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How Glenn Beck and I Are Alike (When I Was 6 Years Old)
Sometimes...I have to remind myself...I'm a lot like Glenn Beck. At least my 6-year old self was. I would sometimes CRY to get what I wanted. I would play on peoples emotions. I would eat up the ...
jennifervents 11/09/2012 2 1 - -
The Problem With 'Liberals'
"The problem with 'liberals' is they are ALL victims...or HAVE to MAKE everyone a victim." Someone of 'authority' actually said that to me last week. Not only did they say it to ME...they ...
jennifervents 11/08/2012 79 88 - -
Apparently You Can Get Fired For...
Source of My Rage? This Article . A friend of mine mentioned to me while typing this - that it's already been brought up here - I missed that, sorry! I had to read this article at least 3 times ...
jennifervents 03/14/2012 24 19 1 205
Another Way To Keep Consumers Uneducated and Silenced
I was reading THIS ARTICLE and was freaked out, upset, and mad on so many levels. I don't really have time to go on a rant here, but, I do want to bring up the last paragraph of the article ...
jennifervents 03/13/2012 12 11 - 230
Karma's NOT a B&%$# - She's Freakin' Mother Teresa!
I realize I have to start posting more positive stuff here and not complain all the time...because that just contributes to my anger. I thought THIS was a feel-good story for ya! This lady is a ...
jennifervents 03/13/2012 18 4 - 106
Being Labeled
Being Labeled As a…WOMAN… This is a rant I have posted in my head and in and on other venues over and over again many times throughout my life. Being labeled as a WOMAN – from one side or ...
jennifervents 03/12/2012 6 2 - 58
Women PhDs, Virginity Tests, Activists, Game Change, Women Finances, WOMEN - VOTE!
I have an App on my iPhone called Zite. Not sure if anyone else here has it or not but I do like the app lets you pick which news topics are of interest to you and they will show you ...
jennifervents 03/11/2012 4 15 - 83
Opium Brides
Article: The Truth About Opium Brides Need another reason to fight the War On Drugs on a personal level? How about SAYING NO to Drugs will help with the War on Women, too! Take a look at the ...
jennifervents 03/11/2012 14 4 - 152
Foreign Affairs - Thinking of My College Days - Tell Me Is There A World Out There!
I have been thinking a lot about my college days lately. You will see me mention this in several of my posts here. One of the many things I have been thinking about - specifically - is Foreign ...
jennifervents 03/11/2012 3 3 - 25
20K Abducted Women/Children Rescued in 2011
Good News - Bad News... It's always good news to hear that 20,000 women and children were rescued. Bad News being that 20K Women and Children needed to be rescued to begin with! AND...this is ...
jennifervents 03/10/2012 1 5 - 67
Hundreds of Elephants Killed
I was reading this article and it tears my heart! Hundred of Elephants Killed in Cameroon National Park. I know I am new to posting diaries here but I have many subjects that I need to get out. ...
jennifervents 03/10/2012 13 15 - 103
Shocked & Amazed
I'm shocked and amazed!!!! In a good way! I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support! I just started writing my thoughts down, here, because many people around me IRL didn't seem to ...
jennifervents 03/10/2012 1 2 - 68
Susan, Jane, Janis, Diana, Eleanor, Babs, ME, and YOU
"We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever." —Susan B. Anthony, ...
jennifervents 03/09/2012 34 60 - 291
The Rise Of "The Vent"
I have been pondering a post for a very, VERY long time. After weeks of on-going slams I can personally relate to - I have decided to finally let it out. Before I start venting let me give you a ...
jennifervents 03/09/2012 15 11 - 105
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