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Served up for your reading entertainment: Eat the Rich
“I won't say the 2004 elections had nothing to do with it. I won't say the hole in the ozone layer has nothing to do with it. I certainly won't claim that being raised by an economist had nothing ...
justsayjoe 08/11/2013 13 7 - -
Ticket info: Marion, OH this WED! VP Biden! Anyone in Mansfield going?
Hi all! Don't know how else to go about this, so please forgive my informality. Is anyone in the Mansfield area going to Marion to see Vice President Biden on Wednesday?? I have no car, would ...
justsayjoe 10/20/2012 1 1 - -
Ack! MAJOR Obama weakness in debate
Sorry, it just struck me -- the POTUS is at a SUPREME disadvantage in this debate -- and it just gets clearer and clearer every time Romney smirks. Simply put, Obama won't lie. Moreover, he's ...
justsayjoe 10/03/2012 25 20 - 475
How bad IS it for Romney? (hint: really, really, bad): the REAL enthusiasm gap, in numbers
Earlier today, I wrote a diary about the fact that more that one out of every hundred Americans have contributed to Obama's re-election campaign. To me, that fact alone is staggering. Amazing. ...
justsayjoe 09/06/2012 36 45 - 742
It's the arithmetic, stupid: One out of every hundred Americans contributes to Obama
Hi all! As you (probably haven't) noticed, I write very few diaries. I'm not a policy wonk. I don't consider myself particulary well-informed about politics -- one of the many reasons I'm here. ...
justsayjoe 09/06/2012 28 25 - 208
I've made my choice for SOS
And it's not Richardson, Clinton, or Kerry. In fact, he seems such an obvious choice to me I'm sitting here going "OMG, why ISN'T this guy on the list?" Not that my opinion means a damn thing, ...
justsayjoe 11/14/2008 41 5 - 5
Report from Richmond
Well, my son is suddenly in a whole new world. See, he grew up in Maine (and always went to the polls with me on vote day). Now, in Maine, I never once had to wait more than maybe 15 minutes to vote -
justsayjoe 11/04/2008 17 13 - 6
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