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St. Patrick's Day: Exposing Nativists as Hypocrites
On the day of St. Patrick millions of people from across the country will leave their homes dressed from head to toe in green, wave Irish flags and shout “Erin go bragh” (“Ireland Forever”) ...
johnjgraff 03/17/2012 13 11 - 137
Knock Knock. Who's There? Pawlenty. Pawlenty Who? Pawlenty of Lame Jokes!
According to Politico Tim Pawlenty (R-Yawn) tried to inject some humor into a speech before Iowa College Republicans on Friday. "...
johnjgraff 04/02/2011 11 3 - 54
Breitbart Protege Shares Mentor's Disregard of Facts
There’s a doozey of a tale (and I use that term very literally) up on ...
johnjgraff 04/01/2011 1 1 - 19
In Iowa, Bachmann Peddles Pelosi-Deficit Lie
Days after setting the political world ablaze with her tease of forming a presidential exploratory committee, Michele Bachmann is already in Iowa for Congressman Steve King’s “Conservative ...
johnjgraff 03/26/2011 3 2 - 42
Bachmann, Palin or Moon?
Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin and Rev. Sun Myung Moon certainly have their own brands of crazy. Take a look at the following quotes and try and figure out whose wacky mouth it spewed from:
johnjgraff 03/25/2011 6 4 - 103
Balancing Budgets is No Circus Act
In 2008, Los Angeles County voters overwhelmingly approved a $7 billion dollar bond sale in order to repair/upgrade aging/deteriorating classrooms, restrooms; upgrade fire/earthquake safety; reduce ...
johnjgraff 02/16/2011 2 1 - 25
Why Sarah Palin will run and could win the GOP nomination
I'm convinced Sarah Palin is going to run for president. If you aren't equally as convinced than you most certainly underestimate the size and mania of Sarah Palin's ego. And why else would she ...
johnjgraff 02/14/2011 89 8 - 325
Why I decided now is the time to run for office
Democrats stand for so much it is often difficult for us to clearly explain it to others. That got me to thinking about what it is that the Democratic Party stands for that makes me so proud to be a ...
johnjgraff 03/08/2010 13 14 1 43
Why are republicans so scared of terrorists?
It's time Democrats start calling out republicans for their weak stance on terrorists. As I'm sure you are all well aware, the GOP has continually gone crazy at the notion that we prosecute ...
johnjgraff 02/23/2010 11 5 1 93
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