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A Public Health Message
QUIZ: Do you have EBOLA? 1. Have you touched: *the vomit *blood *sweat *saliva *urine or * feces of someone who might have EBOLA?
jsfox 10/01/2014 12 4 - -
NH Ski Area Owner Threatens to Shorten Season to Avoid Obamacare
Some small business owners met with Kelly Ayotte here in NH this past week to whine about ACA. From her email: Owners of some small New Hampshire businesses said at a forum Thursday that ...
jsfox 04/18/2014 45 12 1 -
Your Thought for The Day
The list of mass shootings in the US just since 2005 is 65 pages long. How many pages will take before we say enough?
jsfox 12/14/2012 1 - - -
Obama Pivots from Last Night
This will be short so scream and yell all you want:) However, Obama at a campaign event today used last nights debate to his advantage. "We had our first debate last night, and when I got onto the ...
jsfox 10/04/2012 3 5 - 78
I will let the ad speak for itself.
jsfox 02/09/2012 16 30 1 223
Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Dumber
I realize foreign policy and relationships are not top of mind these days. I mean why would they be, but the world moves even as Congress moves backwards. So yesterday the Russian Ambassador to ...
jsfox 07/29/2011 16 22 1 159
Chained-CPI off the Table
Just a quick hit diary, but who would a thunk it that the rumors might be wrong. ...
jsfox 07/08/2011 61 20 1 274
Breaking! Halperin Suspended
MSNBC has suspended Mark Halperin "indefinitely" from his role as an analyst after he called President Barack Obama a "dick." Halperin has apologized for his comment. "My remark was ...
jsfox 06/30/2011 409 208 5 2786
Call Sign: POTUS
jsfox 04/19/2011 36 35 1 407
WSJ Reports and Knees Jerk
There have been a couple of diaries and one on the wreck list taking the WSJ at their word and ...
jsfox 04/12/2011 14 13 - 104
About Spain and Those Trials
There has been a lot of Sturm und Drang over the leaked cables that show the Obama Administration and State Department stepping in to put a stop to the Spanish trials of Bush and Cheney. And I have ...
jsfox 12/03/2010 75 35 - 86
BP Failure Not a BOP (Blow Out Preventor)Failure
I do not often recommend that folks head over to the WSJ for anything, but today I make ...
jsfox 06/11/2010 85 37 - 562
Don't Like Obama's Policies? I get it.
What I don't get is making crap up just because you don't agree with him, don't trust him, think he is a warmonger, a corporatist or whatever your personal pet peeve may be. To my point, the diary ...
jsfox 05/13/2010 659 413 - 58
Dear Mr. President
Don't do it! Do not reverse course on the KSM trial. I have stuck with you through thick and thin over this past year. I have understood why closing Gitmo hasn't happened yet. I have understood ...
jsfox 03/05/2010 27 8 - 22
Nutjob wins TX-22 DEM Primary
You know I was always under the impression it was the Republicans in Texas who are nuts. I would look to the Texas Democrats as proof that there is always hope. That there would be an occasional ...
jsfox 03/04/2010 64 8 - 42
Breaking: Howard Zinn Dies
I know many DKos residents hold Dr. Zinn in high regard and would want to here the news. I took one of his course at BU and it was more than inspiring and enlightening.
jsfox 01/27/2010 403 658 9 73
What is HCR Done Through Reconciliation?
Ok I have asked and asked and so far I have not gotten what I consider a complete answer. Slinkerwink, et al ( the folks that should know or have at least an idea) have yet to lay out what HCR ...
jsfox 01/21/2010 37 3 - 14
Obama: No votes on HCR Until Brown Seated
Well if this doesn't drive the final nail into the coffin of HCR I'm not sure what does. Obama just ...
jsfox 01/20/2010 98 11 - 21
At Long Last: The HCR Diary Contest
The judges after killing off the Worst Diary Contest have been looking around for something worthy to replace it. In all honesty it didn't take much thought it sorta landed right in our lap. Health ...
jsfox 12/22/2009 6 1 - 37
When Did Obama Become President?
(Yes as one if WDC judges I should know better than to use a question mark in a headline) There seems to be a common misconception here, and elsewhere that Barack Obama took office the day after ...
jsfox 11/20/2009 34 26 1 190
My Email From Eric Erickson (ugh)
First, how I got on his email list I haven't a clue and that is disturbing enough. However the email shows Erick to be the coward I always thought him to be. Join me below the fold to read how he ...
jsfox 11/13/2009 34 11 - 68
Lieberman's Own Party (CFL) Rejects Him
The Connecticut For Lieberman Party: The Connecticut for Lieberman Party (CFL) rejects the fraud perpetrated on the members of this party and the ...
jsfox 10/27/2009 17 9 - 19
Maine AFL-CIO starts to Pound Snowe
As it turn out the Maine AFL-CIO is holding there state convention today. As soon as word came down about Snowe not backing the public option and threatening to back a filibuster they recessed to ...
jsfox 10/22/2009 18 38 - 30
Fair Warning! Tomorrow Is Thursday! Which Means . . .
It's Worst Diary Contest Day. Please read to get a handle on the rules and to learn about a minor rule change. First the change. The judges in an effort to please everybody are ...
jsfox 10/14/2009 46 8 - 29
Notice to Kossacks re Worst Diary Contest
As Thursday approaches I know many of you ( three or four at least) are anticipating, nay you are probably already preparing your worst diary entries. STOP , save them for next week.
jsfox 10/07/2009 13 3 - 24
And The Winners Are  . . . .
I know many of you have been waiting with bated breath, on the edge of your seats and with visible anticipation to find out who won ...
jsfox 09/25/2009 28 10 - 22
The Rules for the Worst Diary Contest
Since I started this in a comment on an absurd, idiotic and paranoid diary ...
jsfox 09/24/2009 59 24 2 34
Gibbs: Obama Willing To Be A One Term President
Robert Gibbs today was asked about Rep Boswell's comment that Obama was willing to be a one term President. For those that do not have video access due to firewalls here's the money quote.
jsfox 08/21/2009 158 36 - 34
The DOMA Issue May Be Less About Obama and More About The DOJ
As it turns out the guy who wrote the governments brief in defense of Doma is this clown. via ...
jsfox 06/12/2009 66 8 - 22
The Times of London Gets it Right
I post this not to so much educate those of us who already know torture doesn't work, is morally wrong and there never will be an excuse to practice it. I post in the hope of changing the minds of ...
jsfox 04/23/2009 12 19 - 119
Dear Gov. Perry
It has come to my attention that your are seriously considering seceding from the Union. Dude, I have to admit I am impressed with your courage and thinking. You just may be onto something here. ...
jsfox 04/16/2009 41 16 1 102
NH House votes to allow same sex marriage
In some good news the NH House narrowly passed a law (186-179) to allow same sex marriages in the state. The measure no moves onto the Senate. However beside the Senate hurdle there still is the ...
jsfox 03/26/2009 27 5 - 16
Plan For Fed to Buy Bad Mortgages Gaining Steam
In an effort to stabilize the housing market and stem the tidal wave of foreclosures it appears that the Fed is seriously considering buying up the bad mortgages that are banks books. ...
jsfox 02/12/2009 23 5 - 6
Updated. Is Lieberman Already Dancing To Obama's Tune?
Amongst all the outrage of Lieberman not getting soundly smacked up the side of the head an tossed to the curb we all may have missed something. First, if you can stomach it, look at the after ...
jsfox 11/18/2008 33 7 - 1
I Don't Need To Vote . . .
Nate Silver, Andrew Gelman and Aaron Edlin Have written an article about the probability of your vote making a difference in the electoral outcome based on the state in which you cast your ballot.
jsfox 10/30/2008 7 3 - 9
Help Pay For Obama Hawaii Trip
Ok by now we all know some idiot Republican talking head is making a big deal of Obama using the campaign plane to go see his ailing Grandmother. So I have a suggestion let's send a message right ...
jsfox 10/23/2008 24 6 2 1
A question re: AYERS
Ok before everybody gets all up in arms about another Ayers diary. Let me preface it by saying I am posing a curiosity question and not trying to rehash old meaningless news. A little background. I'...
jsfox 10/10/2008 25 1 - -
Did McCain Just Blink
Well it looks like McCain or his campaign just blinked. According to the LA Times it looks like Johnny will be heading to Ole Miss right after the meeting with the Mr. 19% and the next President. ...
jsfox 09/25/2008 8 3 1 -
Obama and the Polling Numbers
There has been a lot of hand wringing, and a few I told you so's about Obama's latest poll numbers and the apparent tightening of the race. Everybody is wondering why, in what would appear to be a ...
jsfox 08/20/2008 46 9 - -
Obama and Generation Gap Redux
Ok there's a diary up about how the 18-35 Obama supporters need to work on us old folk so more of us vote for him. While I applaud the writer sentiment I think he/she maybe missing a far bigger ...
jsfox 07/29/2008 4 2 - -
I'm a lifelong conservative activist and I'm backing Barack Obama
These are not my words , but those of one Larry Hunter, who's creds as a conservative Republican are lengthy, to say the least. Yesterday he wrote a piece for the Daily News outlining his reasons ...
jsfox 07/17/2008 25 23 1 30
Rediscovering Our Political Sense of Humor
It seems to me that after years of Bush II and the Primary Wars many of us have misplaced or completely lost our political sense of humor. We dare not poke fun at our candidate, the economy, the war ...
jsfox 07/16/2008 21 6 - -
Another McCain Surrogate Steps Into It.
You know with friends like John Boys who needs an enemy. It seems they either can't remember what they said when or when to keep their mouths shut on policy. Personally they can keep it up until ...
jsfox 07/11/2008 22 28 - 32
OK folks after what seems like weeks and weeks of diaries about FISA. (I believe the count is climbing toward the 200 mark) A last call for entries is going out. You have just 24 more hours to get ...
jsfox 07/10/2008 21 9 - 6
The Hue and Cry Over "Faith Based" (Updated)
Across the blogoshpere this AM there has been a general gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands and liberal moral outrage over Obama's supposed pandering to the religious right. His supposed ignoring ...
jsfox 07/01/2008 134 12 - 31
Your Thurs. Afternoon Mental Health Break
Since there has been an inordinate amount of angst here over the past several days. FISA, SCOTUS etc etc etc I thought a mental heath break might be in order. Enjoy. Oh and unless you are a ...
jsfox 06/26/2008 9 4 - -
Larry Sinclair, Political Prisoner (LOL)
As some of you may recall poor old Larry Sinclair was arrested just after is "press conference" at the Nation Press Club last week. The cause of his arrest was an outstanding warrant from Delaware. ...
jsfox 06/24/2008 60 11 - 20
6 of 8 SC Edwards Delegates move to Obama
If this is ups some where else let me know and I'll remove. According to SC Politics Today 6 of the 8 Edwards ...
jsfox 05/15/2008 15 19 - 11
A Solution to Hillary's Debt?
There has been a lot of gnashing of teeth over Obama paying down Hillary's debt out of our donations to his campaign. As we know this is not a new idea and in fact it has happened many time before ...
jsfox 05/08/2008 49 2 - -
Hillary to the Blue Collar Vote in '95... Screw 'em
This is my first Dairy so apologies for any screw-ups. It ain't easy being 60 Sam Stein has an interesting Piece over on Huff. Post. Here's the key quote: In January 1995, as the ...
jsfox 04/16/2008 25 15 - 13
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