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PROJECT CENSORED: Kent State & the Intl Criminal Court
photo/John A. Darnell Jr. from the Kent State University Library Archives For me, truth has always been hard to come by when it comes to Kent State. But the photo above, in my world, ...
kainah 10/12/2012 9 8 1 1
PROJECT CENSORED: Kent State: Violence and Cover Ups
Monday morning, I woke up to the news that a student at the University of Southern Alabama had been shot and killed by the campus police. The details of the shooting are about as far from the events ...
kainah 10/09/2012 7 13 1 79
PROJECT CENSORED Kent State: Not One More Protester Death
In early January 1979, I sat in a Cleveland federal courtroom and listened to Judge William Thomas read a prepared statement agreed to by both the plaintiffs and defendants that brought the civil ...
kainah 09/25/2012 17 25 1 136
PROJECT CENSORED: Kent State: Murder or Civil Rights Violation
Welcome, friends, to the latest installment in our ongoing series exploring and exposing the mysteries, intrigues and investigations into the trauma that is the 1970 Kent State killings. As many of ...
kainah 09/20/2012 15 21 3 96
Kent State's 40th Anniversary (2010)
So many years have passed since the Ohio National Guard ended the lives of Allison Krause, Jeff Miller, Bill Schroeder and Sandy Scheuer and wounded nine others. Forty-two years... Such a very long ...
kainah 05/04/2012 65 71 5 299
Obama Justice Dept: No Justice for Kent State
The Justice Department has declined to reopen the investigation into the shootings at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, despite a new analysis recently completely of an enhanced copy of the only ...
kainah 05/02/2012 23 15 2 156
New Evidence in Kent State Shootings
On May 4, 1970, communications student Terry Strubbe set the microphone of his reel-to-reel tape recorder on the windowsill of his dorm room overlooking Blanket Hill and turned on the recorder ...
kainah 05/04/2011 235 364 22 2744
The Truth About Kent State
On May 4, 1970, headlines across the country blared the news: Four students killed at Kent State University Some carried a sub-heading: Ohio National Guard ...
kainah 04/29/2010 336 471 12 246
"They Just Started Shooting" Kent State Remembered
For those of us who were in college in the late 60s and early 70s -- and, as I learned so well a few years ago -- for many who were not, the early days of May bring back memories of a time before ...
kainah 05/03/2009 270 147 15 201
WY Senate: Could Dems Pull a Surprise?
Many of you might have met Nick Carter at Netroots Nation in Austin. I wasn't there but I understand Nick represented our state well. In August, he ...
kainah 09/11/2008 17 20 1 24
Wyoming Awash in Candidates
Wyoming rarely gets any attention from the presidential candidates. As everyone knows, we're pure red, a caucus state, and too small to matter anyway. In the last seven years, we've had several fun ...
kainah 03/06/2008 36 16 - 5
Dems Crawling Out of the Woodwork in WY
So I went down to the County Clerk's office today to change my registration from I to D so that I can caucus for Obama on ...
kainah 03/05/2008 36 27 - 22
Wyoming Caucusers! Register by Friday
The Wyoming Democratic Caucuses will be held on Saturday, March 8. But only registered Dems can participate and you must be registered as a Democrat by this Friday, February ...
kainah 02/18/2008 10 10 - 14
kainah has graciously offered to post a story tonight after a very long STORYTIME hiatus. Hopefully, many of the great original crowd will find us and some of the nearly 17,000 ...
kainah 11/16/2007 120 21 - 15
IGTNT: My Iraq 'Wall'
When the war in Iraq started, I decided to keep the names of all the Americans who died in this ill-begotten, pre-emptive war on a poster board for our peace group. In the beginning, silly me ...
kainah 07/17/2007 34 43 2 76
STORYTIME PRESENTS: Kent State & Open Wounds
A major portion of storytelling is passing on history's facts and lessons. In that vein, I am very happy to welcome, *kainah*, again tonight for her perceptive insights into this moment ...
kainah 05/04/2007 97 39 4 49
STORYTIME PRESENTS: In Freedom Summer's Footsteps
Tonight, *STORYTIME PRESENTS* is the final installment of *kainah's* _Civil Rights Pilgrimage_. The first two parts were great examples of storytelling while teaching some very ...
kainah 04/06/2007 35 18 8 184
Tonight, *STORYTIME PRESENTS* continues its journey down the road with *kainah*, to Selma, Alabama, detailing the events that happened there so many years ago. Last week's edition was ...
kainah 03/16/2007 130 22 - 133
STORYTIME PRESENTS: A Civil Rights Pilgrimage
Good Evening *STORYTIME* fans! Tonight I have the great pleasure of introducing a story written by *kainah* for the second outing of the new series known as *STORYTIME PRESENTS*. *...
kainah 03/09/2007 43 18 2 89
Citizen Recount of WY House Race
As we celebrated our victories on Election Day, a few races remained undecided. High on that list was WY-AL where Gary Trauner ...
kainah 01/12/2007 16 10 1 146
C-SPAN entertainment: Jerry Lewis Blasts Frist
An amazing exchange just occurred on the floor of the House of Representatives as Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA), outgoing chair of the appropriations committee, laid the entire fault of not having a ...
kainah 12/08/2006 35 27 1 42
Laramie, WY Protests Dick Cheney
kainah 11/05/2006 48 38 1 15
WY-AL: Trauner Gaining Steam
kainah 10/25/2006 18 21 1 27
WY-Gov: A Message for Wyoming's GOP
kainah 09/04/2006 12 10 - 17
My Return to Kent State: The Travelog
kainah 08/17/2006 103 115 1 84
WY-At Large Congressional Seat Thoughts
kainah 08/10/2006 9 8 - 35
"Blood on my Hands": Kent State Civil Trials
kainah 06/28/2006 29 42 15 336
Guardsmen Go on Trial: Kent State
kainah 06/12/2006 11 25 4 328
"Inexcusable": Investigating Kent State
kainah 06/05/2006 11 16 4 410
"They Should Have Shot Them All" -- Kent State Aftermath
kainah 05/24/2006 199 269 32 354
"They Just Started Shooting Us Down" -- Kent State
kainah 05/03/2006 305 257 31 498
Call Out the National Guard: May 1-3, 1970, at Kent State
kainah 04/30/2006 45 19 8 181
Prelude to Kent State: Nixon Invades Cambodia
kainah 04/26/2006 14 17 16 234
Standing Up for Peace in WY Takes Front Page!!!
kainah 04/05/2006 28 22 2 79
Ask your senators: Do you support the unitary executive?
kainah 01/13/2006 7 8 - -
Dan & Jeff Lungren: Judiciary Committee "Nepotism"
kainah 06/14/2005 8 2 - -
Is Harold E. "Hal" Eberle Connected?
kainah 02/20/2005 21 - - 8
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