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#666. A Capitol Grill Favorite 'Satan's Sandwich'
Made fresh daily with Boehner crap that was soaked overnight in political Beelzebub lard, thendeep fried in the House and then again in the Senate with a sprinkling of Obama 'lite' salt and slapped ...
jmjm 08/02/2011 3 - - 35
Minnesota's GOP Compromises Everything For Millionaires!
The Minnesota GOP traded away their social agenda items like voter ID, no abortion funding, no stem cell research, union busting, and school vouchers, along their belief in downsizing the ...
jmjm 07/15/2011 8 6 - 71
Why The GOP Let Minnesota Shut Down
The Minnesota GOP controlled legislatures has shut down the state government by neglecting to pass a budget. They were intent on making this happen. There was no plan to compromise...but instead to ...
jmjm 07/05/2011 14 23 2 238
Minnesota Cow Tipping
The Minnesota GOP just don't get it...Even after adjourning without balancing the budget, the GOP are still talking about cuts to services to pay for the tax cuts they gave to the wealthy at the ...
jmjm 05/27/2011 3 - - 61
Michelle 'Ms. PotatoHead' Bachmann Vells
I like my potatoes fully loaded...butter, bacon bits, sour cream, chives, salt, pepper, even a little cheese...such is the things that dreams are made of...Minnesota's own favorite wack case, world ...
jmjm 05/18/2011 14 3 - 164
Every Day In Minnesota Is Friday the 13th
My youngest child was born on a Friday the 13th. I wanted to name her Erie but it was vetoed by my hubby... so she ended up being named Raven (which still suited the Friday the 13th mystic)...but ...
jmjm 05/13/2011 6 2 - 40
More Billionaire Bonanzas For The Fortunate Few Not Going Broke
I'm usually not so forgetful but I can't remember why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. He did win election over GWB Jr. and that alone could have accounted for it, but currently the fact ...
jmjm 05/06/2011 3 1 - 52
Oh Look, A Bright Shiny Object Instead of Jobs
DI answered the call that Howard Dean put out...'take back your country'...and with 'stars in my eyes' I jumped into the frying pan hoping to 'make a difference'. But these days, I'm more than a ...
jmjm 05/02/2011 19 3 1 127
I'm Not McLoving It
Thank You Governor Dayton, Thank You ...
jmjm 04/19/2011 13 11 - 159
We Have Given Everything That We Can Give
Many of us believe our government shut down a long time ago when our elected officials stopped representing our interests and now dance to special interests. Come on people, don't act shocked, this ...
jmjm 04/08/2011 7 12 - 71
Behold, the Beginning of Sorrows
Earthquakes, Buddha Statues laughing, Radiation Fallout, Oil Spills, Green Grass growing in the Antarctica... Is the End Here ? Today's headlines are full of monstersized Mcdisasters ...
jmjm 04/06/2011 3 2 - 41
Foolish Hope Springs Eternal
April Fools...NOT! In Minnesota the wealthy still get a better tax break! Now don't you feel special! Also, look for the new Viking stadium bill ...while I don't think the GOP are ...
jmjm 04/01/2011 1 - - 12
Glowing in the Dark
The debate regarding the safety of the nuclear industry has gone on for decades. I don't have any new information to add to it that can't be found by googling, but I do have a different insight base ...
jmjm 03/16/2011 2 1 - 35
Random Thoughts On The GOP MN Budget
Education : In the old days they would burn books, now they just cut education funding. In Minnesota the GOP are proposing to cut $411 million from higher education funding. In effect,
jmjm 03/15/2011 1 - - 11
Rep. Wardlow Calls for Moral Gobbledygook Crapola
There's something immoral about Rep. Doug Wardlow (R-SD38) not wanting to pay taxes while receiving a salary from those same government taxes as a Minnesota Representative. And something is really ...
jmjm 03/07/2011 3 1 - 23
When Things Don't Add Up, Do The Math!
When things don't add up, I do the math....and while I've always had a knack for math... apparently others find it more challenging... The Prince of Mythical Statistics ...
jmjm 03/04/2011 19 18 1 323
Leave No Teacher Employed
Low pay, long hours, dwindling resources, constant threats of layoffs and defunding, lowering standards for teaching (alternative licensing), attacks from parents, elected officials, school boards, ...
jmjm 03/02/2011 5 10 - 67
Let's Focus People!
We can't grow the economy by destroying jobs and attacking the middle just won't work. We need to focus on the ubber urgent crisis of our broken economy and creating jobs instead of being ...
jmjm 02/25/2011 1 1 - 7
This and That Thursday
As Wisconsin goes Minnesota What his staffer learned under Walker's mentoring tutelage...
jmjm 02/24/2011 1 - - 12
In Wisconsin, They Want The Whole Enchilada
One of Scott Walker's first action as the newly elected Wisconsin Governor was to post signs along the Wisconsin/Minnesota borders, saying Wisconsin ...
jmjm 02/23/2011 1 - - 23
The local Minnesota legislature has taken on the tough issues like fair pay for women (they're against it), how to stop Minnesota's record voter turnout (they're against it), and dismantling social ...
jmjm 02/10/2011 10 1 - 121
2011Snow Snakes, Bigfoots, Voter Fraud, and Other Things That Go Bump In MN's GOP Dreams
Minnesota has historically prided itself on a large voter turnout. Typically we have been among the top few states in the nation with a large voter turnout. In addition, voter fraud has been ...
jmjm 02/09/2011 10 2 - 112
Minnesota's Sarvi Continues To Impress
Big E posted an interview with Steve Sarvi, candidate in Minnesota's second congressional district against John Kline. Go read ...
jmjm 12/18/2007 1 5 - 1
Minnesota's CD2 Turns More Blue
jmjm 11/07/2006 4 1 - 2
Coleen Rowley Wins More Endorsements!
jmjm 10/26/2006 3 10 - 7
Coleen Rowley: Up in the Polls, In Touch with Her District
jmjm 10/22/2006 22 19 - 17
Had Enough of Kline?
jmjm 08/23/2006 5 4 - 17
Coleen Rowley Fires Back At John Kline's Smear #2,
jmjm 08/18/2006 23 17 - 15
Minnesota's John Kline Campaign Posting Anonymously Against Rowley
jmjm 07/28/2006 10 7 - 2
MN-Congressman John Kline Flying the Friendly Bucks of NWA
jmjm 11/17/2005 3 - - 1
Senator Mark Dayton Goes After Bu$hCo
jmjm 11/16/2005 7 3 - 2
FBI Whistle Blower Coleen Rowley is the Real Deal for MN
jmjm 11/07/2005 5 4 - -
Senator Dayton(D-MN) Calls for a Department of Peace!
jmjm 09/23/2005 3 7 - -
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