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I HAVE THINGS TO SAY (First of a 27-part series)
Put on your insight caps and join me below.
BenderRodriguez 04/30/2015 58
Her stance on TPP = none. People! She is just another Elitist!
HRC dodges the question about what her stance on TPP is. Ed Schultz Blasts Hillary Clinton's Stance On TPP by Rising ...
DKAtoday 04/30/2015 188
Bernie Sanders will run on the issues, not the nonsense
[UPDATE] Thanks @HillaryClinton . Looking forward to debating the big issues: income inequality, climate change & getting big money out of politics. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) April 30, ...
Armando 04/30/2015 374
Roberts Court upholds judicial fundraising restrictions
In a move which stunned many Court observers—certainly including me—the ...
Adam B 04/29/2015 57
O'Malley and the Consequences of Broken Windows
I'm assuming most here understand the concept of At its most basic level, this law enforcement theory says that if you more aggressively pursue law ...
fcvaguy 04/29/2015 23
President Obama on Baltimore
Worth reading in its entirety: First, obviously, our thoughts continue to be with the family of Freddie Gray. Understandably, they want answers. And DOJ has opened an investigation. It is working ...
TomP 04/28/2015 92
Bernie Sanders To Announce Presidential Run (as a Dem)
Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President. From Vermont Public Radio : VPR News has learned from several sources that independent U.S. Sen. Bernie ...
Armando 04/28/2015 815
"The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People"
This is a must-read from Awesomely Luvvie (Luvvie Ajayi) from last December about the very predictable response that can be expected when there's an egregious example of injustice, violence, ...
raptavio 04/28/2015 40
O'Malley & Sanders the Big Hits @ SC Dem Convention
Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders were the big hits at the South Carolina Democratic Convention today. Both received several standing ovations during their speeches to the audience of Democratic ...
fcvaguy 04/25/2015 206
White House Correspondents Dinner - Live Blog
Just putting this up there for those interested/watching.
fcvaguy 04/25/2015 246
Martin O'Malley's Proposal to Deal with the Student Loan Crisis
Last week, I wrote a diary about Martin O'Malley's views of the Student Loan Crisis. There's no doubt that one of the most important issues that needs to be discussed and debated in the ...
fcvaguy 04/24/2015 146
The Media's "Clinton Rules"
Pierce with a tour de force : It appears that the "exclusive" ratfking arrangement entered into by The New York Times and Washington Post has brought us all back to the Mena Airport again, and that ...
Armando 04/24/2015 348
Elizabeth Warren Contradicts Her Charge on the Rachel Maddow Show
One of the most jarring arguments made against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade arrangement, currently being promoted by the President, is the notion that the deal is being held in secret. ...
NedSparks 04/23/2015 355
I Am Not A Troll
As a rule, I don't read the comments on my posts because generally saying anything that is contrary to the norms of a group invites hostility. Say what you will about my interpretation of history ...
Rose City Rose 04/23/2015 51
If you care about the TPP, O'Malley is your candidate
For Democrats who care about our bedrock Democratic principles like standing up for the American worker and the middle class, this past few weeks have certainly been discouraging as we see yet ...
fcvaguy 04/23/2015 116
O'Malley: A Principled, Authentic Leader
I have my own personal theory for how people vote. Setting aside blind partisans who just pull a lever for one party or another without even a fundamental grasp of what the candidates stand forI ...
fcvaguy 04/22/2015 27
O'Malley: Against the TPP
Watching President Obama tonight on Chris Matthews. First, I love this President and I think he's done a great job. I'm listening to his defense of the TPP and honestly I feel even less convinced ...
fcvaguy 04/21/2015 21
Supreme Court respects Fourth Amendment, protecting meth heads
Today's your lucky day, Jesse. Lucky Dennys Rodriguez. Pulled over for (briefly) driving in the shoulder lane by officer Morgan Struble one night in Nebraska, Rodriguez and his passenger must have ...
Adam B 04/21/2015 112
The Politics of TPP
Hillary Clinton will be the Dem nominee for President. Now Martin O'Malley or Jim Webb may not agree, but, well, she is. Imo of course. That said, if Webb or O'Malley want to make a splash, there ...
Armando 04/21/2015 54
Mad Men 7.10 - 'The Forecast'
Don, she's seventeen. Come on. “Do you ever think there’s less to actually do, but more to think about?” Mad Men , as self-conscious a show as there has been, is all about the navel-gazing ...
Adam B 04/20/2015 49
Pride I had the pleasure of watching a great move last night. The film is called "PRIDE". It was recommended to me by some friends while I was at a pub in London this past weekend. Very few ...
fcvaguy 04/20/2015 29
O'Malley Hits a Homerun in NPR Interview
National Public Radio (NPR) played its interview with Martin O'Malley this morning. Interviewing him was Steve Inskeep. Inskeep asked O'Malley several questions over a broad range of topics. Below ...
fcvaguy 04/20/2015 335
NYTimes takes stenography from GOP hit book
Haven't read book attacking Clintons. But if, as reported, it charges that Obama Admin moved Colombia FTA to reward CGI donor, that's nuts! — David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) April 20, 2015 So now ...
Armando 04/20/2015 228
America's Post-9/11 Holocaust
During the Third Reich, media coverage of concentration camps was strictly controlled. Camps were shown as spacious, clean, and humane with smiling inmates playing cards with nurses and guards. ...
Rose City Rose 04/19/2015 15

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