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Why they are lying so much
This is an expansion of a few comments I've made in some of the current posts about the sheer scale of the dishonesty coming out of the Republican Clown Convention in Tampa. In virtually every one, ...
kamarvt 08/30/2012 31 15 - 192
not just another pootie diary
This is a diary about empathy, not about cats. Like Watership Down was not about rabbits. Empathy is an essential component of humanity, and it is never more important than when it is exhibited by ...
kamarvt 05/11/2012 46 76 - 551
Sorry, Markos. I tried. Really I did.
Like so many of you, I had a personal email from Markos Moulitsas this morning asking me to vote for Rick Santorum. Like so many of you, I had heard of this idea since at least Operation Hilarity, ...
kamarvt 03/06/2012 17 22 - 365
whoa, did turtleman just cave on the debt limit?
Senate minority leader Mitch "Yertle" McConnell (R-The Swamp) just said the following on the Senate floor; After years of discussions and months of negotiations, I have little question ...
kamarvt 07/12/2011 60 32 - 365
Tax cuts, then and now
Those of us cursed with functional memories can recall pretty accurately the debate surrounding the various rounds of tax cuts enacted during the bush Dark Ages. Being one of those people, I have ...
kamarvt 09/16/2010 6 2 - 64
American Exceptionalism; connecting the dots to disaster
Bear with me as I wander through some disparate threads to try and make sense of the alarming disconnect between who we are as a nation, and who we think we are. It is a difficult path, fraught ...
kamarvt 05/26/2010 29 12 3 22
A beggar at my door
Amidst the growing chants of "It's Over", "It's V R Day" and all the rest of the self-affirming conventional wisdom that All Will Soon Be Clover comes this personal reality check; Yesterday, a ...
kamarvt 09/01/2009 30 43 - 272
WWBD? (What Would Bush Do?)
Lately, some people have decided to start bringing guns to presidential appearances . It can't be for hunting, so ...
kamarvt 08/19/2009 4 5 2 9
The Loser Speaks, Media Fawns
Well, whaddaya know. Old John McCain (remember him? Caribou Barbie's sidekick from last season's show) is on a tour of Afghanistan, and he'...
kamarvt 08/18/2009 5 4 - 11
Pity the Poor, Poor Rich
I came across a particularly galling piece by free marketeer Geoff Colvin on the CNN Money website this ...
kamarvt 05/05/2009 17 14 2 229
Wingnuts gone Wild in Vermont, and it's not funny
Oh. Boy. It started with Mrs kamarvt bringing home the Sunday local paper. The Easter Sunday local paper, smeared with a full page paid screed from a group calling itself "
kamarvt 04/13/2009 73 42 1 81
Traditional Marriage
Today's historic legislative override of Vermont governor Jim Douglas' veto of the marriage equality bill has me doing a very happy dance; married, middle-aged, hetero guy that I am. This action ...
kamarvt 04/07/2009 26 19 1 24
We Will Never Know
As the hopes for keeping alive the Fourth Amendment rest now on the possibility of a chauffer's strike in DC (UPDATE: no such luck), it occurs to me the accompanying hopeless feeling of dread ...
kamarvt 07/09/2008 24 34 9 212
CPR won't cure economic cancer
As the guardians of the economy have slowly woken up to a reality that anyone living in less than three homes can describe from experience, there has been a recent avalanche of "assistance" coming ...
kamarvt 06/25/2008 4 2 1 3
FISA action item: call your rep today
We're all abuzz with the news that Steny Hoyer (D-AT&T) has rammed through a capitulation on FISA reform against his own will, and with ...
kamarvt 06/19/2008 15 10 1 2
Help Fix FISA - Leave It Alone
Just a short diary today. I had a letter in my inbox from Patrick Leahy and John Conyers asking for help in protecting America from At&T, and thought I'd forward it to everyone who didn't get one.
kamarvt 05/09/2008 7 6 - 6
SJC: Leahy Waffling on Mukasey
Vermont Public Radio aired an interview this morning with Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT). As you likely know, Leahy is the chairman of the Senate ...
kamarvt 10/24/2007 26 12 - 13
Vermont vs the TSP
Sometimes the big stories come wrapped in the smallest of packages, and never more so than in a small, rural state like Vermont. Who would have thought that a year-old inquiry by the Vermont Public ...
kamarvt 09/19/2007 3 4 - 20
ACTION ITEM: prebunking the "troop cut" lie
WE get it. WE have functioning memories. WE know a con job when we see one. However, the steno pool pretending to be a free press is apparently not quite so intellectually adept. They need our ...
kamarvt 09/12/2007 1 4 - 8
When Harry lost Bernie
Vermont Public Radio ran a short interview with freshman Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders this morning (...
kamarvt 09/07/2007 18 22 2 14
Fortune mag: Bush is Full of It
Further evidence of the Bush Abomination's implosion - even Fortune magazine has abandoned Bush's spin on the economy, specifically the spiralling federal budget deficit. In an article ...
kamarvt 09/04/2007 18 12 1 3
Abu G  Gone Wild!! - letter to my rep
Since we lost the Senate to a case of "I need my vacation, so screw the country" blackout, our only hope is to somehow tie this crap FISA -update- evisceration up in the House. Meanwhile, we ...
kamarvt 08/04/2007 9 2 - 6
TIME lies again
I know, I know. It's hardly earth-shattering. But my subscription to TIME was the last present my dad gave me before he died last spring, and I always read it, at least out of a sense of connection ...
kamarvt 07/10/2007 4 4 - 14
Pentagon Corrupted by GOP Mole
I wasn't gonna do anything today but eat popcorn and watch the Abu G show on C-Span3. Really. But the extended break and scattered nature of the hearings were taking a lot of air out of my interest,
kamarvt 05/10/2007 15 38 2 160
FDA, DoJ, GSA, FEMA: Same Sh*t, different acronym
As the "pet food recall" blossoms into yet another mushroom cloud of "incompetence" and "nobody coulda known", I think it's important to point out a few things that came up on "The Google" when my ...
kamarvt 05/01/2007 7 6 2 13
Dear Speaker Symington
As many Kossacks are already aware, Vermont has partially pulled the trigger on sending ...
kamarvt 04/21/2007 5 4 - 3
Mitt Romney wants to hear from YOU!
Big fan of front pagers that I am, I slavishly read FP posts, mumbling things like "no shit" under my breath, and usually click on the yummy links provided, for there's always a "there" there. So, ...
kamarvt 04/14/2007 7 2 - 1
from HAVE to HAVE NOT in 24 hours
One of the greatest benefits of a site like DailyKos is the wide range of topics coming from a progressive (read realistic) perspective that is largely absent from the corporate media's version of ...
kamarvt 12/29/2006 366 292 12 32
Poodle Piddles on Iraq Rug (UPDATED)
kamarvt 10/31/2006 6 3 - -
Why the Elections Matter; a Football Parable
kamarvt 10/28/2006 11 13 - 206
DailyKos goes tabloid?
kamarvt 10/02/2006 72 12 - 5
A modest proposal
kamarvt 09/18/2006 6 2 - -
The "O" Word Makes The Mainstream
kamarvt 07/08/2006 18 19 - 17
Cut and Run vs ...(crickets) UPDATED
kamarvt 06/21/2006 15 5 - 9
When did YOU wake up? (POLL)
kamarvt 05/17/2006 80 20 3 14
Pardon my impeachment
kamarvt 05/14/2006 12 - 1 11
Time to revisit censure
kamarvt 05/12/2006 3 3 - -
Car window blogging
kamarvt 04/19/2006 53 44 2 158
Defusing Delay's Suicide Bomb (w/ poll)
kamarvt 04/05/2006 1 2 - -
impeachment/ censure as an election issue
kamarvt 03/26/2006 14 11 1 10
Rumsfeld Helps Out Downing St. Case!!
kamarvt 05/18/2005 4 8 - 8
US Senate Hands Us RatherGate In Reverse
kamarvt 05/17/2005 2 4 - -
How To Sex Up The Evidence
kamarvt 05/16/2005 5 3 - -
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