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Missing From the Netanyahu Controversy
If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech tomorrow before Congress criticizes, as expected, the negotiations by the United States and other nations with Iran over its nuclear ...
jfried 03/02/2015 24 5 - -
How Democrats Might Have Held the Senate
Democratic senators who are retiring might have prevented the Senate from falling into Republican hands if they had simply postponed their retirements. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, Tom Harkin ...
jfried 11/23/2014 11 1 - -
How to Win in South Dakota
The FBI is still "actively” investigating South Dakota's EB5 “citizenship for sale" program. The investigation "is active but I can't say anything more about it," FBI Minneapolis Division Chief ...
jfried 10/25/2014 9 6 - -
How to Win in Iowa
Despite the radical, nutty views of Joni Ernst which make Ted Cruz look like a moderate, Bruce Braley is still struggling, and no wonder. He should get the Martha Coakley award for the worst ...
jfried 10/10/2014 3 1 - -
Apparently Iowa voters haven’t realized how far to the right Joni Ernst is. If elected, she would make Ted Cruz look like a moderate. The Braley campaign should be stressing her dangerous, out of ...
jfried 10/05/2014 6 17 - -
The senate race in Iowa is turning into an unexpected debacle for the Democrats. Bruce Braley should get the Martha Coakley award for running the worst senate race. Instead of allowing the contest ...
jfried 09/28/2014 7 3 1 -
The Nazis and the Bomb--The Answer
Many explanations have been offered why the Nazis never built an atomic bomb but the man who was at the center of Germany's atomic research did answer the question. Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker ...
jfried 06/29/2014 9 12 1 -
Tell It Like It is
Democrats should label Republicans who voted for the shutdown and default as betrayers of America. The shutdown caused untold suffering, and, according to Standard and Poor’s, cost $24 billion. ...
jfried 10/18/2013 2 - - -
John Kerry for President, 2016
John Kerry should run for president in 2016. He has spoken passionately and knowledgeably about Assad’s horrific use of chemical weapons in Syria against more than 1,000 civilians and over 400 ...
jfried 09/01/2013 128 6 - -
When Changing the Filibuster Succeeded
While Harry Reid hesitates on changing the silent filibuster, he should remember another congressional leader named Reed -- Thomas Reed. In 1890, as Speaker of the House, Reed ended the silent ...
jfried 01/18/2013 3 5 - -
Cuomo and Bloomberg Are Failing Long Island
Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are failing the people of the Rockaways, Long Beach, and the South Shore of Long Island.The area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and there is still no power for ...
jfried 11/09/2012 21 10 - -
The Real Question
When the spin stops, the commercials fade, the crowds disappear, the question persists: Whom would you rather have as your leader during a hurricane, a war, or after a terrorist attack? President ...
jfried 10/28/2012 2 - - -
Murphy Wins Again in CT.Senate Debate,Making it 4 out of 4
Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy easily defeated his Republican challenger Linda McMahon in their final Senate debate yesterday. In answer to practically every question, McMahon resorted to her ...
jfried 10/19/2012 6 4 - -
Murphy Triumphs Again In CT. Senate Debate
Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy demonstrated statesmanship in Thursday’s debate for the U.S. Senate when confronted with repeated personal attacks from Republican Linda McMahon. For example, ...
jfried 10/13/2012 17 15 1 -
Murphy Triumphs Over McMahon
The first senate debate was held today in Connecticut and the result wasn’t even close. Congressman Chris Murphy came across as knowledgeable and passionate while his opponent, Linda McMahon, ...
jfried 10/07/2012 32 33 1 221
What's the Matter with Wisconsin?
In his groundbreaking book "What's the Matter with Kansas?" Thomas Frank asked how the populist state became so conservative and asked why voters vote against their own self-interest. The same can ...
jfried 05/15/2012 25 13 1 278
Lizards Redux
Today's diary entry,comments, and earlier "New York Times" article omit an important fact.
jfried 01/10/2010 5 1 - 15
Our Double Standard
Why does the right get away with it when criticizing and insulting a Democratic President? But when the left criticizes a Republican President they are smacked down? Is this our national double ...
jfried 09/21/2009 6 1 - 8
Inaugural Committee Hurting Campaign Staffers
The inaugural committee is hurting those who helped elect Obama.
jfried 01/07/2009 17 - - -
Solving the Rick Warren Dilemma
Lots of criticism but few solutions to the decision to let Rick Warren give the benediction at Obama's inauguration. See below for a solution that should appease everyone.
jfried 12/20/2008 59 7 - 18
A must see great video. It captures a spirit and a song. Here is the link: OBAMA IS ...
jfried 11/07/2008 12 2 2 2
Stealing votes? Here's an undocumented possibility that is apparently being overlooked by the traditional media and many election officials.
jfried 10/24/2008 7 2 - 2
Christine Jennings: Righting a Wrong
In 2006, Christine Jennings lost by 369 votes in Florida's 13th District (Sarasota and Tampa). After a court battle, the Republican candidate Vern Buchanan ultimately won although what happened to ...
jfried 06/18/2008 7 9 - 13
The Democrats' Secret Weapon: Two Little Words
jfried 10/19/2006 17 6 - -
North Korea: Democrats Step Up To the Plate
jfried 10/09/2006 18 14 - 7
Lamont Needs to Regain Oomph
jfried 10/06/2006 8 - - 9
Congress is a Lynch Mob
jfried 09/28/2006 - - - -
Overlooked in the Torture Bill Debate
jfried 09/22/2006 9 13 - 15
Voter Turnout: Are the Democrats Sleeping?
jfried 09/10/2006 13 6 - -
Six Questions about Iraq Unreported by the Mainstream Media
jfried 09/06/2006 7 8 1 -
A Slogan for the Democrats
jfried 09/04/2006 9 4 - -
The November Election: The Final Days
jfried 07/25/2006 4 4 1 -
Time to Laugh
jfried 05/10/2006 1 - - -
Ohio Election
jfried 05/08/2006 7 4 - -
Let's Not Forget Diebold
jfried 05/01/2006 7 7 1 -
Scenario: The Immigration Bill
jfried 04/16/2006 1 1 - -
Not Too Late? The California 50th Election
jfried 04/11/2006 9 7 - 1
Whatever Happened to the Anger Vote?
jfried 03/27/2006 5 3 - -
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