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AZ Senate: 632,000 votes uncounted (updated: success!)
(Update: Success on both fronts: the AZ Dems committed to sending out an email blast about the need to validate provisional ballots and Carmona sent his own blast reminding everyone that 1/3 of the ...
kate mckinnon 11/09/2012 63 35 1 -
"Being poor is living next to the freeway"
When a friend of mine put this 2005 post from John Scalzi's blog on Facebook this morning, it really hit me hard, in light of some of the things that Mitt and Ann Romney have said lately. "Being ...
kate mckinnon 09/30/2012 188 283 7 1675
$100 and a naked girl (with poll)
When Meteor Blades asked me to write one of the "Why Subscribe to Daily Kos" diaries, I said yes. Hell, If MB asked me to eat liver, or vacation in Florida, I'd say yes. (As you can see, I've gone ...
kate mckinnon 12/16/2011 77 32 - 344
Prop 203 (medical marijuana) appears to have passed in AZ: updated
That's all. Just wanted to let you guys know that out here in the Wild West we may actually be almost done counting those votes. If it passes,
kate mckinnon 11/13/2010 46 39 - 117
The New Yorker endorses Obama
I haven't seen this diaried yet, and didn't find it on a search. Please let me know if I'm repeating. The New Yorker editorial staff ...
kate mckinnon 10/08/2008 22 21 - -
Playwright Eve Ensler on Sarah Palin
Eve Ensler has written a brilliant blog post over at HuffPo entitled "Drill, Drill, Drill" about Sarah Palin. ...
kate mckinnon 09/11/2008 25 45 2 16
LIVEBLOG #3 Clinton-Obama Faith Forum
LIVE BLOG #2 from Messiah College [PA], it's Sunday Night w/ Hillary and Barack!!! The Compassion forum at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. This is thread #3 of the forum. (
kate mckinnon 04/13/2008 402 29 - 37
get your Grok the "EdKu" Gear
By request (in today's EdScan diary ) I made a Grok The "EdKu" design for CafePress, and put it on TShirts, tote bags, ...
kate mckinnon 04/11/2008 72 11 1 34
Tens of people rally for Obama at Stan Ridgway concert!
Heck, maybe a hundred. We weren't exactly an overflow crowd , but yes, that's right, Barack Obama has won the coveted endorsement of the great Stan Ridgway. Stan was the lead singer with ...
kate mckinnon 04/06/2008 15 14 2 9
Bush booed at baseball opener (updated)
I am pleased to report that George Bush received a hearty number of "boos" just now as he tossed out the first pitch at Nationals stadium. There were enough boos to hear over the ass-kissing of the ...
kate mckinnon 03/30/2008 571 369 11 79
Baseball begins!  I went to Spring Training today.
For three beautiful hours today, I didn't think about the primaries, the judiciary, John McCain, my deadlines, my taxes, or Ralph Nader. I felt like a kid, fresh as a daisy and warm as toast in ...
kate mckinnon 02/28/2008 97 27 - 22
Thoughts on a Sunday morning
I almost never write diaries on DKos. I read, and comment, but rarely feel the need to pile into the crashing sea of words with essays of my own. I write this one for myself, really, because I am ...
kate mckinnon 02/10/2008 33 23 - 4
Hey! I'm contributing to the DNC on the 12th! Join me!
kate mckinnon 02/08/2005 19 24 - 18
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