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Does this mean Buckley is going join us on the Dark side?
What next? Will Christopher be writing articles for dkos? And would a front pager of the Huffingtonpost be canned if they went in the tank for a republican? Oh, no, that's right. They allow OTHER ...
katier 10/14/2008 16 12 - 2
Trivial? Yes, but damned important. Strap in your baby, Palins
It's a throw away line in an article about how Palin uses her family as a political prop. Of course that's the impression I got, that the woman uses them as props first and foremost. That wasn't ...
katier 09/07/2008 106 16 - 53
The Constant Campaign Factor
I haven't read all of Scott McClellen's book, but I know that one of the main points he believes is wrong with the Bush is that the president runs his administration in constant campaign mode. It's ...
katier 09/01/2008 6 - - -
Matthews is an utter failure
I keep waiting for someone to point this out--it's so obvious. Have I missed it? Has anyone else, like maybe a real journalist--mentioned this niggly little point? I've always thought of Matthews ...
katier 04/16/2008 92 13 - 15
No, really. We don't talk like that when we're grown ups.
Way back in the dawn of time when I was 22, hanging with my husband-to-be, we got into an argument. I walked away from him into another room, but it was to stop myself, not show him I could leave ...
katier 04/08/2008 61 18 1 19
the crazy factor isn't factored in
Does any country deal well with mental illness crises? Any good systems in place, anywhere? Because it's sure as hell not happening here--at least not for some people I know who are suffering. I'...
katier 02/28/2008 2 4 - 1
Huckabee Showed CRAAZEE Side on AIDS question.
The good thing is that I found this article headlined on the fairly right-wing Breitbart service and the tone is a subdued WTF? (it's an AP article) ...
katier 12/08/2007 63 22 1 9
Finally someone's asking: National Guard???
I avoid the MSM. THe last time I paid close attention was during Katrina. So I tuned in today to find out about the latest natural disaster And after a day of watching, at last. Someone's asking. ...
katier 10/23/2007 23 24 - 5
Long After McCarthy--and dkossack help In Boston?
This is one of those personal diaries that might get deleted because it's not political. On the other hand, I can make it political without a lot of effort. I'm going to go to the bedside of an old ...
katier 10/06/2007 11 2 - -
when will it bite us all? with a poll!
4 am I discovered someone left the tv on (no energy concerns here, eh?) and for a couple of minutes I watched. It was NASCAR, followed by a commercial for Hummer and then a news update of a local ...
katier 09/23/2007 14 5 - 1
Lieberman Writes Letters
Every few months I write to my senator asking him to do what he can to end the unwinnable war in Iraq. He always answers promptly and courteously. This time I wrote to him pointing out that the ...
katier 08/30/2007 14 4 - -
quotes on war
I hate with a murderous hatred those men who, having lived their youth, would send into war other youth, not lived, unfulfilled, to fight and die for them; the pride and cowardice of ...
katier 08/26/2007 7 3 - -
Over-reaction in CT. felony charges in Flour Terror
If it hadn't happened in my part of the world, I would have laughed myself silly. But honestly, what are those feds thinking, charging these people? It would be one thing if the two flour ...
katier 08/25/2007 14 8 - 3
GBCW, but not dkos. I mean the reality of refugees
A couple of weeks ago I realized I was crispy fried. I'd been teaching for more than ten years. I've learned how to count to ten in a bunch of languages. Sometimes I think I've heard enough stories ...
katier 08/15/2007 18 15 1 43
An advertising backlash? w/poll
Can we be responsible for silencing discussion? It's a real question because I have no idea. But I have taken to writing the letters to sponsors of shows like Bill O's and lately I've been thinking ...
katier 07/31/2007 18 5 - -
"Bush rips Democratic Lawmakers"
Good God almighty. There it is, headline news on all sorts of websites. AP, Yahoo, front page news. And the article itself is PURE laziness, just Bush's words transcribed with no analysis, ...
katier 07/07/2007 22 4 - 4
Joel A gets it right: always time for doubt
Joel Achenbach and Gene Weingarten are the occasional voices of sanity in my life. Every Sunday I read their columns and I frequently want to wave the thing in everyone's face to make sure they read ...
katier 07/01/2007 2 3 - -
Hyatt says no to m/m romance writer
Every now and then Romance Writer Land has to stretch and refit itself around what constitutes Romance. Heck the fact that the fastest growing sub-genres are erotica and inspirational tells it all. ...
katier 05/02/2007 35 10 1 9
Put down the cell phone or no apples for you
Uh oh. So the theory that cell phone radiation is screwing up the bees' sense of direction ...
katier 04/15/2007 13 4 - 7
sympathy for the devil's supporters
I love Gene Weingarten's articles. This one made me laugh, but, yo, it's a bad idea ...
katier 02/19/2007 6 5 - 9
Ann sends me Bush's Valentine Message
I didn't see it, I didn't listen, but my pal Ann did and here's what she wrote. YES, HE REALLY SAID THAT. TODAY. G.W. Bush gave a press conference today and (at ...
katier 02/14/2007 7 1 - 9
My Favorite Phone Call, Sue, the Republican (updated)
katier 10/25/2006 156 185 2 22
Head, Running for TX comptroller Raises Romance Writers' Ire
katier 10/14/2006 5 6 - 12
jaw-dropping video: Curtis testifies about rigged voting machines [UPDATED]
katier 10/09/2006 344 538 42 43
I've been a volunteer, calling people. . .does it make any difference?
katier 10/08/2006 31 12 - 14
Parenting, Scolding and Keyboard Combat
katier 10/05/2006 1 3 - 8
CT Kvetching: But Bill C. Will you Call Us in September?
katier 08/05/2006 12 3 - 11
TENTH dang phone call about the CT primaries.
katier 07/26/2006 17 6 - 1
Winning hearts and minds for Lieberman using insults
katier 07/12/2006 15 7 - 2
Why I Don't Love Fireworks Anymore
katier 06/30/2006 2 4 1 17
Can't Work Today. I Blame Rush
katier 06/27/2006 9 2 - -
BREAKING: Joe Jumps Ship. [updated to be readable!]
katier 06/22/2006 13 8 - -
Abandoning His People? Nevah!
katier 06/17/2006 3 4 - -
"Terrorized by An Extremely Small Group of the Democratic Party"
katier 06/13/2006 7 5 - 6
13 Reasons I'm PERSONALLY Threatened by Gay Marriage with POLL
katier 06/08/2006 17 14 1 8
Citizenship questions. Anyone got answers?
katier 05/31/2006 24 2 - -
CONGRATULATIONS Georgia10. Now get paid to say it (w/Poll)
katier 05/21/2006 42 27 - 3
What Weingarten WON'T write about Bush (With Poll)
katier 05/14/2006 6 6 - -
Looking for a new long distance company? Try WALD
katier 05/12/2006 21 6 1 9
This is the president who doesn't drink?
katier 03/20/2006 14 7 - -
Don't Diss Joe. . .Just His Idiocy. CT Resident Speaks
katier 03/19/2006 29 4 - 10
Smart Bitches Add a Word: Napoli
katier 03/08/2006 3 12 - 26
Politically Out of It Learns to Get a Voice
katier 02/17/2006 2 - - 2
A Good Guy Is Building Houses in Pearlington, Mississippi
katier 02/10/2006 5 18 1 -
Refugees and Their Socks
katier 12/27/2005 5 10 1 12
Revenge of the Right: No drilling, No oil for NE Poor
katier 12/23/2005 10 2 - 2
Bush's Mob. Watch Out , Don Corleone
katier 12/20/2005 3 - - -
Bush Vs. The Press: Paying Iraqi Papers
katier 11/30/2005 4 4 - -
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