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Disgusting Materialism
The old saying that your things own you is so apparent today. All the people standing in line to pay for stuff that I doubt if they even need. Keep the economy churning, let the rich get richer, ...
jimgilliamv2 11/28/2014 14 6 - -
Ferguson is not Just About Race
Race is in play with Ferguson and there are many racists people in the country, but to view Ferguson just from the point of view of race is missing the real problem. The oppression of blacks and ...
jimgilliamv2 11/25/2014 22 2 - -
Losing Senate Doesn't Much Matter
Losing the Senate doesn't matter that much, because we couldn't do anything when we had it the last two years -- maybe an appointment or two but Obama didn't make the best choices there. As long as ...
jimgilliamv2 11/06/2014 8 - - -
Very Simple and Permanent Solution to Debt Ceiling
Pardon me if somebody has already pointed this out, but there is a very simple and permanent solution to the debt ceiling issue. President Obama should invoke the 14th Amendment and direct the ...
jimgilliamv2 10/07/2013 19 2 - -
Human Condition and Guns
When there are discussions about controlling guns in society, there is rarely a discussion about the human condition. It is my theory that everybody can be pushed to doing horrible things, given ...
jimgilliamv2 12/19/2012 1 - - -
Cliff Divers All
Talk, talk, talk endlessly about the fiscal cliff -- it's diarrhea. But the clear situation is there will be NO DEAL and tax rates will go up on everybody on January 1st. This is obvious because ...
jimgilliamv2 12/02/2012 3 - - -
Democrats Need To Expand Base For Low Income People
There is a lot of talk about how Republicans need to expand their base to women and ... well, everybody except white males. However, there is a need for Democrats to expand their base to people ...
jimgilliamv2 11/25/2012 9 5 - -
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