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Both CVS and Mondawmin Mall should sue Baltimore Police
Short diary here. As has been pointed out in diaries here and an article at Mother Jones , the evidence strongly suggests that the Baltimore City Police Department intentionally instigated the ...
kbman 05/01/2015 4 12 - -
Recommended? 6 recs in 6 hours?
To judge by the tags, the Daily Kos community has chosen to recommend an I/P flamebait diary from a rightwing Likudnik diarist, a diary which calls out respected members of the community. I said ...
kbman 02/10/2015 34 3 - -
The P*triots - A Tale of Two Seasons ... or is it 8?
It is exceptionally amusing to watch the mental gymnastics the P*ts fans are going through to try to defend Brady and Belichick.Several have gone so far as to don their tin-foil hats and claim that ...
kbman 01/24/2015 71 3 - -
Americans should be forced to watch torture videos
At the close of WWII, many German citizens were unaware, or in denial about the killing of Jews in German concentration camps. To counter this, the Allied armies forced large numbers of average ...
kbman 12/29/2014 49 12 1 -
Oregon ballot + "No on 91" Propaganda in today's mail
I received my vote-by-mail Oregon ballot today. There was also a 6 x 9 card mailer from "No on 91" apparently intended to scare the bejeebus out of Oregon voters. The front has a collage of packages ...
kbman 10/20/2014 16 8 - -
Updated - Calling B.S. on Darren Wilson's "broken eye orbital"
This story just came out in the past two days. It has repeatedly been used as a cudgel by the racist assholes people defending the cop's killing of Michael Brown. This raises MANY questions ... The ...
kbman 08/21/2014 316 181 4 -
My LTE RE Ferguson printed in the Register Guard
Here is what they printed ... Congress has enabled police abuses I feel fortunate to have been born into a white, middle-class family and to live in a town like Eugene where the police actions are ...
kbman 08/16/2014 6 8 - -
Forgetting the lessons from Rwanda
I became embroiled in a mini-controversy in a diary last night, one which I feel is disturbingly representative of a coarsening of opinion on this site. I read a diary by a popular diarist. It was a ...
kbman 05/17/2014 10 2 - -
Springtime for Tea Party Patriots!
Every social movement needs a catchy tune to help market itself. Operation American Spring is no different. After some sleuthing, I was able to find the lyrics for their theme ... Springtime for ...
kbman 05/16/2014 4 9 - -
Watch Out! ... a song about climate change
Watch Out! Now way back many years ago, before the dawn of man, The giants we call dinosaurs roamed across the land. And then one day a ferocious rock storm rained down from the sky, And for the ...
kbman 03/16/2014 5 4 - -
"I am an Obamacare Loser" ad concept
The scene: a well-dressed gentleman in his 50's is standing in front of a luxury car parked in front of a mansion. "I am an Obamacare loser. That is to say, Obamacare will cost me more than I ...
kbman 03/04/2014 11 5 - -
No wonder they get away with fraud
I recently had a bad experience with an auto repair situation. Actually, it started out as an inexpensive oil change with a coupon. It was with a major auto maintenance chain, one which I will not ...
kbman 02/10/2014 14 13 - -
Officer Krupke revisited ...
Dearrrrr kindly Gov'nor Christie, I'm try'n to understand. I heard that you were miff-kied, By my Hoboken stand. I've always been your ally, My loyalty is strong, Golly jeepers, what did I do wrong?
kbman 01/18/2014 9 7 - -
Back to the Future IV - Governor Biff's Revenge
"BWAHAHA Mayor McFly! You've been Radio Silenced Motherfucker!!!"
kbman 01/17/2014 3 2 - -
A tale of two DC headlines
I just checked my email to find "Breaking News" from both the Washington Post and the Washington Times. WaPo: Obama Asks Congress to Postpone a Vote on Syria Action While Diplomacy Is Pursued WaTi:
kbman 09/10/2013 16 8 - -
Santa Claus, God, and the NSA
He see's you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake, He knows if you've been bad or good, So be good for goodness sake! from Santa Claus is Coming to Town O Lord you have searched me ...
kbman 07/09/2013 6 5 - -
"Where were you on the night of June 10th, 2013?"
"Never mind, we already know." This diary concerns another data point in the ongoing conversation about the lengths to which the government is going to keep tabs on us - all of us. This particular ...
kbman 06/10/2013 77 74 - -
Birfin' USA
After watching this video the other day I was inspired to write a few lines ... So with apologies to both Chuck Berry and Dennis Wilson ... Birfin' USA If everybody watched Fox News, Across ...
kbman 05/10/2013 4 5 - -
FOX, take "COPS" off the air - Color of Change petition drive
Link to petition From the action email ... Twenty-five years ago, George H.W. Bush’s infamous Willie Horton ad and the media frenzy surrounding the crack epidemic combined to put a definitively ...
kbman 03/20/2013 18 14 - -
Legal Pot - The Jury Nullification Project Update
In my previous diary, Smells Like Legal Pot - The Jury Nullification Tour , I discussed the case of Edward Forchion, aka NWeedman. He was successful in using jury nullification to avoid conviction ...
kbman 03/07/2013 4 13 1 -
Smells Like Legal Pot - The Jury Nullification Tour
I read that our Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske, claimed in a recent interview that the Obama administration is going to go after growers and suppliers in Colorado and Washington. Apparently they think ...
kbman 02/24/2013 170 170 5 -
Superbowl Liveblog
Hello and welcome to the biggest spectacle of professional sports in the United States. Since the Superbowl generally attracts more casual fans of the game, I figured it might be nice to provide a ...
kbman 02/03/2013 158 21 - -
Ravens @ Patriots AFC Championship - Liveblog
Oops, looks like the Ravens peed in the pundit's punchbowl. They went and spoiled the much anticipated Brady-Manning clash of the Titans. Instead we get a rematch of last year's AFC Championship. ...
kbman 01/20/2013 165 10 - -
49ers @ Falcons NFC Championship - Liveblog
The San Francisco 49ers play the Atlanta Falcons in this opening game of Championship Sunday. There are a couple of dominant storylines coming into this game. One is the incredibly amazing ...
kbman 01/20/2013 110 8 - -
NFL Playoffs Texans @ Patriots
There are a number of similarities between this game and the game yesterday between the Ravens and Broncos. The Broncos were overwhelming favorites and had embarrassed the Ravens in week 15, 34-17. ...
kbman 01/13/2013 53 6 - -
NFL Playoffs Seahawks @ Falcons
One might wonder how well Matt Ryan slept last night. He is under a bit of pressure to perform this year. Much like the young Peyton Manning, he has the rap of being not so effective in the playoffs.
kbman 01/13/2013 97 3 - -
NFL Playoffs Packers @ 49ers - Liveblog
This promises to be a good game. Both teams have had some ups and downs this year, but have looked strong in general. There are also quite a few people who are hoping to see a Packers - Seahawks ...
kbman 01/12/2013 60 9 - -
NFL Playoffs Ravens @ Broncos - Liveblog
Gee, I guess I might as well not even watch this game. All of football punditry have declared the Ravens DOA in Denver. Not a chance, Ray Lewis' last game. Flacco beat Manning? You've GOT to be ...
kbman 01/12/2013 284 10 - -
NFL Playoffs Seahawks @ Redskins - Liveblog
Three down, one to go. The Bengals, Vikings, and Colts go home while the Texans, Packers, and Ravens move on. This game could be a good one. Both teams have been playing well in the second half of ...
kbman 01/06/2013 47 3 - -
NFL Playoffs Colts @ Ravens - Liveblog
This is a replacement diary for the one that was launched prematurely ... This is the game of the weekend for me, being a Ravens fan. I wish I knew which of the Ravens' personalities was going to ...
kbman 01/06/2013 92 6 - -
NFL Playoffs Liveblog - Vikings @ Packers
Onto the second matchup of the playoffs. Both teams have had their ups and downs this year. The Packers are favored by a TD+ and the Vikings are seen by a number of experts as bein the weakest team ...
kbman 01/05/2013 43 6 - -
NFL Playoffs Liveblog - Bengals @ Texans
So, the second season kicks off today with Cincy and Houston. This could be a very good game. The Texans were amazing early in the season but have lagged a bit coming down the stretch. Meanwhile, ...
kbman 01/05/2013 70 3 - -
A message from Hippie Santa
Here's hoping for a brighter future, one in which the crazy people trying to destroy the US finally see the folly of their ways and change course before its too late.
kbman 12/25/2012 5 2 - -
I feel blessed - thank you my anonymous friend!
I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the anonymous Kossack who purchased a subscription for me last night. I am quite appreciative for this, as I am for the existence of this incredible community. ...
kbman 12/18/2012 4 15 - -
To my Republican friends and deficit-phobes
I recently posted this to Facebook and wanted to share it here as well ... To my Republican friends and those who are concerned about the debt and deficit ... A friend commented yesterday that one ...
kbman 10/25/2012 11 19 2 -
"Angry Mitt" Photoshop template
Hi folks. I took the angry Mitt screen shot and replaced the blurred background image of the president with solid blue. Feel free to use as you choose ... Here's an example ...
kbman 10/17/2012 70 46 4 -
Romney the Doughman (ttto Frosty the Snowman)
Romney the Doughman Romney the doughman was a lying hapless soul, With his corny jokes and his wooden pose. And a heart made out of coal. Romney the doughman, tells us fairy tales, they say, And ...
kbman 09/10/2012 5 6 - 34
"Trust in the Wind" (Romney's finger's thrust in the wind)
Trust in the Wind (With apologies to Kansas for having associated them with the Mittney) He really tries, But only for a moment, then the moment's gone. His true beliefs, Show up amidst his lies ...
kbman 09/09/2012 3 4 - 57
Line drawing of Paul Ryan truly captures his essence
Personally, I find the resemblance to be uncanny.
kbman 09/06/2012 12 11 - 313
Breaking! Firefighters dispatched to Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL - Firefighters responded this morning to a small fire at the Tampa Convention Center. Due to their quick response they were able to contain the blaze to a backstage area in which the ...
kbman 08/30/2012 19 25 - 378
"Life is a Team Sport!"
This has been my personal motto for the past few years. It is a restatement of the title of Hillary Clinton's book, "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child." It is also the perfect retort to the GOP's "...
kbman 08/29/2012 1 - - 14
Leaked draft of Ann Romney's convention address
This was apparently leaked from the same source who recently provided Gawker with a treasure trove of Bain Capital internal documents. It was accompanied by the somewhat surprising note that Ann had ...
kbman 08/26/2012 5 19 - 411
Survey: Is this a racist image?
A bit of controversy came up in my diary from yesterday and I'm trying to get a reality check here. I don't want to bias your responses so I will just present the information needed to complete the ...
kbman 08/24/2012 47 1 - 322
WaTimes, A. Napolitano: rape no excuse for abortion - w / racist picture
A while back I signed up for daily emails from the Washington Times. It is handy because every morning in my inbox I get a preview of the GOP talking points for the day. Today they featured a piece ...
kbman 08/23/2012 29 12 - 255
Etch-a-Sketch Shaking and the GOP Uterine Utopia
"Shake it, shake it Mittney!" So, it didn't take long for Team Etch-a-Sketch to start erasing history. Despite saying a few months ago that he supported an amendment stating that life begins at ...
kbman 08/22/2012 15 5 - 59
Mitt Romney has no respect for the American people
Do YOU knowingly and repeatedly lie to people you respect? Of course not. That is part of showing respect for someone - being honest with them. As such, I can only conclude that Mitt Romney and ...
kbman 08/20/2012 1 13 1 83
Do you live in, or near, a Tea Party district?
As mentioned in my diary from last night, Do you have a long-established account at Free Republic, Redstate, etc.? , I have a plan that requires some infiltration of Tea Party thinking - I know, an ...
kbman 08/15/2012 6 - - 119
Do you have a long established account at Free Republic, Redstate, etc.?
I have a plan. It requires some deep cover agents - people who have set up accounts long ago and perhaps established some form of credibility there. I don't want to provide any information in this ...
kbman 08/14/2012 10 8 - 274
Mitt Romney's Secret Plan to End the Deficit
Harry Reid recently called Romney the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon. As such, it seems fitting that Romney would parallel Nixon's secret plan to end the war in Vietnam with a secret ...
kbman 08/11/2012 2 1 - 43
My "You didn't build that" reply to a wingnut on National Journal
In attempting to justify the Romnoid interpretation of Obama's "you didn't build it" speech, a wingnut on the National Journal blog started off thusly: What need is there to point out that someone ...
kbman 07/27/2012 13 21 - 213
The Tale of Willard Mitt's Pile (TTTO Gilligan's Isle)
I was inspired to write this parody by this rec list diary . The Tale of Willard Mitt's Pile Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a clueless twit, Who wants to be our president, ...
kbman 07/26/2012 13 5 - 61
The King of Bain
The King of Bain (with apologies to Sting and The Police) There's a little remark in The Globe today, It's the same old thing as yesterday. A reporter wants to play campaign cop, And despite my ...
kbman 07/14/2012 4 2 - 49
Hotmail: Pro-marijuana email "looks very suspicious"
Note: This diary involves an action email from Brian Sonenstein of firedoglake. While I understand that there are those here who spit in the general direction of anything from FDL, that pie fight ...
kbman 07/11/2012 9 7 - 133
Astroturfer Alert - "Grassfire Nation"
I saw this email which someone inappropriately forwarded to the worksite of a film project I'm working on. It appears to be an outgrowth of the Tea Party. I immediately alerted the person managing ...
kbman 06/14/2012 4 4 - 76
Canada Bracing for Massive Influx of Wisconsin Boat People
From: The Borowitz Report OTTAWA (The Borowitz Report) – The Canadian coast guard was on alert today, preparing for what it fears could be a massive invasion of boat people from Wisconsin. ...
kbman 06/06/2012 125 97 - 633
Scott Walker reveals that HE is John Doe ... OOOPS!
Oh, those tricky reporters and their gotcha questions ... BREAKING: MAJOR REVELATIONS IN JOHN DOE PROBE - Scott Walker Mistakenly Admits He is Under Investigation Following reports that Scott ...
kbman 05/30/2012 83 457 5 2855
Walker at Marquette by Dr. Glen Barry - needs to go viral
I just read this blog post from an old classmate of Scottie-boy. The man is apparently legit, and his story and characterizations of Walker are priceless. Here is a taste ... I had the ...
kbman 05/26/2012 58 192 3 1393
Update - housing crisis resolved, Whew!
A big thanks to the DK community for the support, suggestions and offers of temporary housing in response to my diary yesterday. I'm still not sure why the original place fell through, haven't ...
kbman 04/30/2012 3 14 - 110
My Oregon housing crisis ...
The place I was expecting to move into this weekend has mysteriously become unavailable. I think the guy is having problems getting repairs done in time, but he hasn't returned calls or messages ...
kbman 04/29/2012 9 34 1 201
Ann Romney: "My Struggle"
Pretty catchy title for an autobiography, no?
kbman 04/12/2012 29 2 - 214
Flush Rush action contacts 3/23/12, national & Eugene, OR
No Rush today, instead it was his fill-in, Mark Stein - just as much an ideological liar as Rush and his own laugh track to boot. The man can't help but chuckle constantly over his own wittiness. ...
kbman 03/23/2012 2 8 - 39
Limbaugh ads, national & Eugene, OR w/ contact info
Our big late season snow event is over and the Limbaugh show's broadcast once again reached up here to Harrisburg. I recorded advertisers steadily, leaving off only a few in the closing minutes. ...
kbman 03/22/2012 17 15 - 74
Freaky weather indeed, heavy snow in Eugene, OR
We woke this morning in the central Willamette valley with several inches of snow on the ground and more on the way. The last time I recall this much snow in the valley was December 2008. And now, ...
kbman 03/21/2012 22 6 - 131
My dittohead response LTE published
The Eugene Register Guard had my letter in their print and internet editions on Tuesday the 20th. The original was too long and so I cut 50-some words, and then they changed my title and made some ...
kbman 03/20/2012 7 42 1 284
Flush Rush ad contacts 3/20/12
It was an interesting day on the Limbaugh watch. I missed some of the ads due to being caught up in conversations with advertisers. In speaking with a representative from AAA it became apparent ...
kbman 03/20/2012 11 24 - 127
Flush Rush Action / contact info 3/19/12
I wasn't able to log the whole show as I did Friday but did get to listen to almost all of the ad breaks. There were still quite a few PSAs probably fifteen or so, not as many as Friday. There ...
kbman 03/19/2012 2 8 1 48
Stand against Rush w/ contact info 3/16/12
I apologize for missing yesterday's update. I had a very busy day and had to skip writing the diary. I listened to follow the ads and it was similar to Wednesday, though I didn't catch them all ...
kbman 03/16/2012 5 9 1 58
I recently harmed someone on DailyKos
I didn't intend to. I didn't recognize that it was what I was doing. In fact, I thought I was defending myself against an unfair attack. And while that can be debated, what I failed to recognize ...
kbman 03/15/2012 24 39 - 696
Classic dittohead LTE and my response
One of the ladies I'm working with on the Eugene, OR version of Operation Flush Rush showed me a letter to the editor in today's edition of the Register Guard. It is so quintessentially dittohead ...
kbman 03/14/2012 119 478 8 2473
Flush Rush action, 3/14/12 w/contact info
It was somewhat disappointing to listen today as the ratio of paid ads to PSAs was back up significantly. I just see this as meaning that we need to enroll more people in the effort to contact ...
kbman 03/14/2012 4 4 - 47
Operation Flush Rush, ads & contact info 3/13/12
It was an interesting day. Most of the advertisers were the same as the past few days despite Premier Broadcasting's statement that they are pulling all national ads for two weeks. Despite this, ...
kbman 03/13/2012 13 5 - 55
Limbaugh ads - not much difference
I'm wondering what the deal is with the national ads that were pulled ... I'm not seeing much difference here from last week, so far ads for: Tax Resolution Services Hoover Business to Business ...
kbman 03/13/2012 43 1 - 173
Operation Flush Rush - Eugene, OR edition 3/12 [w/ national contacts too!]
It was an interesting day. Some of the ads that had disappeared last week were back on today, but they only played during the first ten minutes of the show and the last ten minutes. There were ...
kbman 03/12/2012 9 7 1 35
I was recently Slut-shamed on DailyKos
It about took my breath away for a moment, I was stunned and not quite sure how to respond. My purpose for this diary is not to call out the other person involved in any way, but rather to use this ...
kbman 03/10/2012 132 19 1 817
Rush in Eugene, OR - 1 remaining local paid advertiser
The only local paid advertiser left on Limbaugh's daily hatefest is a realtor named Erick Harpole who has Glenn Beck narrate his ad. It was on twice. There were also a couple of PSA's that had ...
kbman 03/09/2012 8 11 - 135
Flush Rush Action Diary, Eugene, OR 3/8
Funny to note that the ad right above my "welcome back" box is for Limbaugh advertiser Lear Capital. Three days ago I didn't even know they existed, now I despise them for supporting Rush's daily ...
kbman 03/08/2012 12 9 - 69
OK. I admit it. I've been working with Rush Limbaugh
We're trying to end his radio career. Rush has already laid the critical groundwork, I'm just helping with the follow-through. And, I'd love to have your help. You see, Rush is in a bit of a bind.
kbman 03/07/2012 9 13 - 166
Rush redefines the terms of engagement
I just sent this to our local Rush affiliate under the title, BTW - did you notice that Rush threw you under the bus today? At the beginning of his show Rush was bragging about how no stations ...
kbman 03/07/2012 7 18 - 162
Keep up the pressure on Limbaugh
We need to keep growing this movement against Rush. No letting things blow over as he is hoping will happen. Just yesterday I enrolled a few local MoveOn members to join in my calls. Instead of ...
kbman 03/07/2012 22 11 1 68
Operation Flush Rush, Eugene, OR edition
Hi folks. I've been very much taking one for the team this week, listening to the Rush Limbaugh show each morning to identify local advertisers. Actually it hasn't been all that horrible. His ...
kbman 03/06/2012 14 12 - 84
Another local station dumps Rush - WBEC in Pittsfield, MA
This is the second station to dump Rush today as reported by New England Public Radio . And apparently they did it out of exasperation with Limbaugh ... General Manager Peter Barry says his ...
kbman 03/05/2012 27 35 1 185
Coming soon from Clear Channel Communications ...
THE ALL NEW and COMMERCIAL FREE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW! That's right wingers! Now you can get an extra-heapin' dose of Rush without all them danged commercials interruptin' things. Pure, unadulterated,
kbman 03/05/2012 1 3 - 129
I was just push-polled on "America's debt crisis"
I was skeptical from the beginning and the "pollsters" didn't disappoint, though they did lie. The poll was typical BS, asking me to rate the D's, R's and POTUS on their handling of "America's debt ...
kbman 03/01/2012 34 7 - 165
Super Bowl XLVI Liveblog
Kickoff at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis at 6:30 EST. It's the New England Patriots versus the New York Giants for those of you who have been living in a hole the past few weeks. I'm ...
kbman 02/05/2012 198 6 - 620
NFC Championship: Giants - 49ers Liveblog
Well here we go again folks, Should be a great game. My pick is 49ers, 24-14. I think their defense can stop Eli and maybe also pick up a score for them. The Giants D has come on recently, but so ...
kbman 01/22/2012 177 6 - 538
AFC Championship: Ravens-Patriots Liveblog
On February 3, 2002, Tom Brady led a last minute 54 yard drive to get the Pats in position for a game winning FG against the Rams. Prior to that drive he had struggled against the Rams 3rd ranked ...
kbman 01/22/2012 105 5 - 293
NFL Divisional playoffs liveblog Packers/Giants
I've picked the Giants to win this one.
kbman 01/15/2012 192 10 - 514
NFL Divisional playoffs liveblog Ravens/Texans
Here we go again, bad start for Baltimore, they need to wake up here in a hurry.
kbman 01/15/2012 98 2 - 188
NFL Divisional Playoffs game 2 liveblog
The first diary got a lot of comments, time for a fresh page.
kbman 01/14/2012 250 18 - 675
NFL Divisional Playoffs liveblog
Welcome back to weekend II of the NFL playoffs. Hopefully there will be 3 good games and a blowout this weekend. (nothing wrong with hoping ...) I was 2-2 last weekend in my picks, I had Atlanta ...
kbman 01/14/2012 234 9 - 389
NFL Wild Card Sunday Liveblog
OK, so the first game is well under way ... Giants just scored and are up 7-2. I posted my wild card weekend predictions yesterday, for this one I see Atlanta finally winning a playoff game 33-24. ...
kbman 01/08/2012 36 - - 109
NFL Playoff Power Rankings and Predictions
In trying to evaluate the teams in the playoffs this year one thing jumped out in the statistics. Many of the high powered offenses in the NFC had played few top defenses, and many of the defensive ...
kbman 01/07/2012 19 2 - 119
Sibelius overrules FDA on Morning After Pill - unprecedented
Got this in my morning email from NYT ... Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled the scientists at the Food and Drug Administration Wednesday and refused to ...
kbman 12/07/2011 39 23 - 182
The Authoritarian Backlash gains steam
One of the tried and true methods of reasserting authoritarian power is to respond to challenges to that power with excessive force as a reminder of who is boss. This was started in New York by ...
kbman 10/13/2011 15 16 - 189
Who could have seen this coming?
The right wing PR team is going into hyper-response mode to current events on Wall Street and around the country. This has been noted in many recent diaries. Aside from the responses in the ...
kbman 10/08/2011 7 2 - 105
What is racist? Who gets to say it is?
I initially wrote this as a comment but feel that it should be a diary of its own because I believe it gets to the heart of the current conflict here. I thought of making this version slightly ...
kbman 09/12/2011 235 10 - 376
The Life and Times of a Nuclear Industry Sh!thead
Like many others, when the earthquake and then tsunami hit Japan I was appalled at the scope and magnitude of the destruction and fearful that the death toll would be high. I was also very ...
kbman 06/19/2011 111 31 1 337
Fukushima Status Update - An Apology
Hi folks. I wish to extend a heartfelt apology to the community for helping to perpetuate misinformation provided by TEPCO, the Japanese government, and various regulatory agencies. I had believed ...
kbman 06/12/2011 111 118 2 1056
Fukushima Status Update - TEPCO's plan
Here is an update of things from the past couple of weeks and some thoughts on TEPCO's announced plans for the next several months. For those who are new, I have written a number of diaries ...
kbman 04/18/2011 55 45 1 303
House hearings on US response to Fukushima
Just a quick note. I got this link in an email this AM from my old colleague in the nuclear industry. The House of Representatives is having hearings today:
kbman 04/06/2011 9 8 1 82
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