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You Want Some Crazy Shilt From Bernie? The NY Times Has It For You.
It may be over 40 years ago that Bernie wrote something "crazy" but the New York Times found it and they've published it. Frankly, I'm not surprised a man of his ...
Lying eyes 05/29/2015 52
The Real Reason Hillary is a Prohibitive Favorite in 2016
"The Chinese have this great saying that women hold up half the sky. So if you are holding up half the sky, you ...
FishOutofWater 05/29/2015 119
Texas & Alaska Floods: El Nino & Hot Oceans Start a Year of Hellish Weather. It Will Get Worse.
There's too much heat in the oceans. Way too much heat. Hot water has surged across the equator in the Pacific and a deep pool of very hot water is building off of Mexico's west coast. Tropical ...
FishOutofWater 05/27/2015 177
This may be the greatest performance of a song ever recorded
"The Little Sparrow" singing her signature song, "La vie en rose:" Or maybe it's this one:
Old Redneck 05/24/2015 25

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