
jbd66 09/06/2012 18 6 - 130
Oh Crap, you mean there's a convention?
When Romney named Ryan as his VP I was struck by the fact that even though Romney has been running for president forever, in all that time, he hadn't picked a VP and made a last minute selection ...
jbd66 08/29/2012 2 1 - 28
What they really don't like is insurance
As the election process parses through all of unjust, dreadful and mathematically inaccurate pieces of the Ryan-Romney plan to eliminate Medicare and Medicade, I think it is important to remember ...
jbd66 08/16/2012 6 2 - 55
Ryan, The Last Minute VP
Mitt Romney has been running for president on a continuous basis since some time in 2006. Try to imagine that you have been spending the last 6 years doing almost nothing but trying to be elected ...
jbd66 08/14/2012 9 - - 93
Calling George H. W. Bush
When Ronald Reagan first promoted trickle down economics during the 1980 GOP primary, George H. W. Bush spoke the truth when he called it "Vodoo Economics". Whatever his political leaning, H.W. is ...
jbd66 08/13/2012 3 1 - 28
Bob Dole's Investments in 96
As the discussion continues on what Mitt Romney is hiding by not releasing his tax returns and the secret behind his magical mistery IRA balance, I am having a memory regarding Bob Dole that I would ...
jbd66 08/06/2012 2 3 - 47
How the Republicans Unwittingly Guaranteed an Obama Victory in 2012
Although most of the analysis of the economic collapse of 2008 has focussed on the housing bubble and creative financial instruments these were syptoms not causes. The real estate loans and the ...
jbd66 02/13/2012 3 9 1 172
Durham Health Care Town Hall Meeting with Representative Price
Yesterday eveing I attended a Health Care Town Hall with Representative David Price at NCCU in Durham. The event was attended by 850 people. Based on observations of people wearing stickers and ...
jbd66 08/14/2009 10 10 - 2
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