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Orlando almost became the next Newtown last week…
If James Seevakumaran’s plans hadn’t been interrupted—either by the cops, or his roommate, or maybe his conscience—my hometown would have been ground zero for the next national tragedy. He ...
jbill 03/27/2013 7 28 - -
Greer doubles down on TEH CRAZY, declares victory
Last night, I told you about how Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer went all ape ...
jbill 09/02/2009 8 2 - 32
Fla GOP chair hops the Glenn Beck train to Crazyville
I don't post here often, but this is pretty damn infuriating, and worthy of a little more attention. First, background:On Aug. 26, the Secretary of Education sent the following letter to school ...
jbill 09/01/2009 207 206 3 352
"Get serious"
I know, I know, I should leave this stuff to the professionals, and I'm not at all being critical of the Obama campaign, especially since I'm not privy to internal polling and focus groups and what ...
jbill 09/10/2008 6 3 - -
Let's call these people what they are (a suggestion from the peanut gallery)
I haven't posted for a while, but I had a thought to share... Without belaboring the point, I do think the weakness of the Obama campaign, if there is one, has been the air game - TV ads. The ...
jbill 09/09/2008 10 3 - -
tuesday prediction thread
OK, so as it stands today, PPP (which is native, and did well in South Carolina) has Obama up 10 in NC, and SUSA (which has been good all-around) has Hillary up 12(!) in Indiana. What will ...
jbill 05/05/2008 61 4 - 15
The politics of basketball
I saw something, a sort of trivial aside in today's New York Times story on Obama'...
jbill 04/28/2008 9 1 - 1
the insanity (and inanity) quickens
This is my first attempt at a diary, here or anywhere else. Be kind. Obama hangs out with terrorists. Obama hates America. Obama wants to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida. Obama is ...
jbill 04/27/2008 10 5 - -
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