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Fruit Fly Research in France?! I Kid You Not!
Sarah Palin has shown herself to be unfit to serve as Vice President more times than I can count -- for her lack of interest in foreign affairs, for her lack of knowledge of the Supreme Court, for ...
jforman 10/24/2008 90 233 20 5004
Smearing Obama's General Ad (Updated x1)
This diary is both a clarion call to get people disseminating information to counter this smear, and also a request for further research to aid the formation of a more thorough ...
jforman 06/20/2008 66 234 8 67
Dichloroacetate Redux: A Cancer Primer
Two weeks ago, New Scientist created a minor Web phenomenon when they published an article ...
jforman 02/03/2007 53 31 3 168
Why They Don't Get It
Have you ever wondered why Republicans will cling to a belief despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary? Consider, for example, a recent debate with a die-hard Republican friend of ...
jforman 12/10/2006 78 41 13 160
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