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Sex Offender Crosses Border
So, I am listening to the news tonight on CBC, and there has been a break in the case of Michael Stanley , a sex offender that has been wanted since October 1 for cutting off his electronic ...
josephk 10/11/2013 9 9 - -
Delete My Account KOS!!
Those of us that have been around long enough remember ErinnF's infamous Diary However -Good News may be coming for the likes of ErinnF Teens Get "Eraser Button"
josephk 09/24/2013 55 22 - -
Let's Talk About Miley Cyrus
Miley seems to have been off our collective radar now for a few days. My question though - Is what is Miley up to!? Think it isn't relevant to Syria - Guess again!!! I never meant to start a war ...
josephk 09/10/2013 71 5 - -
Replace Giglio with Noah Body
It literally doesn't matter who gets picked for the benediction - MANY someone's are going to be upset. Remember Rick Warren - I was upset because I think he is a charlatan, the right was upset ...
josephk 01/11/2013 7 - - -
Gun Advocate: "I'm gonna start Killing People"
By now, I would guess that a good portion of the people on this site have seen the rant of Alex Jones on Piers Morgan. In case You haven't, well - I think the entire exchange is worth watching, but ...
josephk 01/10/2013 22 15 - -
Mortgage Interest Deduction? [With Poll]
So this happened! Let me start off by saying that I don't itemize and so we don't claim the Mortgage Interest Deduction, so my bias may well lay on this fact. My wife and I scrimped and saved (...
josephk 12/07/2012 55 5 - -
You want a F&#*ing Class War?
I had a brief discussion yesterday with a co-worker about the election. He happened to vote Libertarian which I equated to "electoral masturbation" - if it made him feel good, fine. AND -- I was ...
josephk 11/08/2012 10 2 - -
They can't even get dishwashing right!
As per a suggestion that I change the diary title, and here is my original which represents my screaming at my computer screen about this though: YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!!! I hate to beat a dead ...
josephk 10/16/2012 17 25 - -
Obama Pushing for Keystone XL approval
I want to start with the phrase made famous by Joe Friday "Just the facts, ma'am" Just in case this starts another (in a looooooooooong series of) Obama Bashing / Defending / Praising feud (s). ...
josephk 03/21/2012 39 16 1 176
Va. House passes bill to repeal law requiring HPV vaccination for young girls
This is just sad sad sad. From the ...
josephk 01/28/2012 10 12 - 100
Pelosi on Ballot; Not Obama w/ Poll
The Republicans have succeeded in making this election over Barack Obama. While some here might think this a losing strategy (looking at overall approval/disapproval levels of ...
josephk 09/29/2010 7 5 - 94
Any jackass can kick a barn down
Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it took a carpenter to build it. ... Sam Rayburn, 1953 Wondering what the ...
josephk 03/04/2010 8 7 - 31
Harry Reid: Don't Make Me More Irrelevant
Good Grief ... Just when You thought he couldn't possibly get worse, Harry Reid threatens to make himself even more irrelevant than ever:
josephk 02/04/2010 28 4 - 14
COBRA Subsidy Ending in 2 Weeks
I know there is a lot of talk around these parts on the utter failure of Democrats to enact meaningful Health Care Legislation. And I am SO with You all on that. BUT, there actually was one piece ...
josephk 12/16/2009 15 5 - 13
Glenn Beck, PETA, NRA ...
Some may already know the answer to this unasked question, but for now, I will hold off. So, PETA joined ...
josephk 11/04/2009 105 5 - 106
Johnson's Strike Again - In VA
In case those of us had forgotten who exactly Robert Johnson, Billionaire founder of BET is, let's go back to the 2008 Democratic Primary where we got to hear about how Barack Obama was both acting ...
josephk 10/05/2009 14 6 - 17
Eric Cantor - You should be ashamed
As many of us obsevered tonight, the GOP behaved themselves like the untethered maniacs dotting the landscapes of the many townhalls. I would encourage You all to write Your representatives, ...
josephk 09/09/2009 30 23 - 41
Anthem Raises Premium 26%
Just in case any of You believed that those Insurance Companies were planning on passing the 2 Trillion Dollars in cost savings that they had promised the President on to You ... forget about it:
josephk 06/11/2009 28 16 1 21
Separatists Don't Win National Elections
I can't argue the history of Texas or even the political environment of Texas. Or even address the constitutionality and legal issues. But, as a kanuck -- I can tell You -- Separatists by any name ...
josephk 04/16/2009 22 11 - 5
CV Ad's Insane Premise
First off -- I KNOW ... this has been diaried already. But, simply, this ad is insane:
josephk 02/02/2009 32 5 1 1
Eric Cantor - Stop Listening to Rush
So, I just finished listening to Eric Cantor on the Rush Limbaugh show, and it seems that he is bound and determined to listen more to Rush Limbaugh. I can not express in words suitable how ...
josephk 01/28/2009 67 24 - 16
Clinton SOS LiveBlog
Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State Designate Confirmation Hearing. Chaired By John Kerry As of 10 AM ET -- Coverage Switches To CSPAN On Line ...
josephk 01/13/2009 330 149 - 29
Chris Matthews - Really!?
Chris Matthews is Running for the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate according to 538 dot com I have to admit ...
josephk 11/28/2008 64 7 - 18
I HATE this Obama HealthCare Ad
I am ever so reluctant to write this. I have become a firm believer that 'concern trolling' does absolutely no good. And I could well be convinced that this diary lives up to 'doing more harm than ...
josephk 09/30/2008 26 1 - 4
A Tip for Harry Reid
According to Politico, Harry Reid went hat in hand to Barack Obama asking him to 'share the wealth', from the POLITICO :
josephk 09/16/2008 9 2 - 1
This Site Is about Issues - Period
I can't help myself, I have been following Alegre's site. She was a strong Issue advocate, and though I was on the opposite side of her during the primary wars here, I was still interested to ...
josephk 09/10/2008 20 1 - -
MSNBC Convention Coverage SUCKED!(w/Poll)
Their does appear to be a ridiculous amount of prostrating going on around here over the fact that MSNBC ...
josephk 09/08/2008 32 3 - -
Proud To Be Ignorant
So I got around to reading Sarah Palin's VP acceptance speech. I would encourage everyone to actually go and take the 5 minutes ...
josephk 09/04/2008 7 4 1 -
American Prayer For Denver
As a proud avowed Atheist, I can think of nothing weirder than wishing a prayer upon myself, the nation and the world But Here it ...
josephk 08/22/2008 5 11 - 7
StageCrafting the Nominating Process
Aw hell ... it seems like another issue which really needs 'calmer heads to prevail' "I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and ...
josephk 08/07/2008 13 1 - 10
Her Missed Opportunity
First Off, I am truly hoping that this is the absolute LAST Diary I write about the Clintons. Next -- I don't care that she didn't concede -- I don't care that she wasn't magnanimous -- I don't ...
josephk 06/04/2008 21 7 1 -
My Patience is Growing Very Thin
I, like many, am growing somewhat tired of watching a race that is all but over. That in itself has not pulled my patience to the breaking point though. The way that Hillary Clinton has run her ...
josephk 05/21/2008 20 14 1 -
Obama Fails to Win Over Racist Vote
***************************************** UPDATE -- Apparently, there is some confusion over the title. The title, while 'snarkish' is a response to my absolute irritation at the "Obama fails to ...
josephk 05/14/2008 66 7 - 80
Beware the Gravelanche in West Virginia
Ok, I know the title is slightly misleading -- Gravel isn't even on the ballot in West Virginia. Perhaps, at this point, a better analogy would be Mike Huckabee, but that wouldn't be as funny. But ...
josephk 05/07/2008 22 4 - -
Clinton Declares New NEOCON Dream
Ok -- so, the ABC Debate last night sucked. Hillary, Charlie and George (Channeling Sean Hannity) were mean to Barack Obama. Enough -- I get it! And, to paraphrase Barack Obama, he expects these ...
josephk 04/17/2008 22 10 2 12
We Are Children
I am an Obama Supporter -- Seems it is neccessary these days to give this qualifying statement Another Day, another series of prostrating comments In the Corporate Media and Outside the ...
josephk 03/14/2008 7 3 - -
Florida - Seat the Pledged, Not the Supers
Upfront - I am a Barack Obama Supporter Like many of us -- the tizzy over Michigan and Florida has lead to a "what the fuck to do" None of us want to disenfranchise these VOTERS ... so ...
josephk 03/13/2008 45 8 1 -
Barack Obama: Denounce Dream Ticket NOW!
The 'Dream Ticket' narrative only works for Senator Clinton. It allows people to think that they can vote for Clinton and still get Obama on the ticket. And the possibility to vote for him after ...
josephk 03/06/2008 43 27 1 8
Dream Ticket Redux
NOTE- This is a Pro-Obama Diary But NOT an ANTI-Hillary One Like many around here, I am tired of the infighting, but the issue of Dream Ticket is laying out there almost ...
josephk 02/08/2008 34 5 - -
Our Donation Story
First off -- Some Demographics; We are a 'barely 40's' (I am just a couple years past 40, and my wife has yet to step over that mark)couple with 2 kids; single income with a median income of ...
josephk 02/07/2008 5 6 - 1
Obama and Religion
I absolutely HATE the idea of bring religion into politics. But, since this seems to be a part of the recent discussion, I am going to throw my 2 cents into this. Part of it too is being driven by ...
josephk 01/31/2008 27 7 - 11
Jr. Woman Sen Deserves POTUS
Let's face it -- the Junior Woman Senator has far more experience than either Barack Obama and John Edwards. And all things being equal (which I believe they are NOT -- the Junior Senator I believe ...
josephk 01/29/2008 37 2 - 2
Obama All Talk
Well ... I am guessing that each and every one of us feels this deep need to write a diary today. Many of them are good ... but, mostly, a tremendous number of bad diaries are up today as well. I ...
josephk 01/09/2008 55 3 2 -
Live Blog - Waxman FRIES Rice
The State Department and the Iraq War On Thursday at 10:00 a.m., Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will testify at an Oversight Committee hearing focusing on the State Department’s ...
josephk 10/25/2007 195 48 1 8
Obama gets advice from -- Goldwater?
I want to start off with a couple of apologies. First off, I want to apologize for the 'piling on' of this subject of the Obama/McClurkin controversy. I imagine some of You are saying then, well, ...
josephk 10/24/2007 34 4 1 1
LiveBlog: Waxman Hearing Iraqi Corruption
Hearing: Assessing the State of Iraqi Corruption Reconvenes approximate Noon ET Maggie Mae Covering ...
josephk 10/04/2007 123 23 1 -
Free Speech or Troll Ratings
Believe it or not, this is NOT a Meta Diary. Well, it isn’t a Meta-KOS diary anyway! While I personally have some disagreements with Troll Ratings and what often falls into the Realm of ...
josephk 10/03/2007 51 13 - 5
DNC Hates John Edwards
Maybe I am naive. Or maybe I am just not really paying that much attention to the party politics. I haven't really thought this was the case, I thought I was reasonably informed. But if You have ...
josephk 09/27/2007 84 16 - 23
Tucker! has got to go
It is great to see that so many people saw David Shuster's interview with Marsha Blackburn. The shame of it though is that it so rarely occurs that our media takes to task any politician over any ...
josephk 09/24/2007 21 6 - 20
Dollar Skyrockets - Only in Canada Hey!
To start there are 3 other Dollar Diaries worth Checking out today too Saudis reconsidering dollar as reserve currency?
josephk 09/20/2007 8 8 1 -
My 2.25 Cents
BushCo and their Congressional Republican Lackeys are threatening to Block SCHIP Funding over 2 cents? For an excellent analysis, please visit and ...
josephk 08/02/2007 10 3 - 11
Waxman Spanks Doan (with poll!)
Henry Waxman is holding a hearing on GSA administrator Lurita Doan Now on ...
josephk 06/13/2007 285 157 3 24
Easter Verse
As any of You who have read any of my diaries - or comments for that matter; You will well be aware that my writing sucks! But, alas, You should well be cheered by this piece of writing. My wife ...
josephk 04/06/2007 2 - - -
Iglesias Firing - Justified Now by DOJ
INTRO: After thinking about this one a bit, i changed the title and the Intro. Hopefully it will all make a bit more sense now! Yes, Iglesius was fired for Not pursuing THIS particular case 'fast ...
josephk 03/29/2007 23 3 - -
Disney Responds to Stark and Spocko
Breaking News Disney Responds to THIS Diary by Mike Stark. That's right, the mouse decides to take action to heart.
josephk 01/09/2007 88 33 - 8
Must Watch Santorum Video
josephk 11/04/2006 15 13 - 16
Warner: Step in To Bring Webb Home
josephk 10/12/2006 30 10 - 7
Foley 9/11 Connection
josephk 10/05/2006 14 5 1 -
I Hate The Republicans More
josephk 09/29/2006 62 8 - 5
Jerome a Paris - Revolutionary Mind
josephk 09/25/2006 14 24 - 28
Israel:Lebanon as US:Iraq
josephk 07/25/2006 68 1 1 -
Bush Loses Core Supporters
josephk 07/16/2006 12 9 - -
Pat Robertson calls NSA spying Big Brother
josephk 05/11/2006 31 16 - 16
Who Should Pay for Health Care?
josephk 02/27/2006 42 3 1 -
File FCC complaint against 700 Club
josephk 08/23/2005 15 17 1 5
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