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Glenn Greenwald advocates letting Republicans destroy the country
Cato Institute was originally founded as The Charles Koch Foundation of Wichita.
jshooper 12/15/2013 278 17 - -
Koch Libertarian Glenn Greenwald's NSA hypocrisy(Paypal / Omidyar)
In my previous diary documenting Glenn Greenwald's libertarian ratfucking of the Democratic parties Left wing, many of his defenders tried to deflect attention away from his true agenda and focus ...
jshooper 12/14/2013 255 12 2 -
Libertarians are poisoning the left and trying to undermine it.
Libertarians are posing as liberals and trying to RATFUCK the left.Their primary goal is to undermine the Democratic Party and hand elections to Republicans.Their strategy consists of... 1) ...
jshooper 12/13/2013 135 15 - -
Leftist Hipsters: Mandela,MLK,Obama = Sellouts
Over the years I've observed that there is a bizarre strain of "Left" minded white person who thinks that because they aren't right wingers... that they can talk about black people as if they are one.
jshooper 12/11/2013 250 8 1 -
I've figured out Daily Kos (part 4 lol)
This diary has nothing to do with Ted Rall. (everyone gets up and leaves the room.) Instead I would like to discuss the weird mentality of this community.Instead of simply ignoring my previous diary.
jshooper 12/08/2013 139 1 - -
Ted Rall is RACIST (reluctant part 3)
I was done discussing Ted Rall and his racist right wing bullshit, but it seems his defenders aren't and continue to peddle his lies and whining here in an attempt to salvage his reputation.The ...
jshooper 12/08/2013 226 11 2 -
Racism has no place on the left: Ted Rall edition (part2)
Thanks to everyone who engaged in my first diary. Shame on whoever attempted to undermine it by placing a tag making it seem like I was pulling a prank on the community. I had originally intended ...
jshooper 12/04/2013 144 29 2 -
Ted Rall is a RACIST. Undeniable evidence (part1)
(if you don't want to read about me just scroll below to view the images) Hello Daily Kos. I am a 28 year old black man from Houston,TX. I have been a long time lurker on this site for years ...
jshooper 12/03/2013 278 26 1 -
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