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Welcome Back Home, Wisconsin Chautauqua
This is was gonna be short (o.k., I got carried away), and maybe not so sweet to some, but…...perhaps the cheese curd can ease any discomfort.
jorogo 07/11/2014 31 39 2 -
Air permit for tar sands pipeline - Enbridge "pleased"
According to the latest from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the largest volume flow of tar sands from Canada and North Dakota via pipeline (1.2 million barrels per day), has been approved for ...
jorogo 06/13/2014 34 19 - -
Congratulations Are Due in Wisconsin
I haven't exactly been moping around for three days. Sleeping a lot though, and that's been nice. But now it's back to business, though not business "as usual". That will take quite some time and ...
jorogo 06/08/2012 15 21 - 153
Looking Behind the Latest Wisconsin Poll - We Ask America
A We Ask America poll of May 13 shows Walker with a 9 point lead over Tom Barrett in the race for Governor of Wisconsin. I heard a lot of concern today, but question whether that's warranted, or ...
jorogo 05/14/2012 41 32 2 349
Is This What We Need for Wisconsin, DPW?
On Tuesday, the Dane County Democratic Party held a sham straw poll at a well-attended candidate forum, prior to Q&A, and excluding all non-Party members. Wisconsin Eye has coverage of the event. ...
jorogo 04/20/2012 9 9 - 119
Sunset to Moonlight, Overpass Light Brigade Visits Wisconsin's Central Sands
There was great local pride in landing a spot on OLB's busy schedule to go for a ride in the country to visit their urban-challenged sisters and brothers in the Marquette/Columbia Counties area. ...
jorogo 04/07/2012 68 58 1 270
Walker Rolls in the S#!t of SB 402, DBA Applies the Lipstick, w/translations
Walker and his minions roll on through the deepest of shit, legislation-wise, as praise rolls in from the benefactors of unbridled de-regulation. The latest pile - another bypass-the-law bonus card ...
jorogo 04/03/2012 10 17 - 163
Another Open Letter to Peter Barca - One Question
Honorable Representative Barca, I know you've got complicated considerations in coming to a decision of whether to enter the primary race for Governor of Wisconsin. But there is a difference ...
jorogo 03/22/2012 12 21 - 134
Wisconsin DNR Secretary Stepp Apparently Stepps Aside to Become a "Guest Column"ist
Recently, a mining industry-authored bill to fast-track the permitting process for mining operations in Wisconsin….make that for one particular mining operation, narrowly failed to garner enough ...
jorogo 03/09/2012 23 85 - 588
Wisconsin – Looking Back From One Year Ago
So, It's the anniversary of the infamous fake Koch call, and last year we were getting our heads and our activism together for the long haul, much of which is now a reality of incredible progress, ...
jorogo 02/22/2012 7 8 - 60
A Chance to Participate - Rewards of the Wisconsin Recall - update
We've been at it for weeks now, and today brought some of the greatest rewards of the entire effort for me. 4 more signatures were all I had after a morning of "call & chase", the latest operational ...
jorogo 12/22/2011 59 245 4 966
F-16 crash - It had to happen. It will happen again.
Today was like a dream for me - a bad one, a dream that is repeated over and over again, until one day the reality of it seems like just another dream. Having been distracted by other matters in ...
jorogo 06/08/2011 99 23 1 531
Mission Accomplished, Osama
The ambition of Osama Bin Laden to transform America has ended with his death. But we live that transformation every day.
jorogo 05/02/2011 4 1 - 58
Supressing the Recall? -or- Who Got to the GAB?
It's April 5th, a big day in Wisconsin political activism. I've voted already, and I'm now preparing to collect recall signatures at a rural polling place. It doesn't really matter where that is, ...
jorogo 04/05/2011 10 19 - 214
Fitz's Two-stage Retreat from Green Bay
The tactics employed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in Green Bay today to get weasel out of a negative publicity situation didn't work on ...
jorogo 04/02/2011 139 408 8 2594
Walker's Imperial Union-BUSting Tour - Update
I can't forget the look of disappointment on the faces of the elderly couple who asked us if we knew where Governor Walker was speaking. Trying to avoid saying anything cruel, I told them the ...
jorogo 03/04/2011 19 40 2 265
Wisconsin's Come Too Far to Ruin It This Way
After hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites have dedicated themselves for over two weeks now to a mutually accepted code of respectful activism, the outside agitators have finally appeared – and ...
jorogo 03/01/2011 38 14 - 266
Wisconsin State Senator Calls for Gov. Walker's resignation Update w/video
On the heels of questions about Walkers' intentions from Madison's police ...
jorogo 02/24/2011 227 344 6 2097
Legislative disrespect and passion in Wisconsin
I received this email from my Assembly Representative in Wisconsin's 42nd, Fred Clark. I'm proud to have supported Fred, even more so for what he had to say in his letter. I hope this qualifies as ...
jorogo 02/20/2011 6 6 - 80
Hypocritical individualism
Critics of Social Security and Medicare have long based their convictions on the objectivist ...
jorogo 01/28/2011 22 11 3 305
GOP County Chair had stolen Feingold property in yard
Oxford, Wisconsin. A stolen Feingold Senate Committee barn sign and three six foot long rail steel t-posts used to support it were found in the Village of Oxford yard of the Marquette County G.O.P. ...
jorogo 11/05/2010 20 13 - 78
2012 elections news
Joe news is now projecting the winner of Wisconsin's electoral votes in the 2012 Presidential race as...whoever's nominated to challenge Barack Obama. The tipping point in Obama's defeat is thought ...
jorogo 10/30/2010 19 1 - 118
Feingold/Corporate Oligarchy debate #2 liveblog
While leading his opponent by huge factors in individual contributions to his campaign, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold finds his Senate ...
jorogo 10/11/2010 59 17 - 100
Feingold debates Corporate Oligarchy - Watch, liveblog now!
The anchor of Constitutional principles in the Senate, Senator Russ Feingold is being challenged by Ron Johnson - wealthy businessman, climate change denier, and threat to all social safety nets, ...
jorogo 10/08/2010 102 31 - 136
Media reform a reality! For some.
A media reform bill promoted by the President , and based on a proposal written by a coalition of community media,
jorogo 10/12/2009 7 8 - 40
K.O.'s plan is win-win-win, but when?
I was moved to tears during Keith Olbermann's very special Special Comment last night, not only for his ...
jorogo 10/08/2009 11 9 - 81
Baucus exaggerates mail delay, blames Postmaster
What a sorry excuse for not wanting to answer your mail. Senator Max Baucus is running from the public's demand for a strong public option, and hiding behind any excuse he can fabricate from the ...
jorogo 08/22/2009 12 5 - 65
Mr. President, this is NOT a legitimate debate!
Now that the controversy over President Obama's remarks about whether or not we have a public option have mostly run their course, thankfully including the backtracking that our "left of left" ...
jorogo 08/20/2009 20 8 - 18
Don't be a thug.
I just read a diary, thankfully not on the rec list, in which the diarist brags about bringing a megaphone to a health care meeting and using it "point blank" to shout down the opposition. This is ...
jorogo 08/08/2009 5 5 - 6
Walk For Peace - w/Pics
While we are denied an open forum at Town Hal meetings, our soldiers still die in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraqis and Afghans still die because of our presence there. While we speak out with our words,
jorogo 08/07/2009 2 4 - 40
My post-holiday euphoria
I live in an undisclosed-for-security-purposes state which has lots of cheese and has seen the best and ...
jorogo 07/05/2009 10 1 - 25
A Conservadem Senator for a public option? Calls needed!
In the push for universal health care, every bit of support which can be squeezed out of the Senate is "bleeping golden". With ...
jorogo 07/02/2009 11 3 - 93
Feingold on Holder's DOJ, "The jury's out." w/video
After my disastrously entertaining " trip to crazy town " at the last listening session I attended with ...
jorogo 06/27/2009 13 16 - 59
Tea v Buck, Two Very Different Worlds of Bagging
While for most of this week national and local media obsessed over the woefully unfocused messages coming from angry crowds of right-wing protesters, many of whom may never have dunked a bag, ...
jorogo 04/17/2009 6 2 - 151
My Trip to Crazy Town - Updated
I just got back from the local town meeting of my Republican Congressional Representative, Tom Petri of Wisconsin's sixth. I can feel only sympathy for him right now, for I have now seen the hard ...
jorogo 04/14/2009 334 594 11 249
Invocation for We, the People
This moment, more than any before, represents a new beginning for our nation. The exclusive nature of our Presidency is now shattered, and from this point forward, the door is left open to a wider ...
jorogo 01/20/2009 1 1 - 15
Sadly, Holder would continue "the war".
In his confirmation hearings, Attorney General nominee Eric Holder provided us hope with many of the opinions he expressed and positions he defended. He unequivocally named waterboarding as torture. ...
jorogo 01/17/2009 82 9 - 27
Mad Gupta Disease
Though most recent criticism of Sanjay Gupta is due either to his close ties with pharmaceutical sponsors, irresponsible support for their ...
jorogo 01/09/2009 51 15 1 28
Silent Night, Coaly Night
By now, most of you have probably heard of the ridiculous " clean coal carolers ". Rachel ...
jorogo 12/11/2008 7 3 1 20
Sorry Charlie (How That Clever W Guy Fooled Him)
I've become accustomed to Bush lying about just about anything in sight, with no concern of how obvious the lie is. But when that lie goes ...
jorogo 12/02/2008 4 7 - 25
Frontline's "The Hugo Chavez Show"
Tonight, Frontline airs on PBS stations nationwide, a program titled "The Hugo Chavez Show". You can watch it, as I did, on ...
jorogo 11/25/2008 82 11 1 51
Bush, Bolton,& McCain or Obama, Obama,& Obama? An AIPAC wetdream.
I was transported to dizzying heights by Barack Obama's moving speech Tuesday night. So, as I awaited Barack Obama's seemingly cumpulsory pilgrimage to ...
jorogo 06/05/2008 36 4 - 6
Step back behind the line, Scottie.
You belong in the box with the rest of the accused. You're not even qualified to be a juror here, much less the prosecutor. If you don't have any new evidence to present, you should sit ...
jorogo 05/30/2008 20 2 - 5
Obama and the Threshold of Faith
With Barack Obama, we may soon cross beyond a threshold we have set our sights on for decades, one of racial acceptance. Someday soon, we hope to pass beyond the threshold of sexual equality. But ...
jorogo 03/15/2008 15 3 - 1
You Still Have Choices
There, there, sheeple. Settle down. You still have choices. Your carefully selected leaders at America-Corp have gone to great lengths, efficiently using your own compulsory donations, to provide ...
jorogo 01/30/2008 9 4 - 16
Harry Reid Has a Lot of Nerve
I opened my mail today, and was confronted by a "Democratic Leadership Survey" from U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. After addressing me as a "Dear Friend", the opening line of the ...
jorogo 01/27/2008 29 29 2 15
Edwards Campaign Damaged by Sexist Attack
How do you damage a campaign? The corporate MSM knows: Get like-minded people to eat their own with a divisive issue. Edwards' poor performance in New Hampshire's primary has been widely attributed ...
jorogo 01/09/2008 75 5 1 -
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