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Uh-oh. Christie's Buddy to Plead Guilty in Bridge-Gate
The New York Times reports that David Wildstein, Chris Christie's high-school buddy and political appointee, is scheduled to plead guilty to ordering the closing of three lanes on to the George ...
john07801 05/01/2015 80 50 1 -
Petition for Leelah Alcorn
There have been a number of tributes following the horrific suicide of transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn. Today on The NewsHour, it was reported that Leelah's parents pulled her out of school to ...
john07801 01/05/2015 4 18 - -
Yelp ordered to reveal anonymous reviewers
Yelp has played fast and loose since its inception. They've allowed an ungoverned, unanswering, anonymous group of vigilantes to trash commercial entities and retail businesses without ...
john07801 01/09/2014 34 11 - -
Stolen, outright
I saw this comment in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning and loved it. I went to work, came home and loved it more. Some great points are made here and I wish I could take some credit. The ...
john07801 10/01/2013 38 339 13 -
I Outed My Gay Son (redux)
I wrote this in 2011 when I was celebrating the successes of my adopted Mexican son. He continues to grow and flourish and succeed much to his father's great pride and enjoyment. And I thought I’...
john07801 06/16/2013 24 107 - -
Just Because He's Black
I received this e-mail from a trusted friend (former state Supreme Court executive) and unsuccessfully tried to identify the author. No matter. It really stands on its own for its sentiment. I ...
john07801 11/21/2012 76 411 11 -
Want a feel-good story? Visit Caine's Arcade
Caine Monroy is a 9-year old whose father owns a junk yard/used auto parts store in East Los Angeles. Last summer, Caine constructed a "cardboard arcade" in his father's store. He worked ...
john07801 04/14/2012 18 29 1 107
LGBT Kos: I Outed my Gay Son
Well, sorta… I moved to Mexico a dozen years ago and immediately placed an online ad seeking a bilingual roommate. I knew little about local Mexican culture, equally little about the city of ...
john07801 06/22/2011 63 290 7 1525
$15 for your favorite school
Call the diary police. I'm about to commit a less-than-3-substantive-paragraphs diary infraction. But I can't find anywhere else to post this and a deadline looms for a worthy cause...
john07801 12/02/2010 10 1 - 34
Bait and Switch
Anyone who thought Republicans were going to go quietly in the face of reconciliation really hasn’t been paying attention to the national political debate. And that’s none of us, right?
john07801 03/12/2010 2 3 - 18
Eighty Grand
Little did I think this would be a diary but it’s just so ludicrous, so far beyond comprehension, I just have to post it.
john07801 08/02/2009 31 31 2 237
Dead Man Talking
This article caught my eye this morning and reminded me of what was semi-headline news only a decade ago. Although I don't think former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a real threat,
john07801 06/14/2009 7 9 - 18
"Historic" Landslide Predicted in California
First, GOTV! Let's not confuse our celebration with complacency. That being said...
john07801 10/30/2008 23 10 2 2
Warm your heart in San Francisco
I was in San Francisco today, guiding a friend’s two young, teen-age sons on a mini-tour. After the Red Bull Soapbox Race at Dolores Park, Tom, the younger, wanted to go to Chinatown. We ...
john07801 10/18/2008 41 8 - 6
Planned Parenthood Sent Me
This is the perfect out for a short diary. I just received the enclosed link to a YouTube video created by Planned Parenthood. They requested that I forward it to 5 friends. I thought, why not 165,
john07801 06/13/2008 23 34 2 18
The Cocktail Party
There’s this couple in the neighborhood. They’re very nice and everyone likes them. Their house is well-maintained and their yard is very neat. They are both professionals and are ...
john07801 04/30/2008 6 - - 5
Griffin Resigns!
According ...
john07801 06/01/2007 17 12 - 3
Tomorrow! Real ID Town Hall Meeting/Webcast
This critically important threat to privacy has been previously diaried here ...
john07801 04/30/2007 2 5 - 9
Real ID – Updated
More states are joining the Real ID revolt. This past week, Montana and North Dakota joined Washington, Arkansas, Idaho and Maine in rejecting Bush’s federal government in pursuing and ...
john07801 04/27/2007 30 24 - 23
Real ID
The war is heating up in the Real ID controversy. Four states (Maine, Idaho, Arkansas and Washington) have already voted to reject the implementation in their states. ...
john07801 04/13/2007 22 13 2 13
"D" is for Democrat and Defeat
This is something I’ve been anticipating. Today’s San Francisco Chronicle features an ...
john07801 04/05/2007 4 5 - 2
Coulter Cancellers - We thank you
This is a list of the newspapers (thus far) who have banished Ann Coulter from their pages. I know we're hoping for a clean sweep but I felt it a good idea to acknowledge those who have taken this ...
john07801 03/10/2007 11 9 - 10
Walk Away
I thought Bush got my e-mail: There is no partial occupation. There is "stay the course" and there is "cut and run." Take your pick. One is finite. Escalate your ass off but, eventually, you ...
john07801 01/09/2007 8 4 - 2
Minutemen Comeuppance
The New York Times reports today that the Minutemen’s poster boy, Roger Barnett, an Arizona rancher and retired ...
john07801 11/24/2006 15 9 - 1
Allies: Bush More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-il
john07801 11/03/2006 4 4 - -
Letter to a Diehard Neocon
john07801 11/02/2006 3 1 - 1
Republicans will oust Ney for illegalities - What a concept!
john07801 10/13/2006 5 - - 1
More PT911 Rebuke! One Diary-Three Convenient Petitions!
john07801 09/08/2006 11 2 - 5
The Compleat George W. Bush
john07801 07/30/2006 26 5 - -
The George Bush I know
john07801 07/19/2006 11 12 - -
Abramoff, Reed Sued by Defrauded Indian Tribe
john07801 07/13/2006 14 14 - 4
Garrison Keillor on Ralph Reed, the Hypocrite. No surprise, here.
john07801 07/08/2006 6 4 - -
Yikes! YKos schedule on Air America
john07801 06/06/2006 1 3 - -
Republican Anger
john07801 05/31/2006 13 6 1 125
Christianity - a reminiscence
john07801 05/10/2006 11 6 1 7
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