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Gun Lobby Heads Explode Over 'CrimAdvisor' Video and Parody Website
The media are having fun in the spirit in which our new video and website are intended. People get it that criminals are benefitting from the gun laws or lack thereof in many states. And the ...
jhutson 03/13/2015 131 202 3 -
Boehner's Would-Be Assassin a 'Wake-Up Call' to Republican Congress
On January 7, a federal grand jury in Cincinnati indicted Michael Hoyt, a bartender who had told police in October that he believed he was Jesus Christ, and that he had a loaded .380 Beretta handgun,
jhutson 01/14/2015 9 20 - -
Cell Phone Video: ‘Pow!’ Says Toddler with Handgun in Her Mouth
A lot of attention has rightfully been paid to an alarming cell phone video of an Indiana toddler, filmed by her parents as she plays with what appears to be a .40-caliber handgun. Both parents ...
jhutson 01/12/2015 19 27 3 -
'Florida's Lax Gun Laws Let Dangerous People Like George Zimmerman Buy and Carry Guns'
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence President Dan Gross states, "Florida's law gun laws make it easy for dangerous people like George Zimmerman to buy and carry guns." A Florida judge set a $5,...
jhutson 01/10/2015 23 15 - -
Not Just Whistling 'Dixie': Peroutka Stands Up for Southern Secession - UPDATED X2!
Cross-posted from The Huffington Post . Michael Peroutka, the Republican candidate for Anne Arundel County Council, stood up for secession and the white nationalist League of the South, at a hastily ...
jhutson 07/30/2014 137 86 2 -
GOP Leader Questions Candidate About Hate Group That Advocates Death Squads - Updated
Cross-posted from The Huffington Post . The head of Maryland's Republican Party, Joe Cluster, has called local candidate Michael Peroutka to the woodshed for a "
jhutson 07/25/2014 16 45 2 -
Republican Party Official Solicits Support from White Supremacist Group
Cross-posted from The Huffington Post . White nationalists from the League of the South -- the premier neo-Confederate group -- are hailing the recent Republican primary victory of Maryland's ...
jhutson 07/09/2014 10 19 - -
Longtime Democrats Form Slate, Call Out Neo-Confederate Opponent Who Is Running as a Democrat
Four Democratic candidates have filed papers with Maryland's Anne Arundel County Board of Elections, to campaign and raise contributions jointly as the Democrats for 33 slate, and to call out their ...
jhutson 04/22/2014 12 29 1 -
Don't Be April Fooled by Far-Right Activists Dressed Up as Democratic Candidates
This is cross-posted from The Huffington Post . Maryland Tea Party activist and State Delegate Don Dwyer (R) is a well-known character who once enacted an Annapolis version of the Boston Tea Party -
jhutson 03/31/2014 9 26 1 -
RINO Says His Dino Proves Noah's Flood - Wha Wha What?
This diary is cross-posted from Talk to Action . Michael Peroutka, the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party in 2004 and co-founder of the theocratic Institute on the Constitution, made ...
jhutson 03/23/2014 17 17 - -
Neo-Confederate Democrats: Oxymorons? (With Quiz!)
“Many of you may be thinking that I have lost my mind,” Republican Del. Don Dwyer wrote in a March 2013 email and Facebook post to his GOP colleagues in the Maryland General Assembly. Dwyer's ...
jhutson 03/19/2014 11 11 - -
Jon Stewart, 'The Daily Show' Go to Sudan for Pick-Me-Up
The Satellite Sentinel Project is on a media roll, helping to focus world attention on Sudan ...
jhutson 01/13/2011 4 3 - 39
UPDATE: Intel Freaks Out, Shuts Off Protest on Facebook
It turns out that even a high tech company like Intel can fail to understand the power of social media in the hands of activists – and so far, their public relations response has been a gaffe ...
jhutson 05/19/2010 12 42 2 243
Iman: Supermodel, Activist, Refugee
The world knows Iman as a supermodel, a successful businesswoman with her own cosmetics company and as a fashion icon alongside her husband David Bowie. That’s only half the story. Iman also ...
jhutson 03/08/2010 5 12 1 38
Stop Screaming at the Op-Ed Page and Start Writing It
As a blogger, you know the power of passionate expression and insightful analysis. Don't you wish you saw more of that on the op-ed pages (print and online) of major magazines and newspapers? Would ...
jhutson 09/24/2009 22 42 11 211
Video: Sen. Kennedy Honored for Leadership on Right to Health
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) CEO Frank Donaghue issued the following statement upon learning of the passing of ...
jhutson 08/26/2009 2 3 - 2
What It's Like to Discover a Mass Grave: Dr. Jennifer Leaning
NPR's "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross has broadcast an unsettling interview with three representatives of Physicians ...
jhutson 07/24/2009 17 32 - 175
Afghan Mass Grave & Cover-Up Media Round-Up
The Dasht-e-Leili mass grave case is garnering increased media attention, after more than ...
jhutson 07/20/2009 34 30 1 288
With a Huff and a Puff, Afghan Warlord Denies Massacre
The notorious Afghan warlord General Abdul Rashid Dostum takes offense at front-page ...
jhutson 07/17/2009 16 12 - 28
Do Satellite Photos Show Tampering at Afghan Mass Grave?
Alleged war criminals, beware: eyes in the sky may be watching you. Satellite images may indicate apparent evidence tampering at a mass grave in Afghanistan. In the summer of 2006,
jhutson 07/16/2009 5 19 1 100
UPDATEx4 Obama Orders Investigation of Massacre, Alleged Cover-Up
President Barack Obama told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he has directed his national security team to look into the ...
jhutson 07/12/2009 633 551 7 511
Explosive New Video on Bush Cover-Up of Afghan Massacre
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) -- where I serve as Chief Communications Officer -- has posted an explosive new video in the wake of today'...
jhutson 07/11/2009 124 260 14 111
UPDATEDx2 NYT: Bush Admin. covered up Afghan massacre
The New York Times is reporting new evidence that the Bush Administration impeded at least three federal investigations into an alleged massacre of as many as 2,000 prisoners in Afghanistan. ...
jhutson 07/10/2009 212 548 13 144
Long-secret ICRC torture report shows health professional role
On the eve of World Health Day, April 7, the New York Review of Books published a long-secret report by the International Committee of the Red ...
jhutson 04/07/2009 6 16 1 26
Health Care: Zimbabwe's Luxury Item (Video)
When an infectious disease ravages your community, and theatens neighboring communities, should you be provided treatment at a hospital? How much should you have to pay? If the disease becomes a ...
jhutson 02/23/2009 11 6 - 25
Sen. Whitehouse: 'Follow this thing into those dense weeds'
U.S. torture: it isn't over. And Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) knows it. Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Judiciary and the Senate Intelligence committees, believes the Obama administration ...
jhutson 01/31/2009 13 33 - 20
Phone Calls Flooding Iranian Mission to the UN
Yesterday, an action alert went out on Facebook groups and e-lert lists: Call the Iranian mission to the UN now. Tell them to free Doctors Arash Alaei and Kamiar Alaei. Iran has held these two ...
jhutson 01/07/2009 32 28 - 20
Iran Tries AIDS Doctors on Secret Charges
In a one-day, kangaroo court trial today in Tehran, the Iranian government brought secret charges based on undisclosed evidence and faceless witnesses against Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei, ...
jhutson 12/31/2008 33 24 - 26
Iran Asked to Free AIDS Doctors
Today, December 22, marks the sixth-month anniversary of Iran's detention of Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei -- Iranian brothers who are known worldwide as HIV/AIDS physicians.
jhutson 12/22/2008 4 12 - 214
Video: Calls for Probe into Mass Grave in Afghanistan
Last night, our own Meteor Blades was the first blogger to pick up on Tim ...
jhutson 12/12/2008 15 7 - 35
Senator Ted Kennedy: 'A Season of Hope' (Video)
I'd like to share with you a moving video tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-...
jhutson 12/09/2008 11 18 1 163
Ted Kennedy To Be Honored for Leadership on Right to Health
On Monday, Dec. 8, at Harvard Medical School in Boston, community members and experts join for a landmark town meeting titled '' HIV/AIDS and the Right ...
jhutson 12/05/2008 5 8 - 7
Zimbabwe Disaster Response: Calling All Bloggers (Photos)
This is a field report and call to action from Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) and our colleagues at the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for ...
jhutson 11/19/2008 9 32 2 39
Evans-Novak: Terrorist Attack 'Could Be What It Takes'
The editors of the conservative publication founded by Bob Novak, the Evans-Novak Political Report (ENPR), today are wondering aloud whether ...
jhutson 10/16/2008 58 22 - 58
Victory! APA Bans Psychologists from Illegal US Interrogations
President George W. Bush got a stunning letter today from the American Psychological Association (APA), ...
jhutson 10/02/2008 16 48 2 55
What a Difference a Meteor Blades Makes
Last night on Daily Kos, Meteor Blades broke a significant piece of news : on August 14, Lt. Colonel Diane Zierhoffer, a U.S. Army ...
jhutson 08/15/2008 18 57 - 29
'These charges are illegitimate and politically motivated'
That's what I told BBC World Service when they called to record an interview on the plight of two HIV/AIDS doctors who are ...
jhutson 08/08/2008 8 6 - 4
Two Iranian HIV/AIDS Doctors Need Your Help Today
My fellow Kossacks, lend me your keyboards to tell Iran: Free Dr. Arash Alaei and Dr. Kamiar Alaei . These two Iranian HIV/AIDS physicians, who are ...
jhutson 08/04/2008 7 15 - 1
Action Diary: Tell Iran To Free the HIV/AIDS Doctors
Please add your voice to those of human rights groups and HIV/AIDS advocates around the world who are urging Iran to free two Iranian ...
jhutson 07/28/2008 4 12 1 12
Why Leanh Took Up Chain-Smoking
Leanh Nguyen, PhD -- a Vietnam War refugee who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology -- explains in 60 seconds why she started chain-smoking.
jhutson 07/02/2008 18 28 1 182
3 Urgent Actions to Stop U.S. Torture
This call to action from Physicians for Human Rights CEO Frank Donaghue just landed in my inbox; I figured fellow Kossacks would want to take immediate action in response to PHR's ...
jhutson 06/20/2008 5 6 - 2
Pentagon Disses Torture Report, Gets the Smack Down
Physicians for Humans Rights just laid the smackdown on a Pentagon spokesman who dissed PHR's new report on medical evidence of U.S. torture and its enduring impact on former detainees, men who were ...
jhutson 06/19/2008 12 27 1 42
Video: One Detainee's Heartbreaking Story of US Torture
The Associated Press just broke the big story about Physicians for Human Rights' landmark ...
jhutson 06/17/2008 19 29 2 174
Please Rec Brandon Friedman's Diary re VA scandal
Please, do not let Brandon Friedman's VoteVets diary slide into oblivion; it deserves to be atop the recommended list. ...
jhutson 05/15/2008 6 7 - 7
Hardball: VoteVets Smacks Down McCain Propaganda Pitchman
Like a carny barker hawking geek shows, peek shows, freak shows, and funhouse tickets, Vets for Freedom Executive Director Pete Hegseth patters for the Bush/McCain surge propaganda roadshow. When he'...
jhutson 04/08/2008 122 346 12 74
Obama Answers Clinton: I Already Did. When Will You?
This morning, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign called on Senator Barack Obama to release all documents related to his 2005 purchase of a home adjacent to land owned by Tony Rezko. The Obama ...
jhutson 03/15/2008 200 427 6 222
MSNBC: VoteVets Dismantles Right-Wing Talking Points on Iraq co-founder Jon Soltz has just provided a roadmap to dismantling rightwing talking points and holding Senator John McCain accountable on the Iraq ...
jhutson 02/29/2008 275 535 26 67
Photo Blog: Obama Road Show Raises the Roof in Boston
In a late night rally on February 4, 2008, Senator Barack Obama returned to Boston, the city where four years ago his political career soared to national prominence when he spoke at the Democratic ...
jhutson 02/05/2008 10 28 3 62
New Kossack Is Born in Boston!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 1.8.08 CONTACT: jhutson Proud Parents: Chris 2.0 Debuts in Boston Boston, Mass., January 8, 2008 – The hotly-anticipated Christopher Curtiss Hutson, ...
jhutson 01/08/2008 66 49 - 14
Pushy Bill O'Reilly and Me at Obama Rally in NH
This is my personal perspective on a breaking story about Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly manhandling a campaign worker at a rally for Senator Barack Obama in Nashua, New Hampshire today. (Hat ...
jhutson 01/05/2008 103 168 4 32
Shhh! CBS Quietly Recalls Best-Selling But Deadly Toy
CBS officials have quietly issued a recall of a best-selling holiday toy, but have so far failed to use their ...
jhutson 12/21/2007 32 43 2 165
Poll: Impact of Des Moines Register's Clinton Endorsement?
Now that Iowa's most widely read newspaper has delivered its highly anticipated endorsement -- ...
jhutson 12/15/2007 96 1 - 14
Toxic Toy Alert: Tell CBS To Recall Deadly, Best-Selling Toy
Your immediate action can help convince CBS to swiftly recall a toxic toy that contains deadly ...
jhutson 12/14/2007 18 33 2 147
Photoblog: Oprah and Obama Rock New Hampshire
Among the 8,500 people who came to hear Oprah Winfrey and rally for Senator Barack Obama at 6:30 p.m. on December 10, 2007 in Manchester, New Hampshire, who showed up earliest?
jhutson 12/09/2007 148 229 5 133
Ron Paul: Black Men Are 'Actual and Potential Terrorists'
Across the ideological spectrum, only one presidential candidate has identified in black-and-white terms the "actual and potential terrorists" who are destroying America. That candidate is Ron Paul (...
jhutson 12/04/2007 47 40 3 23
Live Blog: World Series, Game 4, Part II
The final score : The Boston Red Sox swept the World Series with a 4-3 victory in Game 4 against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver. Since the comments in ...
jhutson 10/28/2007 383 6 - 46
Sox Win 10-5 Over Rockies in Game 3, 3-0 in the Series
Much as it pains me (I'm no Rudy Giuliani turncoat pandering weasel ferret ; I'm a Yankees fan who knows how to lose graciously), give ...
jhutson 10/27/2007 550 8 - 56
Photo Blog: Cute Kids Campaign with Michelle Obama
This photo blog contains many cute -- some would say adorable -- photos of kids on the campaign trail: you have ...
jhutson 10/20/2007 24 48 1 45
Photo Blog: Why Malcolm, a Bush Republican, Supports Obama
This diary is not aiming to prove a case; it's just anecdotal evidence of Senator Barack Obama's appeal to a wide range of voters across cultural and ideological boundaries. This Tuesday, I traveled ...
jhutson 10/12/2007 7 16 - 9
Photo Blog: Obama's Speaking Style in New Hampshire
This is not a horse race diary about which presidential candidate will likely win, or who should ...
jhutson 10/10/2007 21 32 1 17
In Which Ann Coulter Swipes at Edwards, Gets Caught in a Lie
Writing as the Legal Affairs correspondent for the September 19, 2007, issue of Human Events , propagandist Ann Coulter smears trial attorneys, especially former Senator John Edwards, and also ...
jhutson 09/20/2007 211 323 2 120
Bin Laden Double Breaches Security Around President Bush
Eleven members of an Australian TV comedy show were arrested within a stone's throw of President George W. Bush's hotel after they drove a fake Canadian motorcade through two security checkpoints in ...
jhutson 09/06/2007 26 28 1 6
Pentagon Adopts Missionary Position on Homoerotic Art
Cross-posted with illustrations on Talk to Action Providing entertainment for the U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan and ...
jhutson 08/08/2007 15 11 2 5
Kos Named to TIME Readers' Top 100 List
While TIME Magazine's editors named their own list of the Top 100 most influential people, ...
jhutson 05/03/2007 43 24 - 15
Updated! Gonzales Aide To Testify: It Was All About Politics
Associated Press Newswire and ABC News report that the former Chief of Staff for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is prepared ...
jhutson 03/28/2007 308 214 2 22
Investors: No Quarter for Convert-or-Die Videogame
First posted on Talk to Action When Left Behind Games launched its convert-or-die videogame Left Behind: ...
jhutson 03/22/2007 22 13 1 10
Bible Publisher Boycotted Over Convert-or-Die Game
jhutson 08/21/2006 24 33 - 18
Kossak Candidate Targeted by Bigot Because He's a Muslim
jhutson 08/14/2006 15 19 - 21
Rev. Jerry Falwell Cuts and Runs! Run, Falwell, Run!
jhutson 06/28/2006 35 14 1 20
Who's Watching the Boys? Convert or die game gets CREEPIER
jhutson 06/21/2006 22 18 3 20
Christian Right Troll Eats a Whopper -- Big Time!
jhutson 06/09/2006 71 54 5 175
Mega-Church Exec Resigns as Advisor for Violent Video Game
jhutson 06/07/2006 29 33 3 17
Violent Video Game Marketed Through Mega-Churches (Part 2)
jhutson 06/01/2006 24 32 2 9
Mega-church minister linked to paramilitary video game (Updated)
jhutson 05/29/2006 258 223 27 81
Horseshit! Bush and the Christian Cowboy (With Poll!)
jhutson 05/12/2006 40 55 15 227
Dobson on Public Schools: 'Time to Get Our Kids Out'
jhutson 04/24/2006 209 144 11 32
Rudy Giuliani To Headline Second Fundraiser for Ralph Reed
jhutson 04/18/2006 44 15 - -
Christian Coalition of Alabama Attacks Trial Lawyers -- and Tells a Whopper
jhutson 04/15/2006 3 1 - -
Thou Shalt Not Follow the Crowd
jhutson 05/10/2005 1 2 - -
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