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Help Turn Texas Blue, One Blog Post at a Time
Burnt Orange Report Wants You! Do you love progressive politics and want to play a role in promoting efforts to Turn Texas Blue? Do you want to help elect more and better Democrats? Do you love to ...
kath25 06/11/2013 4 20 - -
Republican Lynches Empty Chair in Racist Presidential Effigy in Austin UPDATE: Adds American Flag
I hate bringing y'all news that just confirms the worst stereotypes of Texans. Today, Burnt Orange Report received a photo, reproduced below the jump, of an empty chair "lynched" from a tree in a ...
kath25 09/19/2012 350 409 7 3639
Teaching Texans, Or Why I Support our State Board of Education Candidates
This diary is part of a 24-hour blograiser for our Texas State Board of Education Candidates, Judy Jennings and Rebecca Bell-Metereau. Before I worked full-time on campaigns, I taught ...
kath25 09/21/2010 19 56 - 119
KNOCK NOW: Canvassers Needed ASAP in MA
From a friend helping the Coakley campaign, there is an URGENT need for canvassers in MA to flush out those last voters tonight. If you are in or near MA, please get to a staging location listed ...
kath25 01/19/2010 118 306 1 57
Give One Day for Teddy's Seat (Out of State Travel)
Updated 1.18.10 at 10:16 a.m. CST The biggest need by the Martha Coakley campaign is in-person volunteers in ...
kath25 01/16/2010 26 48 - 28
How One Texas Grad Student Stopped Guns In Schools
This is a story about an ordinary person who did an extraordinary thing: beat back a “Guns in Schools” bill here in Texas that would have allowed people to carry concealed weapons in ...
kath25 09/07/2009 298 341 1 59
Two Thousand Texans Stand Up For Health Care Reform (Plus Rally Report!)
As y'all may have heard, we had a bit of a health care rally down here in Austin this past weekend. My most excellent Congressperson, Lloyd Doggett, came out, as did two thousand of our neighbors ...
kath25 09/01/2009 241 461 8 201
Netroots For Healthcare Rally Report: 8 Days To GO!
In eight days the Congressional district working period ends and our representatives head back ...
kath25 08/28/2009 22 55 - 182
Netroots for Healthcare Rally Report: 12 Days To Go!
With only twelve days left in the Congressional district work period, we all need to stand up and be ...
kath25 08/24/2009 55 97 1 36
Netroots for Healthcare Rally Report: 14 Days To Go!
kath25 08/22/2009 26 32 - 106
ALERT: Bogus Anti-Health Insurance Reform Robocalls
The right-wing is at it again, fighting health-insurance reform with a fake robocall designed to dissuade support for President Obama's plan. Health insurance reform is too important for the ...
kath25 08/21/2009 11 27 - 39
NN LIVEBLOG: Yes We Did? How Blogging Can And Can't Support a Field Campaign
Greetings from Pittsburgh! I'm here at Netroots Nation in Room 301/302 with your fellow Kossacks casperr, femlaw and Populista, along with Sean Quinn of FiveThirtyEight, and Jeremy Bird, Deputy ...
kath25 08/15/2009 13 11 1 5
Yes We Did? Why We Blog, Why We Volunteer
At some point, each of us had never written or read a blog post, knocked on a door, phonebanked, or donated. Yet something spurred each of us to take action, and DO SOMETHING to help our ...
kath25 08/12/2009 17 24 - 22
Top Comments 3.29.09 -- There’s Something I Need to Ask You.
Hi there. So, it seems funny that I haven’t posted a diary in almost six months. But, as you can probably guess, I’ve been a little busy. ...
kath25 03/29/2009 150 136 1 172
We’ve Now Registered 12,814 Voters!
Over the past week, our all-volunteer voter registration drive with the Travis County ...
kath25 10/04/2008 25 73 1 47
Registering the Newest Americans to Vote (Photo Blog)
This past Monday, my volunteers and I were privileged to take part in an event that perhaps best symbolizes why voter registration matters so much, and what’s at stake in this coming election. ...
kath25 09/25/2008 119 279 6 180
Top Comments 9.14.08 – Democrats in the Park Edition
Today across Austin, precinct chairs held house parties and gatherings with neighbors to talk about why this election cycle is so important. I was lucky enough to attend two of them. First, my ...
kath25 09/14/2008 62 53 - 207
Top Comments 9.9.08 : Caption This Photo! Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.
kath25 09/09/2008 142 53 - 172
We Registered 1107 Voters This Weekend.
Yes, we registered one thousand, one hundred and seven voters this weekend. In one city. In two days. You can do it, too. Here’s how.
kath25 09/01/2008 295 615 13 48
John McCain : No Choice for Women
On this day in 1920, U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby ratified the 19th Amendment, finally giving American women the right to vote. After years of organizing, women achieved the right to ...
kath25 08/26/2008 199 499 68 270
Top Comments: Vacation Photos Edition 8.18.08
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at ...
kath25 08/18/2008 74 44 - 21
Liveblog: Camp Obama in Austin, TX (Key Update!)
Welcome back to Austin, TX for the very first Camp Obama of the general election cycle! There are also ...
kath25 08/16/2008 69 130 4 44
Happy 73rd Birthday, Social Security!
That's right, 73 years ago today, at 3:30 p.m. EST, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed ...
kath25 08/14/2008 40 42 1 12
TONIGHT: NYC Kossacks Meet-Up. Key Update!
Howdy, Kossacks in the greater New York metropolitan area. Tonight we're having a meet-up in honor of the visits by captainlaser and myself to town. I'm posting this in casperr's stead ...
kath25 08/07/2008 42 23 - 18
Photoblog: Obama Summerfest in NYC!
kath25 08/03/2008 136 197 3 61
Glenn Nye 24-Hour Fundraiser Part I
Welcome to the start of our 24-hour fundraiser for Glenn ...
kath25 07/28/2008 40 46 1 47
Top Comments 7.27.08 – Glenn Nye 24-Hour Fundraiser Edition
Starting tomorrow at noon Eastern time right here on DailyKos, a group of bloggers, grassroots ...
kath25 07/27/2008 83 61 - 177
How To Run a Voter Registration Drive
kath25 07/23/2008 151 344 93 167
Netroots Nation: Keep Turning Texas Blue!
*Thank you, Netroots Nation!* Thank you so much for coming down to Austin for Netroots Nation and taking the time to visit our community and meet our local activists. As someone who is both a ...
kath25 07/21/2008 50 57 1 35
Netroots Nation: Welcome to Austin!
kath25 07/15/2008 291 133 6 31
People Power Will Donate $2,300 Instead, Markos (Update VI)
Markos, you wrote last week that you were withholding $2,300 from the Obama campaign, claiming that your individual donation didn’t matter. As if you aren’t the proprietor of an ...
kath25 07/08/2008 1223 882 16 80
Obama Down Only 9% in Texas -- How YOU Can Help!
The new [Rasmussen poll] shows what I've been feeling for ...
kath25 07/03/2008 90 61 3 33
Unite For Change: Austin Field Report
kath25 06/28/2008 86 80 1 35
You Are Falling for the Right Wing's Trap.
Yes, the FISA bill stinks. No, we shouldn't protect corporations. I agree. Yes, it's not a "compromise" at all -- I agree, it's a capitulation to the White House and the Right Wing. Of course it is.
kath25 06/22/2008 910 753 18 141
Obama Will Staff Up in Every State!
I just received an email (as most of you probably did!) from Steve Hildebrand, deputy campaign manager for Obama, as follows: Today, I am proud to announce that our presidential ...
kath25 06/09/2008 372 492 9 38
NETROOTS NATION: Welcome to Austin! Food Edition
kath25 06/05/2008 127 55 7 36
Get With the PARTY!!!
Obama supporters, tomorrow night we celebrate the final two contests of this long primary campaign. Could it be that five months ago to the day we were watching in exuberant surprise as Obama ran ...
kath25 06/02/2008 48 45 1 19
Kossacks Under 35 : Going Carless
I'm a rarity in modern society: I’ve never owned a car. I grew up in New Jersey, but we didn’t get our drivers licenses until age 17, at which point I was done with my junior year of ...
kath25 05/29/2008 193 42 4 52
Top Comments 5.27.08 : Caption This Photo! Edition v.2
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at ...
kath25 05/27/2008 250 66 - 164
Top Comments 5.18.08 – Tonsillitis Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily ...
kath25 05/18/2008 119 55 - 171
Top Comments 5/12/08 : Of Monks and Mandalas
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at ...
kath25 05/12/2008 61 56 1 158
Photoblog: Obama Voter Registration in Austin!
Today was a great day for Barack Obama, and an even better day for the hundreds and thousands of new voters registered today across the United States. Here in Austin we ran a voter registration ...
kath25 05/10/2008 130 260 7 159
They Won't Vote for Barack Obama...
...if they're NOT REGISTERED TO VOTE!!
kath25 05/08/2008 192 534 10 37
This Money Is For Beating McCain.
We’ve know it for some time now, but at long last the media is finally catching on: Barack Obama will be the 2008 Democratic Candidate for President. From today forward, we’ve got our ...
kath25 05/07/2008 22 26 - 16
Obama Leads All Categories of Elected Supers
With [yesterday’s endorsements] by Congresspeople Bruce Braley (IA), Baron Hill (IN), and Lois Capps (CA), Barack Obama now moves ...
kath25 05/01/2008 38 45 3 19
Top Comments 4.27.08 : Made in the Shade Edition
While we at DailyKos tend to fixate on Presidential and Congressional races and issues, it’s worth pausing from time to time to look at local races and think about how they can have much more ...
kath25 04/27/2008 109 55 1 171
Top Comments 4.20.08 : Why Bother?
“Why bother?” This is the question Michael Pollan poses in the [New York Times Magazine] today, wondering why Americans make ...
kath25 04/20/2008 114 59 - 177
Obama "Call" to Action -- With PA Celebrities!
This is the last weekend to help Obama in Pennsylvania! We’ve all seen the great photo diaries from last night’s ...
kath25 04/19/2008 15 42 - 49
Kossacks Under 35 : Open Thread
Greetings, folks. No diary tonight -- we're in need of contributors to keep the series going. Got something on your mind? Please proffer it as a future diary topic. We're up every Thursday from ...
kath25 04/17/2008 107 28 - 30
Welcome To Obama Action Week!
Folks, we’ve got one week until the Pennsylvania primary. Time to hunker down and do all we can to help ...
kath25 04/15/2008 35 68 2 58
Top Comments 4.13.08 - Caption This Photo! Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily ...
kath25 04/13/2008 177 64 - 166
Kossacks Under 35 : Cooking!
Welcome back to Kossacks Under 35, the regular series for DailyKos users under 35, and those that just pretend to be on the internet. As we get back into the regular swing of things, I ...
kath25 04/10/2008 169 32 1 26
Top Comments 4.6.08 : Hill Country AIDS Ride Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.
kath25 04/06/2008 92 64 1 156
Top Comments 3.30.08 : Texas Round-Up Edition
Yesterday, as you may have heard, the Texas Democratic Party held its County and State-Senate District conventions to certify the results of our election-night precinct conventions. While you might ...
kath25 03/30/2008 140 70 2 159
Travis County Conventions Photoblog
Hey, folks! I'm exhausted, so this will be heavy on the photos and light on the context. I spent a lot of the day running around with a clipboard so I missed a bunch of stuff, but I will do my best ...
kath25 03/29/2008 132 164 5 29
Tomorrow in Texas
Tomorrow, Texas Democrats will attend their County and State Senate District conventions to certify the ...
kath25 03/28/2008 156 312 6 22
Obama Gains Delegates in Texas! (with your help)
“Obama Gains Delegates in Texas!” That’s what the headlines will read ...
kath25 03/25/2008 226 538 18 43
Texas County Conventions: A How-To Guide
So you’re going to your Texas County or State Senate District Convention this Saturday as a ...
kath25 03/24/2008 60 59 8 23
Top Comments 3.23.08: Snow and Donuts Edition
Snow and Donuts, or What I Saw and Ate on my Winter Vacation. I’m not going to bore you with too much context. Suffice to say, I went north where the baked goods are better and the weather is ...
kath25 03/23/2008 185 53 - 29
Barack Obama Needs You. NOW. (Updated II)
What have you done for Barack Obama lately? This contest isn’t over yet. We may be ...
kath25 03/22/2008 226 302 12 65
What We Will Give To Barack Obama
Attention Superdelegates: When Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee for President, I will give his general election campaign more time, energy, and money than I have ever given any candidate ...
kath25 03/20/2008 28 49 - -
Not One Dime, Not One Minute for Hillary Clinton
Attention Superdelegates: If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee for President, I will not give her one dime of my money or one minute of my time. I’ll vote for her—I’m a ...
kath25 03/13/2008 771 607 24 74
You Make The Call: A Phonebanking Pledge II
This is a re-post of a [diary] I put up yesterday. I want to make sure more people can participate in our phonebanking drive if they're interested.
kath25 03/09/2008 66 39 2 24
You Make the Call: A Phonebanking Pledge
It’s not over. Yes, many of us hoped that “Super Tuesday II” would end this ...
kath25 03/08/2008 24 34 1 25
How To Caucus In Texas
There has been understandable concern about the Texas caucus. Between the expected turn-out and [reported ...
kath25 03/03/2008 128 272 7 111
GOTX for Obama!
This weekend is GOTV weekend here in Texas. It’s been a busy day, but I wanted to share with all of ...
kath25 03/01/2008 143 215 2 14
Obama Gets His Green On
Which Presidential Candidate has pledged to commit $150 billion dollars and 10 years of effort to bring clean energy to the United States? Which candidate has the ability to help bring enough ...
kath25 02/29/2008 192 293 14 118
This Is What Grassroots Feels Like
Today, across the great state of Texas, regular folks welcomed their neighbors into their home or over to the local hangout to talk about Barack Obama, and how they can do the [Texas Two Stephttp://...
kath25 02/23/2008 119 264 7 40
Austin is Obama Country (Updated Post Rally!)
Yesterday thousands of Texans gathered in Austin to cheer on our candidate of choice, Barack Obama. The feeling on campus and around downtown was electric, and unlike anything I've ever experienced ...
kath25 02/22/2008 170 231 5 35
Round-the-Clock Fundraiser for Gilda Reed--Part 8!
This is the 8th diary in a 24-hour fundraiser for Gilda Reed, Democratic Candidate for Katrina-Burdened LA-01. Donate to Gilda Reed securely at [ActBlue
kath25 02/21/2008 33 28 - 23
The End of a Fifty-Year Democratic Decline in Texas
This election cycle in Texas is about more than just a few primary delegates. It’s a battle between the Fifty-State Strategy and the Fifty-Year Decline of Democrats in Texas. ...
kath25 02/19/2008 246 423 8 45
Top Comments 2.17.08 : Gilda Reed (LA-01) Edition
I first found out about [Gilda Reed], Democratic candidate for Louisiana’s ...
kath25 02/17/2008 176 79 2 158
LIVEBLOG: Obama Austin HQ Opening!
Good morning, folks! Welcome to the liveblog of the grand opening of ...
kath25 02/16/2008 220 294 6 158
Kossacks Under 35 : Open Thread!
Kossacks Under 35 is a weekly diary series designed to create a community within DailyKos that focuses on young ...
kath25 02/14/2008 117 33 1 20
Top Comments 2.10.08 : Dan Grant (TX-10) Edition
Greetings, all. Tonight’s diary was originally going to be pretty straightforward—I planned to extol the many virtues of my favorite local candidate, [Dan Granthttp://www....
kath25 02/10/2008 156 70 1 155
Texans for Obama Update!
Greetings from the Lone Star State! ...
kath25 02/09/2008 258 330 11 40
Super Tuesday is finally almost upon us. While we may not have a nominee for President tomorrow, tons of Democratic voters will take to the polls and make their choices. That means it's time for ...
kath25 02/04/2008 138 22 - 8
Top Comments 2.3.08 : Super Bowls Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.
kath25 02/03/2008 181 50 - 146
Obama Continues to Gain In Texas (updated)
Obama has cut Clinton's lead in Texas from 34 to 10 points in the span of seven weeks. In the first post-Edwards poll of Texas voters, Obama has picked up significant momentum, particularly among ...
kath25 02/01/2008 226 199 8 51
Kossacks Under 35 : Women and Voting
This diary was written by Elise but for some reason she can't post it, so here it is. All mojo belongs to Elise. The female voter has been and still is the subject of much ...
kath25 01/31/2008 36 27 - 24
Top Comments 1.27.08 : In Other News...
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.
kath25 01/27/2008 120 56 - 155
Kossacks Under 35 : Begging For Forgiveness
Forgiveness of Student Loans , that is. Loan forgiveness is the single biggest policy issue that could transform our generation and significantly help the U.S. economy. Conversely, failure ...
kath25 01/24/2008 418 185 11 111
Top Comments 1.21.08 : Martin Luther King Jr.'s Nobel Lecture
Tonight, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., selections from his Lecture given in recognition of his receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize. Nobel Lectures given by great speakers and authors tend to be ...
kath25 01/21/2008 168 60 1 153
Report Shows Blogs Influence Speed, Tone of News, But Not Quality
Quick and dirty because I have a long to-do list today, but a recent survey of U.S. journalists has demonstrated the tremendous impact of blogs on news reporting, particularly in terms of speed, tone,
kath25 01/18/2008 26 37 2 2
Top Comments 1.13.08 : Day at the Beach Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily ...
kath25 01/13/2008 166 51 - 162
No, It's Racist.
Apparently “shuck and jive” isn’t racist. To some members of this community, the term just doesn’t have any sort of racial connotation. Even when used in a context that ...
kath25 01/11/2008 794 342 13 70
Let's Talk About the Republican Primary Instead
Something we can all agree on: these dudes suck. With two states down, the Republicans also have two different winners. Huckabee picks off Iowa, whereas New Hampshire returns to its roots and ...
kath25 01/09/2008 90 30 - 8
Top Comments 1.6.08 – Meetup Mania!
For the past month, I have been criss-crossing our fair country, meeting intrepid Kossacks far and wide in a variety of eating and drinking establishments. What follows is a thorough reporting of my ...
kath25 01/06/2008 207 62 - 154
Iowa Youth Make the Difference for Obama
Last night, young voter turnout made a significant impact on the outcome of a major election, and is even getting its due in the media. Young voters showed up to tonight's Iowa caucuses in droves, ...
kath25 01/04/2008 19 14 - 20
Kossacks Under 35 : Not About Candidates!
In fact, only tangentially and/or marginally about politics. And open to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of your age. We always are (note disclaimer below!) but tonight that may bear ...
kath25 01/03/2008 76 10 - 11
Austin Kossack Meetup With OrangeClouds115!
Hey Austin, Central Texas, and, heck, Kossacks across Texas! We're having a meetup this Saturday in honor of OrangeClouds115 , who will be in town researching sustainable food and farming. ...
kath25 01/02/2008 30 18 - 1
Top Comments 12.16.07 – Circulation of Objects Edition
Finally, finally, most of my work was finished this week, and I was able to take a long-awaited trip to my favorite store in Austin to do a little holiday shopping. Now, in my family we do still ...
kath25 12/16/2007 147 46 - 146
Kossacks Under 35 : Health Care Policy
This diary was written by Robert Nelb , a Senior Fellow and National Policy Coordinator at [The Roosevelt Institution], a non-partisan think tank ...
kath25 12/13/2007 123 32 2 14
1967: A Boy and a Dream
The year was 1967. Barack Obama was a child in kindergarten, where he scribbled that he dreamed of one day becoming President of the United States of America. Perhaps the larger historical context ...
kath25 12/12/2007 45 37 - 13
Class and Labor: Home Ownership, Education, and Race
Issues pertaining to class undercut so much of our society, yet remain for the most part either unacknowledged or willfully unseen. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen news coverage of a variety ...
kath25 12/11/2007 70 37 2 95
Top Comments 12.10.07 : Counting Comments Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily ...
kath25 12/10/2007 273 63 - 154
The Surge Isn't Working, Kurt. And Neither Is Your Book.
[ Promoted by DHinMI: There are a lot of very sharp, energetic people at Daily Kos, the kind who aren't cowed in to obsequious submission by the foolish experts, the banal people who fetishize ...
kath25 12/05/2007 150 106 5 62
Top Comments 12.02.07 : Holiday Releases Edition
We have so many insightful and powerful diaries written here at Daily Kos.
kath25 12/02/2007 168 49 - 148
The Best Candidate For A Woman
Two articles in The New York Times today and tomorrow suggest that despite the historic candidacy of Hillary Clinton, the first female to lead in Presidential polling in a primary and general ...
kath25 12/01/2007 224 125 3 65
Kossacks Under 35 : One Year Old!
Tonight marks the first anniversary of our diary series, [Kossacks Under 35]! Join us below for an overview of what we’ve ...
kath25 11/29/2007 122 27 1 7
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