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Scott Walker's broken promise
One of the key issues in the upcoming election is Scott Walker's broken promise to create 250,000 jobs during his first four years in office. Take it away Scott: With his first term almost complete,
journalyzed 06/18/2014 20 26 1 -
The Wisconsin Republican Party is too scared to take a stance on gay marriage
Over the past decade, opposition to gay marriage has declined rapidly both nationally and in our state . Even within the Republican Party, there has been some movement towards acceptance. Usually it'...
journalyzed 05/23/2014 1 9 - -
Let's just admit humans don't cause global warming. It might save some lives.
Since Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth , there has been a sharp political debate about whether people are causing global warming. The left and right are always arguing about the issue because it ...
journalyzed 05/09/2014 28 5 1 -
Wisconsin Republicans: Screw You Cancer Patients
Wisconsin Republican Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald is  using a procedural trick to prevent a vote on a bill that would make oral chemotherapy more affordable. Although the majority of the Senate ...
journalyzed 03/14/2014 24 57 2 -
Scott Walker's Culture of Discrimination
I come from a mixed-race background: My mother was Mexican; my father was white. I am also a member of the disabled community, having to live my life in a wheelchair. And the love of my life, my wife,
journalyzed 03/10/2014 9 18 2 -
Conservative Bake Sale for Inequality
via Huffington Post At the University of Texas, a conservative ...
journalyzed 10/01/2013 6 3 - -
Ensure Obamacare's Success – Revamp the Under 26 Provision
As the administration recognizes, the most important ingredient to the success of Obamacare is getting young, healthy people to sign up for the exchanges. The administration, though, has made a ...
journalyzed 09/30/2013 4 - - -
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