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The New Beehive that Pours Out Honey
It is all the same problem. Militarization of the police, violence against women, against minorities, against the environment: all related to the invention of this beehive. I’m a beekeeper, so ...
jbmjack 02/26/2015 179 300 7 -
Liberal in a Red State
When you don’t have a gun, and people around you with guns do things that are offensive, it’s dangerous to object. Being a liberal in a red state is difficult for a lot of us, and there’s a ...
jbmjack 04/10/2014 6 16 - -
The Inevitable Decline into Who Gives a Sh*t
I felt a surge of happiness this week, and it was wrong. The president said, "I will not negotiate the full faith and credit of the United States," and everybody there was, "Yeah!" It felt great. ...
jbmjack 09/29/2013 4 3 - -
Corporations Can Wait
When I have some free time, I practice chess. When my brother Dan has free time, he goes to protests. He's been in the Occupy movement since October of 2011, a month after it started in New York. ...
jbmjack 09/23/2013 44 124 2 -
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