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Calvin Trillin on Bush and Putin
For me this pretty much summed it up. Where was John McCain when this was happening? Bush and Putin talk together, To each other's charms succumb. Bush thinks Putin can be trusted. Putin thinks ...
kaleidescope 03/03/2014 11 11 - -
China's Take on Happenings in the Ukraine
It has taken until today for China to react officially to the Russia's sending of troops into the Crimea. I was curious what China's position would be, since it jealously defends its territorial ...
kaleidescope 03/03/2014 72 18 - -
Wingnut Welfare Recipient Dinesh D'Souza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud
This is going to be a very short diary. Long-time right wing pundit, lifetime recipient of wingnut welfare (going back to his days at the Dartmouth Review) Dinesh D'Souza has been indicted in New ...
kaleidescope 01/23/2014 8 9 1 -
Here's to the Republicans
They never give up and they fight hard no matter what the odds. What happened in Virginia's governor's race is a good example. The polls had McAuliffe an average of more than seven points ahead. ...
kaleidescope 11/06/2013 89 121 1 -
Grayson Wins in FL?
Just saw on the screen that MSNBC projects Alan Grayson as winning back his house seat. If so, that's great news and a ...
kaleidescope 11/06/2012 57 197 - -
FBI Raids Home of Top Scott Walker Aide
The F.B.I. has served a search warrant on a top aide to Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker. The aide is Cynthia Archer, who had been one of Walker's top aides while he was Milwaukee County Executive.
kaleidescope 09/14/2011 108 211 - 1773
Al Gore Comes Out Swinging at Obama
I was wondering when or whether this might happen. I guess one of the benefits of being retired from electoral politics is that it gives you a little independence. I a show of resolve that he never ...
kaleidescope 09/07/2011 252 195 3 1687
Matt Stoller on What Schneiderman tells us About Obama and Ourselves
Usually it is the great bobswern who brings us news from the pages of Naked Capitalism. But I don't see one of his posts up today, so I thought I would bring today's readers one of the best pieces ...
kaleidescope 08/28/2011 336 181 5 1167
Walker Favors Gun Control
The list of items banned from the Wisconsin Capitol building is somewhat astounding. Easels? Crockpots? Massage Chairs? Vuvuzelas. Easy to understand how things like that would be threatening ...
kaleidescope 03/08/2011 3 5 - 85
Another Brilliant Move by Jerry Brown
Jerry and Meg met again this week at a women's conference. Matt Lauer moderated it. Brown punked Whitman in brilliant fashion. He made her look really bad. And that's fun to watch. But the video ...
kaleidescope 10/27/2010 45 41 - 90
Jerry Brown's Great New Ad
It's been gratifying to see that Jerry Brown is pulling away from Meg Whitman in the race for California's governor. Most people seem to focus on what Whitman has done wrong -- her troubles with her ...
kaleidescope 10/25/2010 213 398 5 402
WI-Senate: Thompson Won't Run Against Feingold
Former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson announced today that he will not be running against incumbent senator Russ Feingold. Thompson's announcement appears to put Feingold's seat in "safe-for-the-...
kaleidescope 04/15/2010 25 10 - 29
Is Pelosi Too Effective to be a San Franciscan?
In the wake of Nancy Pelosi's success in getting health insurance reform through Congress, pundits still can't resist punching phantom hippies. Today's Abbreviated Pundit Roundup featured a column ...
kaleidescope 03/27/2010 14 8 - 18
John Ensign a Resource in Hard Times
The Rachel Maddow Show last night detailed how John Ensign's parents had each written $12,000 checks to Senator Ensign's mistress, to her husband, and to each of two of their children. These were ...
kaleidescope 07/15/2009 6 5 - 67
Will Clinton Denounce Pedophilia's Crooner?
According to the [San Francisco Chronicle], Hillary Clinton is a "...
kaleidescope 03/31/2008 7 5 1 12
Clinton Admin Sold Out Ozone Layer to Pass NAFTA
In 1993 it was questionable whether Bill Clinton would have the votes to get the North American Free Trade Agreement through Congress. So he did something he almost never did for any other cause. ...
kaleidescope 02/25/2008 21 11 1 14
Obama's Bi-Partisanship and Nuclear Power
Barak Obama sold out his constituents to the nation's largest operator of nuclear plants -- and one of his major contributors. The typical Washington cave-in happened when Obama's constituents were ...
kaleidescope 02/02/2008 157 26 1 39
Fitzgerald Indicts Obama Patron
It's not as if Obama is in the same league as Duke Cunningham, but it doesn't really look good. Chicago real estate connecto Tony Rezko gave Obama some really timely help in buying a fancy, very ...
kaleidescope 01/11/2008 89 10 2 9
DeLong on Clinton and Health Care Reform
For those of you who are interested, Brad DeLong has reincarnated an [old piece] he wrote on the Clinton Administration's attempt to reform ...
kaleidescope 10/29/2007 12 3 - -
McNerney Wins
kaleidescope 11/08/2006 16 17 - -
An Enron Primer
kaleidescope 05/17/2006 1 1 - -
Billmon's Back With Flair
kaleidescope 01/11/2006 4 2 1 70
Bringing Sheehan Local: What Experience Means
kaleidescope 08/16/2005 - - - 2
Delay: The Next Corrupt Shoe Drops
kaleidescope 05/06/2005 3 6 - 4
Billmon Surfaces in Best Blog Thread Ever
kaleidescope 12/22/2004 8 4 - 2
El Chimpo Splashes Giant NYC Billboard
kaleidescope 12/21/2004 4 1 - 3
WaPo Mouths Bushco on Vote Fraud
kaleidescope 10/21/2004 1 - - 1
My First Diary
kaleidescope 10/10/2004 5 5 - 8
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