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Thanksgiving 2014 - A Rant
I usually don't like posts to be simple rants on a topic. But today I feel like ranting. Don't know what to say about the state of our country, sitting here watching the steady snow fall from a nor'...
kenwards 11/26/2014 2 3 - -
White Privilege - A White Man's Journey to Understanding
The events in Ferguson, Missouri, yet another shooting of an unarmed black male by white police, along with some other recent shootings of blacks by cops, have led to increased discussion of the ...
kenwards 09/12/2014 70 125 1 -
Bumper Stickers and Books at Sunday Mass
This past Sunday my wife and I put in a rear appearance at Mass. It wasn't what some might consider a traditional old-fashioned sitting in the pews kinds of Mass. No, this was a service at an ...
kenwards 08/11/2014 42 41 - -
Another Swing and a Miss from George Will
Baseball in the era of George Will. Today's installment of GOP projection comes courtesy of long-time conservative columnist, and noted baseball fan, George Will.
kenwards 08/04/2014 5 9 - -
Is Sterling A "Racist"?, or What's In A Name?
Here's one name that's appropriate for Sterling Or more precisely what's in a word? I know there has been much written and said about the Donald Sterling matter and his lifetime ban from the NBA.
kenwards 05/05/2014 10 1 - -
Another Free Market Fail
Originally posted (with minor alterations) on Views on Brews . For decades now we have been going down the road of deregulation and privatization. The promise is always the same. Competition, ...
kenwards 04/09/2014 77 79 2 -
Baby Boomers, Culture Shock and Fox News
I learnt everything I no on Fox News There have been a number of articles and postings recently concerning the toxic impact of Fox News, especially to members of the older generation. One article ...
kenwards 03/07/2014 3 13 - -
Please Stop! You're Killing Me! Bachmann Advice on Stopping Hillary!
I usually don't read Cal Thomas, a leading conservative columnist. Even though according to the Chicago Tribune he is "America's number one nationally syndicated political columnist". They couldn't ...
kenwards 02/19/2014 10 13 - -
Is It Just Me, or do "journalists" suck?
People have been beating up on journalists and journalism pretty well the last couple of days and deservedly so. I mean you expect Fox News to misrepresent and distort the Congressional Budget ...
kenwards 02/07/2014 17 3 - -
Another Example of the Fallacy of the Free Market Always Knows Best
So the other night I'm randomly channel surfing while getting ready to hit the hay. I came across a PBS Frontline story entitled, " Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria ". Being an old chemistry major ...
kenwards 10/25/2013 73 57 2 -
How a Child of Republicans Became a Democrat
Here is my response to the challenge presented by AlyoshaKaramazov to talk about what we believe in as Democrats, and why we are Democrats. The thoughts were originally posted on Views on Brews/...
kenwards 10/23/2013 6 8 - -
Isn't a Limp Dick God's Will Too?
So last night the family was sitting around talking about the recent shenanigans in DC around the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. The TV was on in the background and the story was about ...
kenwards 10/18/2013 30 45 1 -
What the Doctor Told My Mother
My mother is 84 going on 85 and going through a hard time of it lately. She has several issues that have been exacerbated by losing my father about six months ago. He was her partner of nearly 60 ...
kenwards 09/27/2013 121 160 3 -
Jimmy Carter - A Great President?
One way I like to get a rise out of people when getting into a political discussion between those not of like mind is to assert that 50 years from now Jimmy Carter will be hailed as the best ...
kenwards 08/28/2013 65 20 1 -
One More Lieberman Diary, or is Obama a fan of irony? (with POLL)
As a Connecticut Democrat, member in good standing of my local Democratic town committee here in the beautiful Northwest Corner of the state, I am as sick of "Joe-mentum" as the next guy. And there ...
kenwards 11/26/2008 8 2 - 5
We almost walked out of church last night
As with any good religiously-themed diary let me begin with a confession. My wife and I have not been regular church goers for a couple of years now. Once both our sons had made their way through ...
kenwards 10/20/2008 121 38 1 25
Help Me with PUMAs
Given Obama's speech, the convention in general, and the fact that we are in crunch time I hesitate to post a diary on this topic. The primary reason I chose Obama over Hillary when voting in the CT ...
kenwards 08/29/2008 8 1 - -
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