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Mixer malfunction tosses raw cookie batter over MI Election process: Is Federal Oversight the fix?
Photo Credit - Originally Published on Independent Underground News & Talk Something is off in the cookie mix of the total number of voters in Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Detroit Primary ...
kayla9170 08/10/2013 7 6 - -
The Disrespect Continues on July 30, 2013; WADL-TV Channel 38 Detroit Mayoral Debate
This is a logo owned by Adell Broadcasting for WADL - Photo Credit: Wikipedia Originally Published at Independent Underground ...
kayla9170 07/31/2013 1 - - -
An Ole to Belle Isle as Lockwood 'Commonwealth Utopia' Plans Are Revealed -- Yet Again
Photo Credit - Belle Isle Park Ariel View Original Published on Independent Underground News & ...
kayla9170 07/30/2013 16 5 - -
Questions of Gov. Snyder's Public Office Ethics, in light of revealing emails plotting bankruptcy
Photo Credit Originally Published at Independent Underground News & Talk In times long-past, a individual ...
kayla9170 07/26/2013 10 28 - -
Is Detroit's Bankruptcy Crisis a Contrived Scheme?
Independent Underground Radio LIVE - Michigan's Top Politico Podcast - interview with C.P.A. Tom Barrow On March 14, 2013, ...
kayla9170 07/20/2013 39 10 - -
Hopes Come True: Netroots Nation will visit Detroit, Michigan in 2014
Photo Credit - Monica RW Facebook It all started with an idea.... Seriously,
kayla9170 06/21/2013 35 21 - -
Unequal treatment under Detroit Charter: Cayne removed, Duggan remains - Residency Requirements
Former Candidate for Detroit City Council -Ward 1 Marc Cayce will appear Exclusively on Independent Underground Radio LIVE Tuesday, May 28th @ 11 AM ET Repost from ...
kayla9170 05/28/2013 4 3 - -
While the media cries foul over IRS Tea-Party action; NAACP 2004 tax audit was met w/ near silence
Re-post from Independent Underground News & Talk We would all agree being subject to scrutiny from ...
kayla9170 05/13/2013 18 6 1 -
Open Letter to Sec. of Education Arne Duncan, Governor Rick Snyder on visit Ypsilanti Public Schools
Photo Open letters have became popular of late so today Independent Underground News & Talk will pen the below open letter to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan ...
kayla9170 05/06/2013 1 6 - -
The fix is in - Michigan's Free Public Education System in is near EKG flat line status
Public education in Michigan is under attack. Yes, its easy to write this line. The facts leading to this conclusion are simple as instructions to make a delicious apple pie to follow, so let's ...
kayla9170 04/24/2013 6 17 - -
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declaration of Detroit's Financial Emergency has Serious GAAP Flaws
Photo Credit - This Op/Ed by Citizens of Detroit Future President Tom Barrow is groundbreaking if we as a nation believe in anyway lessons taught daily in academia about the General ...
kayla9170 03/06/2013 14 23 1 -
Dick Devos: Michigan's Democracy Has No Rulers
Amway CEO and State GOP Campaign Financier - Dick Devos Forewarning - The Opinion/...
kayla9170 12/30/2012 8 11 1 -
Vote terminating Ypsilanti, Michigan relationship with Regional Chamber, fails by 4 to 3 vote
Photo Credit - At Ypsilanti City Council meeting Tuesday, December 18th, Governor Snyder and Michigan'...
kayla9170 12/19/2012 2 5 - -
Is Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's 'Right-to-Work For Less' Law unenforceable for Public Workers?
This article is written on behalf of Ms.Tammy Sperle, former unionized State Employee . Ms. Sperle, who was a Mother to two young children, loss her life in late ...
kayla9170 12/14/2012 16 10 - -
As a Second Generation UAW benefactor, Right to Work for Less Harms Michigan's Future
Photo I'm a second generation benefactor of the United Auto Workers Union. The term might seem a bit foreign to some who read this post, but allow for a brief ...
kayla9170 12/08/2012 2 7 - -
Six Michigan House Republicans voted against Governor Snyder's 'Right To Work' mandate
On Thursday, December 6th , Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder proved his words should be valued as much as a penny, or not at all. Snyder performed what can best be described as a chameleon reveal ...
kayla9170 12/07/2012 18 17 - -
Michigan Republicans Plan to Push 'Right To Work' Legislation during Weekend Lame-Duck Session
UPDATE at 4:52 ET - Thursday, December 6, 2012: Just got off the phone with State Representative David E. Rutledge (D-Ypsilanti). Here's the update from the Representative:
kayla9170 12/06/2012 6 6 - -
The Sky Has Fallen on Free Public Educational System in Michigan for Decades, nearly no one cared
UPDATE: Due to a set of contemptuous replies by one individual and the user who "recommended" these replies, I added the following response at our blog. "Cause to Save Free Public Education in ...
kayla9170 11/30/2012 77 67 4 -
Complains without political solutions fail to heal middle/lower class woes
Solutions v.s. Complaining. Actions v.s. Inaction. Both are easy words to understand, yet there are differences between to two. Solutions/Actions include seeking alternative opinions for the issue, ...
kayla9170 09/07/2012 1 1 - 34
Keys to solve the unemployment crisis are by addressing past fail measures of Democrats & GOP
Originally published on ROJS News Update: July 6, 2012 @ 11:36 PM EDT: From Huffington Post, a statement by Leo Hindery: Many More People Are Effectively ...
kayla9170 07/06/2012 1 2 - 18
Dear Politicians-Americans are NOT that stupid
This is a guest post from my blog ROJS News by my dear friend and STRONG ADVOCATE for the 99ers/Long-Term Unemployed Rhond a Taylor . For four years, Rhonda, my friend has been unemployed, seeking ...
kayla9170 07/03/2012 2 2 - 32
A Women body part Michigan's GOP Anti-Abortion bills seek to regulate is the Vagina
What's wrong with saying the word Vagina?  Considering its a part of females anatomy Michigan's Republican controlled House of Representatives, and possibly our State GOP led ...
kayla9170 06/14/2012 9 5 - 57
Michigan Super-Anti Abortion bill passes the House 70-39, 6 Democrats crossover voting for measures
Michigan's Republican controlled House of Representatives had assistance passing one of three measures that been labeled as "Super-Anti Abortion Bills" H.B. 5711 -
kayla9170 06/13/2012 19 16 - 150
Vote delayed on Michigan's Super Anti-Abortion bills, expected Wednesday starting at 10:00 AM
Michigan Republican controlled House of Representatives decided to delay further chamber debate and vote regarding three Super-
kayla9170 06/13/2012 8 11 - 88
Former Emergency Manager Michael Stampfler, suggest changes to Michigan's Public Act # 4
At the Rotary Club of Wyandotte, former Emergency Manager Michigan Stampfler held press and public event on April 24th , highlighting what ways he believes Michigan Controversial statue Public Act #...
kayla9170 04/24/2012 1 1 - 41
Call for Rush Limbaugh removal from FCC Tax-Payer supported airwaves
It's time to contact the Federal Communications Commission to remove Rush Limbaugh off of our Publicly-Financed supported airwaves. We at ROJS News, have taken the unusual stance of starting this ...
kayla9170 03/05/2012 57 12 - 176
Donating to Michigan PAC's & Accountability to Donors
We will devote the entire two hours of our Sunday, January 22nd @ 3:00 PM EST ...
kayla9170 01/22/2012 1 - - 11
Michigan Public Act 4 make Pontiac's Firefighters face impossible choice: merge or be fired
Pontiac Firefighters, who received pink slips on Christmas Eve , face a ...
kayla9170 12/28/2011 15 13 - 92
Fire sale of public assets with P.A. 4, could force indigent burials out of Pontiac Michigan
A fire sale will occur soon in the Emergency Managed city of Pontiac, according to a December 20th article in The Detroit Free Press. Louis Schimmel, Jr., from the Mackinaw Center for Public ...
kayla9170 12/21/2011 9 15 - 80
Michigan GOP, first in nation to reduce jobless benefits, makes more cuts to program
Just before Michigan’s unemployed job seekers are subject to a first-ever decrease in state jobless ...
kayla9170 12/02/2011 3 10 - 40
Occupy Detroit movement urgently needs staff for medical tent
IMPORTANT UPDATE: A Facebook Logistics page has been set up to coordinate the URGENT NEED medical staff ...
kayla9170 10/17/2011 5 15 1 61
As Occupy Wall Street hits a second week, Michiganders prepare to Occupy Lansing Capital grounds
As #Occupy Wall Street hits its' second week of demonstrators protesting policies, tax laws dividing America's super wealthy and what they call the other 99 ...
kayla9170 09/27/2011 21 22 - 132
Video Diary from Detroit's Annual Labor Day Parade w/ Pres. Obama 9/5
Be inspired! Stand up! Themes that what can best be described filled the streets of Detroit, Michigan on September 5, 2011 at the Annual Labor Day Parade and Rally event which had ...
kayla9170 09/06/2011 5 6 - 32
Update: Facebook issues 15 day bans on users; leaving confusion on the purpose social networking
Disclaimer-This article is a repost from our blog website. Thanks! As a user of Facebook for over a number of years, it has been one of the primary media resources to ...
kayla9170 08/19/2011 83 17 1 441
China calls for One World Currency, to avoid international financial crisis over U.S. debt
This is serious folks...hate to see the markets on Monday. Here is the story.... For America, the days of depending on China’s Yuan to support United States debt could be all but over; after ...
kayla9170 08/06/2011 61 15 - 269
Committee to Recall Rick Snyder extends signature period to September 29th
The Committee to Recall Rick Snyder (CRRS) estimates that their grassroots efforts since May 21, 2011, have gathered approximately 310,000 Michigan ...
kayla9170 08/02/2011 14 16 - 130
Michiganders, will you March Tuesday against Gov. Snyder?
It's spreading quick and fast across the United States but, 'IT' is not an annual case of the flu or the winter chill. Instead, it is the rumbling of a Michigan style protest against Republican ...
kayla9170 02/19/2011 7 24 - 110
Fans of Keith Olbermann Launch Press Release
Keith Olbermann should be able to broadcast on nightly network news! It is crazy in my strong opinion, that within a series of days after the approval of the Comcast/NBC Universal merger that Keith ...
kayla9170 01/22/2011 8 5 1 98
Did anyone think the Keith O./Joe S. story ended w/ Politico?
Wonder why a certain MSNBC Host can campaign and raise money on the stump for a potential President Candidate; plus have this candidate on his SHOW but Keith Olbermann gave money to three Democratic ...
kayla9170 11/07/2010 16 23 - 77
Shannyn Moore-Are you changing your views on Sarah?
This morning, I was doing what would be best described as wasting time. On the internet, I was reading various blogs and the like on things "Palin". As a person of the "lower 48", I continue to try ...
kayla9170 09/05/2010 45 3 - 33
Is this end, rearing its' ugly head?....Class Warfare 2010 & Beyond
This is a diary I do not really know how to start. Angry, disappointed and frankly just disgusted...I thought about the actions 41 GOP Senators and Ben Nelson took today to kill any hope for ...
kayla9170 06/25/2010 8 13 1 85
The President Does indeed CARE about the Unemployed
I was not going to write a article today. Really. The news is depressing..the oil spill in the gulf, my Census job on hiatus, retail sales figures in the tank, the latest unemployment numbers... ...
kayla9170 06/13/2010 20 14 - 27
U.S. Census Temporary Workers Have No Leeway on Illnesses
I Got A JOB Today....Thank You President Obama (This was the original below, ...
kayla9170 04/08/2010 25 3 - 89
I Got A JOB Today....Thank You President Obama
It is temporary but it is a GREAT HELP as my unemployment checks are ending next week....a 99 weeker. I have been trying to find employment and have found temporary employment here and there. This ...
kayla9170 03/26/2010 42 37 - 37
Congress Dingell on MSNBC NOW Holding The Gavel To Pass Medicare
I know I might be breaking the rules BUT I HAVE to send a TWO THUMBS UP to my Congressman John Dingell.
kayla9170 03/21/2010 90 268 3 193
Time to start thinking about being the "Reliable" Vote
A majority of my life, I have voted with the Democratic Party. As a child of Kennedy Democrats, it pains me as a generation Xer African-American to see what has happen in one short year to the late ...
kayla9170 01/20/2010 19 2 - 17
Teddy Pendergrass, deceased at 59.....
Soul and R & B LEGEND Teddy Pendergrass, passed away from Colon Cancer January 13, 2010 at the age of 59. RIP.......
kayla9170 01/13/2010 30 44 - 99
America and Her Never Ending Issues on Race
I still remember sitting at the local Obama Campaign Headquarters on November 7, it was yesterday. After working all day, driving people to the poll and knocking on doors, I was sent to ...
kayla9170 01/10/2010 29 4 2 12
Lt. Gov Cherry Dropping Out of Michigan Governors Race
This story might be interesting if you are from Michigan. It will take this state YEARS to improve after the mess I saw today. GM down 12% in December sales, Chrysler down 10%....the only bright ...
kayla9170 01/05/2010 9 3 - 14
The Story of My Mother...Lost the fight to Breast Cancer-2005..LET'S SAVE LIVES!
I was not going to make my own diary in the middle of the night on this subject but today is a sad day for me. I am in my late thirties. It is the 4th Christmas without my Mommy and the 2nd ...
kayla9170 12/24/2009 15 20 - 78
The Alternative Sucks but It Sounds Better Than Nothing?-HCR
This is blog that I read today that after I allowed myself the time to seriously think about the information, makes me believe that even though HCR sucks BIG TIME, it is better than the current ...
kayla9170 12/16/2009 18 2 1 18
Social Security and Medicare was Not Perfect on the First Try!
I read this article that got me into thinking about two programs that the American Public would fight and die for, if Government attempted to take away....Medicare and Social Security Benefits. As a ...
kayla9170 12/15/2009 54 15 - 86
Just like Elective Plastic Surgery....Elective Abortions Should be Paid by Who Chooses Them
This is not a long diary but is a firm belief of mines. Just like Elective Plastic Surgery, if a women chooses a elective Abortion, they should pay for it, themselves......
kayla9170 11/07/2009 102 4 - 55
Michigan & Other States Unemployed Has A Reason to Smile Today
The Senate, more than 30 minutes ago, FINALLY got the Unemployment Extension Bill out of the Senate today, after THREE WEEKS of blocking, by the party of NO, the GOP. This is needed and necessary in ...
kayla9170 10/27/2009 18 25 - 209
The Democrats, Pres. Obama and Supporters are Losing It
I am prepared in advance to be called a troll, quack or whatever else for this diary but this is what I believe in my heart is the truth. President Obama and the Democratic Congress are losing it. ...
kayla9170 10/04/2009 173 7 - 107
We Have Bigger Problems in the US Besides the '16 Games
What is beginning to amaze me is the media focus in the last couple of days on the 2016 Olympics Games possibly coming to Chicago. As we all know now, President Obama went overseas in a effort to ...
kayla9170 10/02/2009 9 3 - 34
This is a major point of President Obama's Speech and one that needs to be out to the masses of haters in force. Have you ever tried to get health insurance and could not because of a history of ...
kayla9170 09/09/2009 19 11 - 81
As a American Citizen, I Will Mourn Senator Kennedy
My Letter Send to Senator Edward M. Kennedy's Senate Website Today..........
kayla9170 08/26/2009 1 2 - 39
I Owe President Obama a Apology
I have been EXTREMELY concerned about President Obama intend to pass health care reform. Recently, I wrote here that President Obama was disappointing because it appeared that he was wavering on ...
kayla9170 08/20/2009 47 23 - 34
President Obama is a Disappointment!
It is time to call a spade a spade and Barack Obama is a straight up disappointment so far. First, the "give away" to Wall Street after all of the harm that they have done to millions of middle ...
kayla9170 08/17/2009 138 4 - 20
The Health Care Debate is IN TROUBLE
JUST GOT BACK from Congressman Dingell Town Hall in Romulus, Michigan. I am and was a voter for President Obama in November 2009 and went into the health care town hall with a OPEN MIND on this bill.
kayla9170 08/06/2009 109 13 - 32
Random Thought About Sarah Palin
I took a quick look at the video of Sarah Palin a.k.a. Caribou Barbie resignation speech yesterday and wondered why no one else noticed her chose in wardrobe. I mean really.....let me break this down.
kayla9170 07/04/2009 36 5 - 38
RIP Billy Mays---Maybe Folks Will Think Before They Speak
Another Blog about the thoughts on the lost of Billy Mays and the other celebrities in the last couple of days. Count the number of decreased in Iran and other world events in the last couple of ...
kayla9170 06/28/2009 163 4 - 134
Michael J Took a Trip to Heaven Yesterday
I grew up with Michael Jackson in the 1970's (Ben was one of the first songs I remember...I was 3), the 1980's (I owned the Red Leather Jacket in Bad), the 1990's (He was so Smooth in Smooth Criminal)
kayla9170 06/26/2009 28 8 - 11
I Had a Very Sad Talk with my Aunt Today-GM Bankqutcy
My late Father and Aunt left the south in the early 1960's along with many other former Southerners from the great state of Arkansas. My Daddy, who graduated Valedictorian in his high school class ...
kayla9170 05/27/2009 245 291 4 121
Another Caribou Barbie Diary...Could not resist...
We all thought that Sarah A.K.A. Caribou Barbie was actually going to give the 200K plus wardrobe back to the good old R.N.C. Considering that the party is in disarray at the moment (Ah, Hah, Ah, Hah)
kayla9170 01/23/2009 29 1 - 15
Wow!! Saving Michigan might depend on Bush
I never thought I would see the day that I would be uniquely ashamed of my country! The freaking GOP and Four DEMOCRATIC Senators actually decided to let Michigan die tonight. Believe it or not, our ...
kayla9170 12/11/2008 20 4 1 3
Let's Talk About General Motors....Frankly
For over 30 years, General Motors has been a huge part of my life. My Daddy (Rest in Peace) gave 37 years to this company. I can see a General Motors Powertrain Plant from my house (no pud ...
kayla9170 11/11/2008 22 15 1 73
View From the Obama Ypsilanti, MI Headquarters
I had the best time of my life, volunteering for the President Elect Obama campaign in my hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan. This diary is to describe the day of fun and excitement I had.
kayla9170 11/05/2008 5 6 - 8
Why are the polls tightening?
Ok, we are less than a week from election day and now polls are either 3 to 7 point spread. Gallup has in within 3. What the hack is going on?
kayla9170 10/29/2008 99 4 1 22
5th Grader Interviews Joe Biden on the V.P. Job
First of all, Damon Weaver is so cute in this video that I had to share. Someone in the media need to have this kid on there show as a political/congressional reporter immediately. This is a ...
kayla9170 10/26/2008 57 59 3 45
Racism Alive and Well in Ohio!!!
Maybe I was just not living in reality but I really thought I would never see this type of racism in Ohio. I am not even a resident of Ohio, I live in Michigan but in the North, it is a unspoken ...
kayla9170 10/19/2008 40 18 1 9
Finally...The MSM tells of Sarah Palin, the AIP and John Birch Society!
Support Rick Sanchez of CNN with being the FIRST network organization and reporter that has nationally told of the story of Caribou Barbie (Sarah Palin) and the Radical Alaska ...
kayla9170 10/14/2008 7 12 - 18
"That One"....How Dare You Senator McCain
His name is Senator Obama....idiot!!!!
kayla9170 10/07/2008 57 31 1 30
Ms. Palin...Any African-Americans your Governor's Circle?
Sarah Palin is living in a glass house on launching racially motivated attacks against the Obama Campaign. You know what they say about Glass Houses.....
kayla9170 10/05/2008 11 5 1 2
Honor Comes With Honesty!!!
Obama PLEASE use this line over and over again. Thanks Senator Claire McCaskill for giving Obama a line that will stick and to the point!!!
kayla9170 09/15/2008 6 3 - -
Most Will Not Be Happy With This Diary
In the same aspect, it is time that we start looking at the reality of the situation that Democrats are facing. Obama might lose because he is African-American, period. ...
kayla9170 09/14/2008 145 4 - 27
Interesting Little Known News About Joe S.
Seems as if Joe Scarborough Needs to Worry About His Own Past. Why has this NOT been reported? UPDATE--For those who think Joe S. is SUCH A GREAT GUY, look at this link on today's conversation on ...
kayla9170 09/10/2008 43 4 - 8
Personally, I am tired of losing-A Moderate Democratic Perspective
And I'm getting worried that we will do it AGAIN!!!!
kayla9170 09/09/2008 20 3 - 13
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