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Integrity: The Web Ads I Want To Create
Last week while watching Anne Romney I had an idea about the type of ads I think would be effective against the Romney-Ryan ticket and it involves integrity which we all know neither has.
jga150 08/19/2012 1 - - 20
Publicizing #OccupyWallStreet To the World
I need your help to locate someone at the protests who was a middle class person but has now lost everything and is now struggling to get by.
jga150 10/08/2011 5 5 - 49
The Coming Collapse Of The Middle Class
I am sorry for the short diary but everyone needs to watch this lecture from Elizabeth Warren about the coming collapse of the middle class. Every assumption I would have made would have been ...
jga150 10/15/2009 60 6 5 57
The Mortgage Has Been Paid off Yet they Are Still Foreclosing
Some time back I wrote this diary about my sisters horrible experience with JPMorgan Chase who ...
jga150 09/21/2009 34 40 - 58
Profiting On Death - The New Wall St. Bubble
When I first read this I though this can't possibly be true but then I realized the folks on Wall Street will do anything to get your money to fund their lavish lifestyles. What is even more ...
jga150 09/10/2009 14 14 1 22
(Updated) I Was Just Denied a Needed Test by my Insurance Co
I am a 46 year old man with a family history of early death as a result of heart attacks. I am of normal weight and exercise a few days a week. I have been having a problem breathing properly ...
jga150 08/14/2009 467 659 9 233
The Outsourcing Severance Act of 2009
We keep hearing how the economy is improving but that the unemployment problem is just getting worse. Last weeks drop in the unemployment rate has much to do with people who have given up looking ...
jga150 08/13/2009 15 5 - 19
Will The Stock Market Collapse Tomorrow?
Just when we thought the economy had bottomed comes this news of one of the most troubling ...
jga150 09/14/2008 90 17 1 37
The Destruction of The Middle Class
As I was reading this article it reminded me of exactly why I ...
jga150 11/28/2007 13 7 - -
The Suffering of The Iraqi Children Continues
What did these children do to deserve this? What happened to the Republican slogan about "The sanctity of life"?
jga150 11/09/2007 6 11 - -
True Story Of A Foreclosure Nightmare
This is the story of someone facing a mortgage foreclosure, someone who is trying desperately to work with the mortgage company to work out payment. The problem is the mortgage company is unwilling ...
jga150 10/27/2007 72 45 1 19
Foreclosures, Ballot Initiatives and the 2008 Race
Cross posted at my site Save The Middle Class. I was listening to 7 Days In America ...
jga150 08/13/2007 7 2 - -
Pakistan On The Verge Of A Coup?
From the web site Save The Middle ...
jga150 07/15/2007 14 5 2 -
Michael Bloombergs 421-A Problem
This is an updated diary from yesterday. Please visit my site Save The Middle Class I was walking through Manhattan Sunday on a hot summer day. ...
jga150 06/21/2007 13 8 - -
The Unknown Tax Break For The Wealthy and its Connection To The Declining Dollar
I had posted this yesterday and decided to post again today because I felt not enough people saw this. I consider this a big issue and a symptom of a large problem that is killing our middle and ...
jga150 06/19/2007 14 8 - -
The Secret Tax Break for the Wealthy and the Declining Dollar
I was walking through Manhattan yesterday on a hot summer day. It seemed everywhere you looked there was new apartment construction. All the signs told of exquisite bathrooms, extra large windows ...
jga150 06/18/2007 11 12 - -
Tax Abatements for the Rich
This will be a short diary highlighting the inequalities in the NYC housing market. After discovering this inequity, I felt it was important to make the Daily Kos community aware of it. I am sure ...
jga150 05/07/2007 - - - -
Bloggers Wanted
I recently started a website called Currently it is just a blog with almost no readership. I want to build it into a movement targeting the middle class.
jga150 05/02/2007 4 3 - -
Taking Away Lieberman's Power
we all know that Joe Lieberman is a liar and an opportunist with no morals and we also know that as the one member that tips the power to the Democrats he is virtually untouchable. We need to ...
jga150 01/11/2007 12 3 - -
The Florida Homeowners Crisis and why we all need to care
I have been insured for 20 years with Allstate on a home I own in Spring Hill, Fl. My nightmare started two months ago when I was told despite never having made a claim that my policy was not being ...
jga150 01/08/2007 71 34 4 19
Clean Elections Through Ballot Initiatives
jga150 11/15/2006 4 5 - -
Menendez Wins NJ
jga150 11/07/2006 13 2 - -
Is It Time For Mandatory Voting?
jga150 10/28/2006 70 8 - 8
The Great opportunity for Democratic pickup in NY
jga150 10/04/2006 28 16 - 16
Help Elect A Progressive To The Utah State Senate
jga150 09/29/2006 2 1 - 3
10 things you need to believe to be a Republican today
jga150 09/19/2006 21 8 2 -
A Utah Progressive Needs Our Help
jga150 09/08/2006 10 5 - 2
Saving The Middle Class
jga150 06/28/2006 8 12 1 37
Are Gay Republicans Suffering from Battered Women's Syndrome?
jga150 06/21/2006 31 9 - 1
Corzine 52% - Forrester 44%
jga150 11/08/2005 7 2 - -
Saving The Middle Class
jga150 10/20/2005 4 3 - -
Six Feet Under - The Anti-War Episode
jga150 08/14/2005 11 6 - -
Seems Hillary has a challenger
jga150 01/28/2005 14 1 - -
Beating The Republicans At Their own game
jga150 12/28/2004 2 - - -
Low Income Students To Be Hit Hard By Bush
jga150 12/23/2004 8 4 - -
Citizen Initiatives to clean up the voting process
jga150 11/28/2004 12 6 - -
Recount in Ohio could be underway with some help
jga150 11/10/2004 2 3 - -
jga150 11/07/2004 2 1 - -
Ballot Initiatives to Get Rid of Paperless Voting
jga150 11/06/2004 6 5 - -
Ballot Initiatives to get rid of paperless voting
jga150 11/05/2004 16 15 - -
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