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Please Help Us Win $25,000 from Wells Fargo
The Portland City Council has been under fire of late for some of the actions that it has taken or proposed to take. The last big mistake the Council made was proposing a “street fee” to fix ...
kaminpdx 06/21/2014 11 13 2 -
You Can Help 50yr old Blind Guy Get A Job and Help My Community
There was a time earlier this year when I was writing fairly frequently. I have not been absent because I was tired of the pie fights or not interested. No I have been busy with a lot of volunteer ...
kaminpdx 06/08/2014 3 11 - -
HR'ing "You don't belong here" rants
I am sick and tired of reading rants by people who claim to have a right to tell others that they don't belong on this site. There is ONE AND ONLY ONE PERSON who has that right and it is KOS or ...
kaminpdx 03/10/2014 105 21 - -
Christie can use campaign cash for subpoena costs & CC atty attempt to intimidate Mayors
That is the latest news with respect to Bridgegate .
kaminpdx 02/11/2014 4 6 - -
Too Early to Dream of Search Warrants?
Now that we have more Christie staffers announcing that they will invoke their right against self-incrimination in what I like to call Jerseygate, at least with respect to the legislative ...
kaminpdx 02/04/2014 10 4 - -
UPDATED w/link to NYT story: Now we know why Zimmer didn't speak out earlier.
The Newark Star Ledger has a story out entitled Christie scandal: New allegations emerge from Zimmer lawsuit . A New Jersey Assemblyman named Carmelo Garcia who is also the director of the Hoboken ...
kaminpdx 01/30/2014 47 142 3 -
Myths About Lawyers
There are tons of myths about lawyers/attorneys. One myth, or, misunderstanding is that all attorneys are rich, or at least that they are well off. If that were the case, I would have a big IRA ...
kaminpdx 01/23/2014 12 4 - -
Mr. Christie meet Mr. RICO: Part 2
In my diary UPDATED: Mr. Christie meet Mr. RICO I put forth the idea that things might lead to the US Attorney looking at RICO violations in the developing scandals coming out of New Jersey. BTW, it ...
kaminpdx 01/19/2014 51 19 1 -
On granting immunity and compelling testimony
David Wildstein wants immunity before he testifies or gives any information to a prosecutor or legislative body. Smart man. Or at least his attorney is. Wildstein is also smart enough to make sure ...
kaminpdx 01/17/2014 10 14 1 -
Christie's legal & Political advisers commit malpractice
I have been trying to wrap my head around that news conference by NJ Gov. Christie for an entire week. All I can come up with is that his legal and political advisers committed a serious case of ...
kaminpdx 01/16/2014 17 7 - -
Christie's going to get a colonoscopy and you will get to watch.
The reason that Gov. Christie will not be nominated by the GOP to be president is you cannot run for office when you are sedated. And you must be sedated when you get a colonoscopy. And he will ...
kaminpdx 01/15/2014 8 13 - -
Get out the Jelly, Christie is toast
Chris Weigant. writes in the Huffington Post that he doesn't think Chris Christie is DOA in the Republican primary, saying it is too early to know how much affect Bridgegate will have on his chances.
kaminpdx 01/14/2014 17 11 - -
"Petty", "Routine", "Small Potatoes", "How it is done"
First let me apologize for going all Meta and stuff, but I just have to. When I hear people like Rudy Giuliani or Peggy Noonan says that what happened in Ft. Lee NJ is "petty", "routine", "no big ...
kaminpdx 01/13/2014 9 19 1 -
UPDATED: Mr. Christie meet Mr. RICO
The FBI is now investigating the Bridgegate scandal as is the US attorney for New Jersey and the for New York. It is pretty clear that laws have been broken. Even Pat Foye the Director of the Port ...
kaminpdx 01/12/2014 183 195 3 -
UPDATED x3: There was NO traffic study, and how I know
Gov. Christie kept arguing that there may yet have been an actual traffic study that precipitated this whole mess. He said a number of times that he would know a traffic study if he tripped over it. .
kaminpdx 01/10/2014 162 159 - -
Chris Christie: "Ft. Lee Mayor not on my radar"
I call BULL SHIT. Per Wikipedia, here is some info. about Ft. Lee, N.J. . Population: Estimate 2012: 35, 732 Rank: 67 out of 566 cities in NJ Location: Bergen County, at the foot of GWB, busiest ...
kaminpdx 01/09/2014 2 - - -
Give me my money, aka, how to fund a new stimulus
Have you ever seen those extremely obnoxious J.G. Wentworth commercials where someone yells at the camera that its their money and they want it now? If not, you probably are lucky and never see ...
kaminpdx 12/26/2013 4 - - -
UPDATE: Community Rallies Against Killer (road) that took 70 yr Old Woman
In my diary last Sunday entitled Killer Strikes again, 70 yro woman dies, Nothing being done to stop the killing , I wrote about the death of Valentine Khubeyeva. She was trying to cross the street ...
kaminpdx 12/21/2013 17 37 - -
UPDATED x2: Affluenza teen may still get time.
I just saw this headline on MSN, Texas tries again to put drunken teen behind bars . I cannot write much because I am working on a candle light vigil for the 70 year old woman who I wrote about ...
kaminpdx 12/18/2013 46 19 - -
UPDATED x2: Killer strikes again, 70 yro woman dies, Nothing being done to stop the killing
We have a serial killer in the middle of our neighborhoods of Southeast Portland and no one is doing anything to stop it. Its latest victim was claimed Friday night, a 70 year old womant. Below the ...
kaminpdx 12/15/2013 91 204 3 -
US hypocrisy knows no limits.
I know that the headline is not a shocker to anyone here, but sometimes I am still amazed at how un-self-aware our government can be. The specific incident I am writing about is with regards to what ...
kaminpdx 12/11/2013 29 11 - -
Overturning VRA, Part of a Bigger Picture. Reactionaries will be sorry in the end.
I am pretty sure that the reactionary wing of the SCOTUS will find a way to overturn the VRA. The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing? It clearly depends on the way the question is ...
kaminpdx 03/01/2013 13 5 - -
Banning Process: Facing the Star Chamber
DailyKos is NOT a community and that word should be removed from the banner. It is a blog and nothing more. For all of us who thought otherwise, we were wrong. I know this site is owned by one ...
kaminpdx 02/26/2013 50 4 - -
Our Messaging Sucks, if it even exists. That's why there is disconnect.
I have the answer to the question Meteor Blades asks on the Front Page about the disconnect between polls showing support for gun control laws and who people trust more, PBO or the NRA. The answer ...
kaminpdx 02/08/2013 15 3 - -
Must Read on Gun Violence and Mental Health
I have never used the phrase "must read" or any variation of it because of my own peculiarities, but for anyone who wants to intelligently discuss gun violence and its causes, this IS a must read. ...
kaminpdx 01/31/2013 13 5 - -
I wrote a Call out Diary: Here's why, Here's what happened.
Yes, i wrote a call out diary. It was recent. It was part of the gun wars. And it is something that I am neither ashamed of, but will never do again. Please read below the fold for the details.
kaminpdx 01/28/2013 25 4 - -
Steven King Weighs in on Guns
I was just looking at the Guardian . It has an article about an essay that Steven King wrote and has on Amazon. It almost makes me wish I had a Kindle Fire. I am no great fan of most of his ...
kaminpdx 01/26/2013 41 9 - -
Words that refer to someone with a Cognitive Disability
In my diary To Debate, or to Denigrate? , I list a number of words that are used to refer to someone with a mental health condition. My intent was to raise awareness of how these words are used in ...
kaminpdx 01/25/2013 43 11 2 -
This is what it looks like when winning is not everything.
This is just a quick diary about a story I just saw on HuffingtonPost .. It is an inspiration to me, and I hopw lots of other people.
kaminpdx 01/23/2013 12 22 1 -
To Debate, or to Denigrate?
Have you ever had a guest come into your house and start criticizing you, your children or some other aspect of your house like how you take care of it? If you have, you know the normal reaction is ...
kaminpdx 01/22/2013 20 10 1 -
Xenophobe Are Everywhere, even Across the Pond
American "exceptionalism" is really a great irritation to me. I love all parts of the world, and if I had the money, I would travel. Sadly, I cannot go to all of the places I would like. Jumping ...
kaminpdx 01/20/2013 7 1 - -
Gun Regulation Yes, Tossing Due Process, No, even Hell NO!
First, the benediction. God, give me the strength to keep my smart ass shut, and my rational thoughts open. Amen You want to do something about gun violence? That is great, I do too. I support ...
kaminpdx 01/19/2013 11 5 - -
Home Defense Without a Gun, helping those scared their castle may be breached.
I think we can do a favor for our friends who are scared that their home, or castle because a man's home is his castle, is under attack. I am not talking about the jackbooted thugs in their stylish ...
kaminpdx 01/17/2013 124 19 1 -
NRA, Please Don'T Change
Dear NRA: Please don't change. Please continue what you are doing. I really love how you are sticking to your guns, pun intended. You are doing a great job. You are doing a great job of ...
kaminpdx 01/16/2013 3 2 - -
Mental Health Group: Is there any Interest?
I have been discussing mental health issues vis-a-vis the gun issue. I want to bring more of a spotlight regarding the issues of mental health to the Daily Kos community. I am hoping that there ...
kaminpdx 01/14/2013 25 14 1 -
The Longest War in US History and the Second Amend: Why the 2nd No longer has a purpose.
Do you know what the longest war in US history is? It isn't Afghanistan. Although, that one has surely gone on way too long. It isn't Vietnam, although the casualties from that war are still ...
kaminpdx 01/13/2013 25 13 - -
Standing Up To Bullies
I know a thing or two about bullies. In Junior High and High School, a was bullied quite a bit. The reasons were many. I came from a working class family and we didn't have the money to purchase ...
kaminpdx 01/12/2013 17 18 - -
I Changed My Mind, Profiling Is the Solution
They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome, or something like that. Well, I don't think I am insane, but I have been ...
kaminpdx 01/09/2013 7 4 1 -
I have been coming to DKos since 2004. At the time I found it, I lived in Indiana and this site was like Manna while I wondered through the wilderness. It helped me keep my grasp on reality, but I ...
kaminpdx 01/07/2013 102 16 - -
If I wrote something like that about gays, women or Pl of Color, I would be banned
If I said shit like this about gay people, women, or people of color, there would be a shit blizzard blowing on top of me, I would probably be banned. If I said gay people have AIDS, so lets start ...
kaminpdx 01/04/2013 103 15 - -
For God Sack, whom ever your God may be, can people; Politicians, Journalists, and people here stop saying that tax rates are permanent?!? The last I looked, the tax code was not the Constitution, ...
kaminpdx 01/02/2013 19 6 - -
Why Do Fundy Christians Love the Rich and Hate the Poor?
My mother is a fundamentalist Christian. I would consider myself a believer in the teachings of Jesus, but I refuse to call myself a Christian. The reason I refuse to call myself a Christian is ...
kaminpdx 12/27/2012 324 202 9 -
Here's a Thought: Make All Politicians Fear for Their Jobs.
I think most of us can agree that the system is broken. One of the primary reasons as I see it is that Republicans fear for their jobs, at least when it comes to getting a primary challenge. However,
kaminpdx 12/24/2012 13 2 - -
First, I want to thank all the people who had comments to my last post. This is going to turn into a multi-part post because the issue is too big and to complicated to do in one ore even two posts.
kaminpdx 12/23/2012 29 11 - -
I am going to make this quick and simple. STOP SCAPEGOATING THE MENTALLY ILL! In the conversation that is going on about gun violence, gun control, etc., EVERYONE wants to just off-handily through in,
kaminpdx 12/22/2012 57 14 - -
Here's a thought: The people in the media are F**king Idiots
Here is a thought. The people in the media a fucking idiots. I just watched what was supposed to be a news conference by the head of the NRA. Afterwords, the idiots on MSNBC started talking. Go ...
kaminpdx 12/21/2012 23 7 - -
Here's a thought: Greetings
Greetings to my fellow Kossacks! I have been reading DK for years, but only recently decided to start writing. I have decided to call my diaries "Here's a thought" because they are thoughts that ...
kaminpdx 12/20/2012 1 - - -
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