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Bo Morrison: Wisconsin's own Trayvon Martin
People who have families in Wisconsin that go back more than 100 years have ancestral memories of surprising, uninvited, visitors. In the 1800's, the indigenous peoples of Wisconsin were known to ...
kazoo of the north 03/21/2012 16 22 1 160
the Glass House Ode to Madison
There seems to be this band called Glass House from Oakland, CA. I wish I had more background on them than just that, but I guess that's what why we have comments. Anyway: They made this ...
kazoo of the north 03/24/2011 8 8 - 74
Yet Another Crime of the Walkerites with Video
Our troubles and travails here in Wisconsin are becoming epic, as I've just seen by the Wisconsin Senate Republicans' flight to Washington, on their whirlwind tin cup tour. They'll need that money, ...
kazoo of the north 03/16/2011 3 5 - 80
Americans for Prosperity Bounced from Two WI Restaurants
Remember the voyage of the Khian Sea ? It was a garbage barge that left ...
kazoo of the north 03/03/2011 17 37 - 518
Scott Walker Bounced from Local Restaurant: UPDATED X2
Scott Walker: We don't need to know who's ass you are kissing. You basically told the world. Like any story of playground bullies and kissing, there's the real question: When you were kissing David ...
kazoo of the north 02/26/2011 144 121 - 2685
Malfeasance: Walker's Lie by Omission
Reading Patience John's diary: The Koch Brothers' End Game in Wisconsin , and sharing it with a ...
kazoo of the north 02/22/2011 2 5 - 50
We need a Civil Environmental Remediation Authority
The damage done and continuing to be done in the Gulf defies description. A disciplined and organized approach is required to look at all types of the effort that needs to be applied. I just saw ...
kazoo of the north 06/05/2010 10 10 - 21
Detoxify the Assets
Toxic Assets. How toxic are these assets? How about a formula? (Number of total home loans) x (Fraction of those loans prone to default) And the formula for the fraction of the loans prone to ...
kazoo of the north 09/30/2008 5 1 - 7
Find {Young Trigg}
If you can get past the banal and lame use of the N-word, which I guess I can't, you might be able to ...
kazoo of the north 08/30/2008 12 2 - 35
Edwards needs to step it up: Demand impeachment
This is my message in a bottle. I so hope that somebody in the Edwards camp gets this. My message is this: Hear us. Demand impeachment now. The most pressing reason is that there ...
kazoo of the north 01/06/2008 28 4 - -
WTF? Another Republican Gay? Murder? Suicide?
By way of the General , who heard from Pam , who might of heard ...
kazoo of the north 09/10/2007 7 5 - -
Drug testing whole cities: shotgun probable cause
I was checking out slashdot , and found this reference to this one ...
kazoo of the north 08/22/2007 13 2 1 2
Gestapoization: Why Congress MUST ACT! w/poll
I took a stop by the frameshop to see what's up with the buzzwords. We need a buzzword of our own. Plant the seed in the nation's mind. Why shouldn't Bush ...
kazoo of the north 03/21/2007 8 - - 1
Talabani joins coalition of the leaving
Fatigue and exhaustion seems to have overcome the President of Iraq. Nothing to worry about here, folks! It's not a heart attack. Now that George has made the English Army go home, the ranks of ...
kazoo of the north 02/25/2007 9 2 - -
Hiding the war dead should be outlawed by Congress
I believe that if a person has volunteered to serve in the armed forces of this country, fought, and died, that person has indeed led a meaningful life. The meaninglessness of the war is completely ...
kazoo of the north 01/31/2007 7 4 - 8
Does Bush have a Naziesque personal South American exit strategy?
kazoo of the north 10/19/2006 28 6 2 1
A Video Visit to the New Hitler Shrine
kazoo of the north 06/14/2006 8 - - 38
Hill Staffer Attacked, FBI called
kazoo of the north 11/08/2005 77 56 1 22
No, Carnacki! This is the shittiest diary ever
kazoo of the north 10/03/2005 10 3 - 1
AN IMPEACHMENT TRIAL BY LABOR DAY should be on the table
kazoo of the north 09/02/2005 10 7 - 1
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