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I just posted the following to my face book page. Let me know how you it might go over with Uncle Righty! I just don't get it. It's a-Ok if you are actually sitting VP and your company, like ...
joeotter 04/23/2015 6 11 - -
My daughter on MSNBC last night Re: Penn State Frat UPDATE: & on the TODAY SHOW this morning!!
Needless to say I'm a very proud D-Kos Dad tonight!!!! Please check below the squiggle for my daughter's, Holly Otterbein who reports for Philadelphia Magazine, interview on the Last Word tonight! ...
joeotter 03/18/2015 37 138 1 -
How We Won: A Pre-'14 Election Day Explanation
The night before the election, all of the pundits are predicting that the GOP will take over the US Senate tomorrow. The latest polls are showing a close but leaning GOP takeover to be decided, if ...
joeotter 11/03/2014 11 22 1 -
I don't get the surprise about ISIS
I have to admit I just don't understand it. Why are so many of my regular and/or FB friends so surprised that ISIS is such a brutal, evil enemy? Many of them, who were friends long before FB, fully ...
joeotter 09/03/2014 8 9 - -
Tell them what YOU want
My wife and I have been stewing the last few weeks since the election. Every time we turn on the TV news (mostly MSNBC) it seems that, although the GOP claimed before the election that President ...
joeotter 12/12/2012 5 4 - -
PA Mom: “I Don’t Have My ID”
In the past, I have worked phone banks for various Democrats, including President Obama, and have had experiences similar to the many great stories repeated by others on Daily Kos. Just today, when ...
joeotter 10/27/2012 48 262 1 -
Maybe the first debate was a set-up
Before the last Presidential debate, the Romney camp knew they were losing and that the first debate was their last chance to get back into the race. And, of course the Obama camp also knew it was ...
joeotter 10/13/2012 33 6 - -
Local Fox TV Says "Some Believing" Obama Will Crack Down on Guns
I'm still shook-up after listening tonight to our local Fox 43 TV station report that more people are buying guns because they think President Obama will "impliment stricter gun laws" if he is re-...
joeotter 05/04/2012 39 23 - 186
UPDATED: Guest on Ratigan Show "Sort of" Calls for Arrest of the Clintons
I was working while listening to Dylan Ratigin's Show on MSMBC today when Dylan and two guests were discussing the case of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng. I missed the names of the guests ...
joeotter 05/03/2012 31 9 - 384
Wussies: My newspaper Op-Ed causes more GOP Tears to flow
One thing I learned in a schoolyard years-ago, is that the bullies are always the first to cry when given a taste of their own medicine. Eveyone knows that Republicans love to call people they don'...
joeotter 03/07/2011 15 40 - 365
Will Fox News Hire Keith Olbermann?
Now that MSNBC has suspended Keith Olbermann will the GOP and the Righteous Right, who staunchly defended Jaun William’s when he was fired from NPR, now rush to Keith’s defense for not ...
joeotter 11/05/2010 11 2 - 110
Attacked: My Newspaper Op-Ed Causes Wealthy Crying
Our local paper; The York Sunday News published my rant against the wealthy cry-babies who take up too much space in our national discourse. The following is the bottom-line of what my article ...
joeotter 10/17/2010 81 42 3 56
Based on my own personal observations of the CNN exit poll, Obama wins tonight!
joeotter 11/04/2008 47 1 - -
Russert: Over-worked to Death? UPDATE
I have no idea if any of this is true, but here is what I have heard about Tim Russert's sudden, unexpected death: A co-worker friend of my wife's mother has a has a cozy government job in D.C. ...
joeotter 06/19/2008 67 - - 13
Eliminating Taxes on Healthcare
joeotter 09/21/2005 4 - - -
Raising Pay
joeotter 09/15/2005 4 - - -
Anti-Cronyism Act
joeotter 09/08/2005 6 2 - -
Disastrous Response
joeotter 09/03/2005 4 - - -
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