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Peter Goldmark WINS in Washington!
Wooohooo! Peter Goldmark, the racher/biologist/environmentalist from Okanogan who ran a strong campaign to unseat Cathy McMorris in WA's 5th CD in 2006 has been declared the victor in his ...
jordans11 11/06/2008 21 33 - 54
Gen. Clark PWNS in Florida for Obama! (w/video,pics)
With guys like Wes Clark hitting the trail for him, no wonder Obama's seeing a surge in the Florida polls. After being roundly criticized and kinda maybe sorta half thrown under the bus, there's no ...
jordans11 10/02/2008 199 464 21 149
Wes Clark vs. Evan Bayh
Right now on the Intrade prediction markets, Evan Bayh is the current favorite to be Barack Obama's running mate and thus the next Vice President of the United States.
jordans11 08/13/2008 47 19 1 13
The (Strong) Case for Clark
Let’s face it. General Wesley Clark is the only Vice Presidential Candidate with Presidential campaign experience, who has military, foreign policy, diplomatic, and executive experience, ...
jordans11 08/01/2008 641 460 7 63
Hillary Will Win the Nomination if...
1. Superdelegates accept that she has won the popular vote 2. Superdelegates believe that she is a much stronger general election candidate and, 3. About 85% of the remaining superdelegates ...
jordans11 06/01/2008 47 9 - 19
Hillary is Not Helping
jordans11 04/17/2008 7 3 1 -
A Look at Electability Using "Numbers" and "Polls"
The goal of this diary is to cut through all the talk about which candidate is more electable and actually try to analyze this question using hard polling data. You are about to embark on an ...
jordans11 04/06/2008 46 10 - -
Obama Much Stronger in new CA, OR, CT Polls
Several new polls have been released today by Rasmussen, Quinnipiac, and PPIC that show Obama much stronger in California, Connecticut, and Oregon than Hillary.
jordans11 03/27/2008 52 21 - 4
NC, PA Polls Show Obama Resurgence
Two new polls are out today from Rasmussen and Public Policy Polling that are good signs for Obama in the upcoming primaries in PA and NC.
jordans11 03/25/2008 40 27 - 5
It's the Independents, Stupid!
I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. There is a talking point being floated by the Clinton campaign that Tim Russert called “a strong argument” today. It’s meant to be a ...
jordans11 03/09/2008 13 12 - -
Dissecting Hillary's "Path to the Presidency"
After her victories on Tuesday in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released its “Path to the Presidency”, in which it lists many reasons why she will ...
jordans11 03/05/2008 34 18 2 11
I Have Lost So Much Respect For Hillary Clinton
I used to admire Hillary Clinton. I thought she would make an extremely strong nominee and a very solid president. I still respect her but over the last several months I have become so ...
jordans11 02/24/2008 61 41 4 5
Obama's Electoral Head Start
Many people hate polls. Many people hate predictions. Those people will undoubtedly hate this diary. I know that a week is an eternity in politics. I know that everything can change between now ...
jordans11 02/19/2008 31 32 - 7
Obama's Perfect Match
Hillary Clinton’s last stand is on March 4th. If she doesn’t take Texas and Ohio by large margins, there will be pressure on her to step aside and get behind Barack Obama as the party&...
jordans11 02/15/2008 55 8 2 -
Rasmussen: Obama Catches Hillary For 1st Time (Updated)
Here are the results of today's Rasmussen poll, taken two days after Super Tuesday.
jordans11 02/07/2008 45 19 - 10
Why Obama Can Beat McCain
Democrats are faced with a wonderfully terrible dilemma: we have two excellent candidates to choose from. On one hand we have a strong woman who has overcome everything in her life through sheer ...
jordans11 02/04/2008 6 4 - -
Seattle PI Newspaper Endorses Obama
John Kerry held a town hall meeting today with one of the newest Obama supporters, Mayor Greg Nickels, and one of the oldest, Congressman Adam Smith. Also today, the other major newspaper in town ...
jordans11 02/01/2008 21 22 - 9
Hillary's Lead Slipping Everywhere (Updated)
With only a couple days to go until February 5th, the momentum is undoubtedly swining in Obama's favor.
jordans11 01/31/2008 172 38 2 23
A Third Way Out of Iraq
The Iraq war was the biggest foreign policy mistake that the United States of America has ever made. It was a war allowed by a population blinded by fear. It was a war waged by a president that ...
jordans11 01/28/2008 23 4 - 6
Edwards Email: Stop Retroactive Immunity
I just got this email from the Edwards campaign about a half hour ago...
jordans11 01/24/2008 17 16 - -
Lessons from 2004: Vote Your Conscience
Tomorrow, a relatively small percentage of the population in a relatively small state will make a relatively huge decision that will impact the presidential race in profound ways. Together, Iowa ...
jordans11 01/02/2008 4 4 - 16
Wes Clark on Hillary, new Iowa ad
This is a new ad put out by the clinton campaign that will run in Iowa.
jordans11 12/05/2007 91 16 - 10
Why Hillary is Right on Iraq
Hillary Clinton’s plan for Iraq is based on the idea of vastly reducing our American troop presence in the country as soon as possible. Her plan also includes leaving some troops in the ...
jordans11 12/03/2007 54 7 - 8
My Letter to the Iowa College Republican President
This is my letter to the President of the Iowa College Republicans who said some things in an interview recently that I found completely unfair. You can watch it here...
jordans11 12/01/2007 22 12 - 19
I'm So Confused!
This is a short note I wrote to a friend on the election and some of my thoughts. I thought it would make a good reflective diary on some of the confusion and conflict many of us are feeling right ...
jordans11 11/08/2007 13 2 - 4
Hey Frontrunners! Watch Your Back! Big Joe is Coming!
Two months to go, people! Joe Biden is picking up steam and just in the nick of time.
jordans11 11/06/2007 16 2 - 2
Republicans are attacking my youtube video
I made a youtube video recently called "Rush Limbaugh - The REAL Phony". Initially I got a lot of positive feedback.
jordans11 10/16/2007 35 5 2 6
The only two men who could save earth...
Save us WES! Doh! Save us AL! Doh???
jordans11 10/15/2007 12 6 - -
Wes Clark for Vice President makes perfect sense
The last two Vice Presidents have been the most powerful in history. The office has taken on more and more importance in recent years and it seems that we are going to have to pick a darn good one ...
jordans11 10/08/2007 48 23 - 40
Picking a Vice President
The last two American Vice Presidents have been the most powerful in history.
jordans11 10/07/2007 52 2 - -
Chris Dodd on Kyl-Lieberman Iran Amendment
The Kyl-Liebrman amendment passed the Senate with 76 votes.
jordans11 09/26/2007 11 10 - -
We lost our best candidate today
I was at my college’s football game with 74,000 other people when I received a text message from my dad informing me of the news that General Clark endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. I ...
jordans11 09/15/2007 380 174 1 26
Primary Straw Poll (with Clark)
I just have this feeling deep down in my gut that there is a chance Wes Clark might run.
jordans11 09/14/2007 25 15 - 10
My 08 Youtube Video: "Experience Matters"
Please watch my 2 minute youtube video about the 2008 election and the importance of experience in our presidential candidates.
jordans11 09/11/2007 37 30 8 18
Make a Pledge to Wes Clark! $90,000 so far!
Wes Clark rocked YearlyKos. He showed exactly why we need him in the presidentital race. He's intelligent, charismatic, visionary, and experienced. He could turn countless red states blue.
jordans11 08/08/2007 39 28 - 7
My new Wes Clark creation. Need feeback!
As many of you know, I have taken it upon myself lately to do everything in power to try to get Wes Clark to run for president.
jordans11 08/02/2007 29 23 - 2
Make a Pledge to Wes Clark ROUND II ($64,177 so far!)
This is the second installment of Make a Pledge to Wes Clark. Wes says he needs money in order to run for president. Let's let him know that he will have it.
jordans11 08/01/2007 29 35 1 1
Make a Pledge to Wes Clark
Wes Clark said on the Charlie Rose Show that he needs "money and organization" behind him in order to run for president. Let's let him you that he will have both.
jordans11 07/29/2007 16 19 - 28
Wesley Clark interview drives me INSANE!
I just read the transcript of Wesley Clark's interview on Charlie Rose. I haven't been so mad in a long time.
jordans11 07/28/2007 125 71 3 20
Why Wes Clark Is Running
You see him on TV. You read about him on the internet. You hear him on the radio. But just how seriously do you take Wes Clark? Would you vote for him? Do you even consider him a candidate? ...
jordans11 07/10/2007 109 53 6 17
Wes Clark Won the Debate
He wasn't even there but to me he looked the best.
jordans11 06/03/2007 234 59 4 16
Give Gravel a Chance?
I can't find a candidate that I like for 2008. Wesley Clark is not in. Al Gore is not in. When I look up and down the list, I don't see a next President of the United States. Then I see Mike ...
jordans11 04/22/2007 36 5 - -
50,000 Abducted Children
Have you heard about the "Invisible Children"? Several years ago, a couple American college guys traveled to Africa looking for a story and they found it. I've been affected by this in a huge way ...
jordans11 04/15/2007 11 16 2 152
Ripples and Currents -- A Message to Youth
I'm nearly 18 and am in High School in Washington State. I was feeling frustrated with my fellow youth lately and decided to write about it. I'm trying to get a lot of my friends to read it and I'...
jordans11 04/08/2007 32 32 3 144
Not Enough Time For Clark?
With the March Star Poll results in and Weslsey Clark's name not included, I think it's time we step back and take a look at why Clark has (not?) run out of time...
jordans11 03/24/2007 115 44 2 8
Fake Frontrunners
This is an article that I wrote for my highschool newspaper called "Fake Frontrunners" about early media coverage of the 2008 election. I had to be try to be as fair and balanced as possible so I ...
jordans11 03/07/2007 25 6 - -
Draft Clark. Now!
I'm already tired of the "frontrunners" and I would love it if everyone would come together right now and get Clark in the race. If he waits much longer he will never get the money he needs.
jordans11 03/05/2007 58 34 1 10
Evangelical Encounter
I am 17 years old and I'm the President of the Young Democrats (The G.O.D. as we call ourselves, or Glorious Order of Democrats) at my highschool. Today I was at the local athletic club watching my ...
jordans11 03/04/2007 90 11 1 8
Assessing a Clark Candidacy
Im 17 and I'm the President of the Young Democrats at my high school in Washington State. We often discuss the 2008 election and which candidates we like the best and I can tell you the only one ...
jordans11 02/09/2007 278 125 4 18
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