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Supreme Court Looks to Mess with Obamacare Again - Subsidies Case Taken Up By High Court
The Supreme Court has decided to take up the issue of whether the tax subsidies provided through Federal Exchanges and processed by the IRS are constitutionally valid under the ACA as drafted. ...
khyber900 11/07/2014 5 - - -
Election 2014 - My Quick Take & Lessons Learned
Like many, I was wrong about a lot of the results in the big 2014 Senate races. I think I was more misled by the polls than wrong, but that's another matter. Here is my quick take on why this ...
khyber900 11/04/2014 7 5 - -
Stop the Presses in Iowa - Q says Braley and Ernst are tied at 47%
We finally have 1 nominally mainstream polling organization whose results are generally well publicized in the national political media acknowledging the presence of a Braley surge. Quinnipiac's ...
khyber900 11/03/2014 9 12 1 -
GOP Shutdown/Default: Game Over, Shutdown Over, Default Averted, America Wins
So here we are at the end of the GOP's delusional, quixotic and extremely disruptive and costly strategy to shutdown the government for 2 weeks and threaten a credit default in order to cut the ...
khyber900 10/17/2013 11 11 - -
GOP Shutdown/Default-Latest Updates 10-15-13:Bizarre Day, Cruz Controls, Boehner Folds, End in Sight
This was the single most bizarre day I've observed in US politics since the beginning of the Florida recount in 2000. The events were so fast moving and changing that I didn't know from 1 hour to ...
khyber900 10/16/2013 114 222 1 -
GOP Shutdown/Default - Latest Updates 10-14-13: Senate Deal Close; Tea Party Barks; Sequester Fight
Here are the latest updates on the GOP shutdown/default: - The action continues to be in the US Senate. The House has been kicked to the curb. The WH is also hanging around in the background but ...
khyber900 10/14/2013 82 203 1 -
GOP Shutdown/Default-Latest Updates (10/14/13) - McConnell Punts, Ryan Blinks? Reid Rules
Here are the latest developments in the GOP shutdown/default saga: There were a number of conflicting reports and misguided headlines as to what took place in the world of politics over college and ...
khyber900 10/13/2013 156 357 4 -
GOP Shutdown/Default - Latest Updates and Observations (10-13-13) - Harry Reid v. Paul Ryan
Here is the latest on the GOP's government shutdown and default. - President Obama formally rejected the House GOP proposal to extend the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown for a limited ...
khyber900 10/13/2013 172 425 8 -
GOP Shutdown/Default - Latest Updates and Observations
WAPO has a pretty good article tonight discussing the sense of urgency among Republicans (well mainly Senate Republicans + Boehner and about 20 House GOPers in blue states) to end the shutdown and ...
khyber900 10/11/2013 20 15 - -
GOP Shutdown/Default Update - New Developments/Observations
The GOP's wall of intransigence is collapsing. Confusion abounds. They don't know what to do. For the last several days, we've all been afraid that the rudderless House GOP with a weak Speaker ...
khyber900 10/10/2013 16 25 - -
Latest on GOP Default/Shutdown - Jonathan Chait Commentary and Other Observations
I read a very incisive article by Jonathan Chait, as well as the articles from WAPO (10/10/13) which paint a picture of disarray on purpose and strategy, delusion as to what they think will force ...
khyber900 10/10/2013 6 15 - -
Perspective on the Final 3 Weeks of the Campaign: Edge to Obama
We all know that debate #2 was vitally important. Even before the debate season started, I have always used the Bush-Kerry 2004 debates as a baseline to understand this election. In my view, the ...
khyber900 10/17/2012 13 9 - -
Jobs Report Muthaf***as, and it's better than expected
Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%. 114k jobs created in September. 86k jobs added for July and August. Monthly average for the quarter is 146k. Wages rose in September.
khyber900 10/05/2012 14 8 - 117
Taking Back the House: List of Competitive House Races (Week of 9/17)
This is the second installment Taking Back the House. I've tried to put together a simple list of competitive House races to identify the potential net takeovers for both the Democrats and the GOP.
khyber900 09/19/2012 15 25 1 150
Harry Reid Hits Romney... Again
Harry Reid in his role as the Democratic truth-telling hatchet man goes after Mitt Romney on the Senate floor. “The 47 percent are ordinary, hard-working Americans who deserve respect – ...
khyber900 09/19/2012 239 613 1 4107
WAPO Poll VA: Obama 52 Romney 44 (LV)
Confirming what PPP has been saying for a while, Obama has a decent sized lead in VA. This WAPO poll puts Obama's lead at 8 points among LVs (52-44) and 7 points among RVs (50-43). I haven't read ...
khyber900 09/18/2012 53 34 - 370
Taking Back the House: List of Competitive House Races (Week of 9/17)
This is the second installment Taking Back the House. I've tried to put together a simple list of competitive House races to identify the potential net takeovers for both the Democrats and the GOP.
khyber900 09/13/2012 16 41 4 282
Obama's Response: "Governor Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later."
Politico has a short article citing an interview the President gave to CBS which will air later today. In it, CBS asked about the attack on US diplomats in Libya and suggested that Romney was too ...
khyber900 09/12/2012 7 13 - 101
Stephanie Cutter on Ryan: "He lied"
In one of the most refreshing 'tell it like it is' moments this side of Harry Reid, I am pleased to report that Stephanie Cutter called out Paul Ryan with the simple words, "He Lied". A fuller quote:
khyber900 08/30/2012 12 23 - 209
Breaking: Obama +4 in FL, Tied in NC
CNN/Time released a poll showing Obama up 50-46 among likely voters in FL. In NC, Obama is down 1 point to Romney 48-47. However, SUSA released a poll showing the race tied in NC at 43, making the ...
khyber900 08/27/2012 16 23 - 336
Obama Campaign/Axelrod Current Electoral Map: Obama 247 Romney 191
Politico has a detailed interview with David Axelrod of the Obama campaign which is a pretty interesting read. This was discussed in an earlier diary: Uplifting Axelrod Interview One note in the ...
khyber900 08/20/2012 8 18 - 224
Conference Call with President Barack Obama
On Friday, I was part of a group selected by the Obama campaign to join a conference call with the President to discuss what supporters can do to help him to victory this fall in his re-election ...
khyber900 08/18/2012 26 20 1 188
Obama Campaign Perspective: Cautiously Optimistic about Ryan Pick - Jonathan Alter
This article which appeared on Bloomberg and written by Jonathan Alter contains some interesting perspectives from the Obama campaign about the Ryan pick. Alter quoted David Axelrod but appears to ...
khyber900 08/16/2012 4 10 - 178
Survey USA -Missouri: Obama only down 1 point
Interesting poll taken by Survey USA yesterday (Sunday). It looks like a one day snap poll on the final day/weekend of the Olympics. The result: Obama only down 1 point 45-44 to Romney in MO. ...
khyber900 08/13/2012 23 23 - 271
Anyone with thoughts on Iowa?
The President is about to embark on a fairly long 3 day bus tour of the state. He isn't touching Des Moines, but is mostly hitting swing areas. Nate Silver has dubbed the state the 'forgotten ...
khyber900 08/12/2012 11 5 - 89
CNN/ORC Poll: Obama 52 Romney 45
Here is the link to the article. Interesting feature is that Obama leads among both men and women. Basically, no one likes Romney and the GOPers who are voting for him are holding their noses. ...
khyber900 08/09/2012 50 47 - 685
PPP (North Carolina): Obama 49 Romney 46
PPP has just released its latest poll of North Carolina and it's pretty good news for the President. Obama leads by 3 points (49-46), which flies in the face of Rasmussen's poll last week which had ...
khyber900 08/07/2012 23 20 2 213
Quinnipiac (Pres) - OH, FL, PA: Obama +6, +6, +11
The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has an early release of the Quinnipiac polls for Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. No internals available, but Obama leads in each state, by a margin of 6 in Ohio, 6 in FL ...
khyber900 08/01/2012 27 17 - 238
PPP: Obama +1 in Missouri
In yet another sign that despite 4 tough years as President Barack Obama remains competitive in purple to red leaning states, we have the latest poll in MO, showing Obama with a 1 point lead, 45-44 ...
khyber900 05/30/2012 28 12 - 214
Swing States Jobless Rates Drop in April
The economic recovery is tepid and uneven but it is a recovery. The perception of a receovery has made its way into public discourse and is one reason why President Obama is in a pretty good ...
khyber900 05/18/2012 2 5 - 56
BREAKING: Vote on Boehner Bill Put Off Indefinitely!!!!
TPM reports that the vote on the Boehner debt reduction/debt limit increase bill has been put off indefinitely. It clearly looks like he doesn't have the votes at this time. If Boehner can't get ...
khyber900 07/28/2011 20 15 - 268
Thoughts on Obama, Tax Cut Deal, the Importance of Campaigns and Other Things
I think it's pretty clear that the issue of what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts will shape the political climate for the 2012 elections. The issue boils down to what is good politics vs. ...
khyber900 12/12/2010 9 7 - 30
Obama Prepared to Let All Bush-era Tax Cuts/Rates Expire if He Doesn't Get What He Wants
Like a lot of people on this site, I want the Dems to sunset the Bush tax cuts. It has been a cornerstone commitment of our party since they were enacted in 2001 and the economic analysis of the ...
khyber900 12/05/2010 47 19 1 41
A Bold Election Year Plan for Democrats:  More Stimulus
Laura Tyson, a member of the President's Council of Economic Advisors, and who previously worked in the Clinton Administration, has written a cogent piece in the New York Times about why a second ...
khyber900 08/29/2010 8 9 - 24
Breaking:  MSNBC Reports Stupak to Hold Press Conference at 4pm ET (LIVE BLOG)
MSNBC is reporting that Bart Stupak, he the leader of the incredibly shrinking group of pro-life opponents of HCR known as the Stupacrats, is holding a press conference at 4pm ET. The ...
khyber900 03/21/2010 115 16 - 37
From TPM: Nadler Speaks - Signs of a Reality Check?
Through TPM, I learned that Congressman Nadler, who has been among the House liberals who have dismissed the Senate bill and have demanded changes even in the wake of Scott Brown's victory, issued a ...
khyber900 01/22/2010 23 14 - 21
Robert Gibbs: The President has too much on his plate. HCR reform on hold. Leadership Vacuum?
The President of the United States has issued a statement through his press secretary essentially kicking the health care reform issue to Congress. The President will not demand from his own party ...
khyber900 01/21/2010 71 7 - 23
The Challenge of Health Care Reform - Can Democrats Govern? Can Progressives See the Big Picture? Ca
Perhaps the most disconcerting result of Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts Senate special election have been the reactions of progressive House Democrats like Barney Frank, John ...
khyber900 01/20/2010 5 3 - 14
BREAKING: Senate HCR Bill - New CBO Score on Reid's Manager's Amendment
The CBO score is in on the changes made by Reid to the HCR Bill (the Manager's Amendment). Here are some highlights $132 Billion reduction in the budget deficit over the first 10 years. Reid ...
khyber900 12/19/2009 248 108 - 122
BREAKING: CQ Reports - Senate Dem Caucus to meet tonight - w/President tomorrow
According to Congressional Quarterly, the Senate Democrats will hold a special caucus tonight and then meet with the President at the White House tomorrow to discuss the current impasse on the ...
khyber900 12/14/2009 418 170 1 75
Health Care Reform - Where We Stand
A few weeks ago I wrote a diary stating that the biggest obstacle to enacting public option is the President of the United States. For that statement, I got roundly panned in the comments, but ...
khyber900 09/12/2009 4 2 1 2
Health Care Reform/Public Option:  How to beat the White House and get P.O. enacted into law.
The biggest obstacle to enacting public option into law is President Barack Obama . There it is. I said it. It’s a reality that we all have to accept. The President has ...
khyber900 08/22/2009 17 6 - 9
Grading the Pollsters - Survey USA: B-
This is Part III of my series, Grading the Pollster. My other two chapters on Mason-Dixon and Rasmussen are here: http://www.dailykos.
khyber900 11/19/2008 4 5 - 11
Grading the Pollsters:  Rasmussen C-
This is Part II of my new series, Grading the Pollsters. Part I (Mason-Dixon) is here: Rasmussen's national tracking poll finished at ...
khyber900 11/06/2008 42 8 - 4
Grading the Pollsters: Mason Dixon - Grade: D
The 2008 Presidential election is over. Now it's time to grade the pollsters who raised our hopes, confounded our thinking, made us reach for antacid tablets, and more often than not set the ...
khyber900 11/05/2008 15 8 - 6
State of '08 A Weekly Summary of the 2008 Campaign (Vol. 9, 11-02-2008) (With Predictions!!!!)
This is the ninth (and final pre-election) installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. In today’s column, I’ll provide a brief summary of the week’s events, ...
khyber900 11/02/2008 2 5 1 -
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 8., 10-27-2008)
This is the eighth installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. The purpose of this column is to recap the prior week’s events and provide some observations and ...
khyber900 10/26/2008 5 7 1 1
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 7., 10-20-2008)
This is the seventh installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. The purpose of this column is to recap the prior week’s events and provide some observations and ...
khyber900 10/20/2008 1 - 1 4
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 6., 10-13-2008)
This is the sixth installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. The purpose of this column is to recap the prior week’s events and provide some observations and ...
khyber900 10/13/2008 3 3 - -
Nevada - Research 2000 Poll: Obama 50 McCain 43
R2000 conducted a poll for the Reno Gazette. Obama leads 50-43 with only 4 percent undecided (other candidates take 3 points). Obama leads among women and indies. I can't find the internals yet, ...
khyber900 10/07/2008 69 17 - 5
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 4., 10-05-2008)
This is the fifth installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. The purpose of this column is to recap the week and provide some observations and suggestions for the Obama ...
khyber900 10/06/2008 3 4 1 -
Pass the Bailout/Rescue Package - It is the dawning of a new Progressive Era
Dennis Kucinich often said on the campaign trail that if we did not end the war in Iraq and stop spending billions of dollars a month there, we would not be able to address domestic priorities such ...
khyber900 09/30/2008 11 - - 2
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 4., 9-28-2008)
This is the fourth installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. The purpose of this column is to recap the week and provide some observations and suggestions for the Obama ...
khyber900 09/28/2008 5 3 - -
PA Polls: Pennsylvania Looking Stronger for Obama
We've had more polling out of PA in the last week than we have since the April primary. The good news is that Obama is ahead in every poll. The great news is that he is at or above 50% in 3 of the ...
khyber900 09/25/2008 26 11 1 2
BREAKING:  NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Obama 51 McCain 45 (Marist 9/17-9/21) [UPDATED]
Breathe easier folks. The Granite State will not be as hard to crack as a few recent polls have led us to believe. This new poll hot off the presses shows Obama leading 51-45 (with leaners) (48-45 ...
khyber900 09/24/2008 210 143 2 43
BREAKING: Bush caves?? Bailout will include mortgage relief and oversight
Barney Frank has informed folks in the Media that Bush has agreed to include mortgage aid and strong congressional oversight in the bailout plan. Of course, the devil is in the details. However, ...
khyber900 09/22/2008 37 9 - 26
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 3., 9-21-2008)
This is the third installment of my weekly series on the 2008 Presidential campaign. This column provides a summary of the prior week’s events and some analysis, observations and ...
khyber900 09/21/2008 3 2 - -
GOP Leaning Insider Advantage Poll - COLORADO - Obama 51 McCain 41
I dismiss all Insider Advantage polls because they are basically a GOP propaganda shop intended to shape a pro-GOP narrative. But I found this one buried in the Real Clear Politics site and thought ...
khyber900 09/18/2008 52 17 1 3
Gallup Tracking:  Obama +2 - A Surge Emerges
Gallup is now reporting that Obama leads 47-45 in its daily tracking poll. I hate tracking polls, but I like using whatever I can for my candidate's advantage in order to keep the Media and GOP ...
khyber900 09/17/2008 48 21 - 18
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 2., 9-14-2008)
This is the second installment of my weekly series on the 2008 campaign. The purpose of the column is to briefly described what happened in the prior week, and provide some analysis and suggestions ...
khyber900 09/15/2008 1 - - -
Obama Rally in Manchester, NH (w/video link)
The big crowds are back. The podium is back. The prepared remarks are back. The oratory is back. The substance is much stronger. The attacks are flyin'. Obama spoke at Veterans Memorial Park in ...
khyber900 09/13/2008 46 90 1 40
ABC News/Brian Ross Investigation - Troopergate - Monegan Told His Story - No Sell Out.....Yet
I saw this video on the site which was aired today on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer. Brian Ross, who busted the Mark Foley scandal wide open in 2006, is up in Alaska ...
khyber900 09/11/2008 41 42 2 12
Obama on Letterman: Funny Response to Lipstick on a Pig has an article summarizing Obama's interview on Letterman which will air tonight. Obama the comedian is out in full force. He described what the expression means in Illinois, and ...
khyber900 09/10/2008 19 33 - 17
State of '08: A Weekly Summary of The 2008 Campaign (Vol 1., 9-7-2008)
I've decided to write a weekly column on the state of the 2008 Presidential race. My purpose is to give a brief summary and analysis of the prior week's events and some suggestions on how the Obama ...
khyber900 09/08/2008 6 3 1 -
...And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program: Obama/Biden in Western PA
There are too many Palin diaries out there and if this keeps up we will make the MSM's bogus theory (that McCain has eclipsed the Obama speech) a self-fulfilling prophecy. So...back to Obama and ...
khyber900 08/29/2008 13 9 - -
What is Obama's Strategy to Win?
I have to confess each day that I follow this campaign, there are things that encourage me and things that frustrate me about how this general election campaign is going. On the positive side: -
khyber900 08/16/2008 46 1 - 22
Hays Poll - Alaska: Obama 45, McCain 40, Nader 2 - MOE 4.9%
In an absolute stunner of a poll, a polling organization called Hays (I have no idea who these guys are, but perhaps some Alaskan Kossacks can educate) has released a poll showing Obama up +5 in ...
khyber900 08/12/2008 165 85 - 158
PPP Florida: McCain 47 Obama 44
This is the 3rd consecutive poll taken over the last week that has McCain in a small lead of somewhere between 3-6 points. Though I dismissed the SUSA (because of overweighting of Republicans and ...
khyber900 08/06/2008 69 3 - 18
WAPO: Poll on Working Class Voters.  Obama Leads 2:1 and + 10 Among Working Class Whites
Although a lot of Kossacks are getting exercised over McCain's version of the Mad Men (check out this great show if you haven't), WAPO has actually published a poll with a national sample of 1,350 ...
khyber900 08/03/2008 70 43 - 38
Required Reading for Kossacks and Obama supporters: Bob Beckel-Clinton for VP
Though it is apparent that many on Daily Kos want anyone but Hillary as Obama's VP, to me the criteria have been clear: the nominee should choose the person who brings the most votes, electoral votes,
khyber900 06/25/2008 30 - - -
Quinnipiac Poll: Most Electable Democrat?: Sure looks like the lady wearing boxing gloves!
One of the things I've always liked about the prospect of a Hillary Clinton candidacy is that she has demonstrated a clear path to reach 270 electoral votes. Her theory is to hold all of the blue ...
khyber900 05/01/2008 133 5 1 14
A Non-Striking Clinton Supporter to the Kososphere and Nancy Pelosi:  Better Make Nice Soon!!
I am not joining Alegre's strike/boycott, though I wholeheartedly agree with the stated reasons for doing so. This site has real power when it has its act together. 2004-2006 were golden years for ...
khyber900 03/16/2008 99 10 - 7
Updated Delegate Count - Clinton 912 Obama 741 (NYT)
There have been a lot of conflicting reports regarding the actual delegate count for each candidate for President in the Democratic Primary. I've seen counts showing Obama narrowly ahead to Hillary ...
khyber900 02/08/2008 114 19 - 1
Feb. 5 Analysis: Clinton Proves to be the most Electable Candidate for the General Election
Barack Obama had a great night on Super Tuesday. Thanks to superior organization (especially in the mountain west caucus states), he won more overall states than Hillary Clinton and more than held ...
khyber900 02/06/2008 244 33 - 11
Feb. 5 - Prediction Time - Time to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!
We've all seen the polls. Each side of the Clinton/Obama divide can point to a poll that favors her/his candidate. There has been a lot of talk, but after tomorrow we'll have actual results and a ...
khyber900 02/05/2008 4 - - 2
NJ Poll: Clinton 50 Obama 36 Undecided 14% (Monmouth U/Gannett) Since the pro-Obama folks like to highlight polls favorable to their candidate (and it's often hard to find a pro-Hillary poll anywhere on ...
khyber900 02/03/2008 29 19 - 13
CNN/LA Times/Politico Poll:  1/23-1/27/08: Clinton 49 Obama 32 Edwards 11 Und: 3
This is a new poll on the heels of a couple of others confirming a double digit lead in the Golden State for Hillary Clinton. The poll was taken from Wednesday through Sunday, so it includes 1 day ...
khyber900 01/28/2008 66 7 - 1
Meanwhile in Iraq...Things get Bloodier and more Dangerous
The big news today is that 5 US soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack with 2 more killed in separate incidents. That brings the total number of US soldiers killed this month to 36, which ...
khyber900 01/28/2008 13 20 - -
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - A study in contrasts
[Note: I am a former supporter of Barack Obama and have switched to Hillary Clinton]. Obama deserves congratulations for a big victory in South Carolina. The numbers he achieved in margin of ...
khyber900 01/27/2008 40 13 1 -
Thoughts on the SC Debate (from a HRC Supporter)
All in all, this was the most negative debate of them all. I read a lot of the comments in the debate threads celebrating this kind of aggressiveness, but I was uncomfortable with it. Overall, ...
khyber900 01/21/2008 83 17 1 12
Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada - Some thoughts
[disclaimer: I'm a Hillary supporter]. Hillary had a good win today in Nevada. Here are a few thoughts on her victory and going forward: - Hillary had a great turnout operation and had a good ...
khyber900 01/19/2008 10 3 - 3
Thoughts on the Nevada Debate:  
[update: I guess people on this site care whether I support Hillary or not. I do support her. I don't think this analysis is out of line with what others have said, including the MSM, and I don't ...
khyber900 01/16/2008 61 11 - 4
Hillary Wins!!!!! An Analysis....Better than Kos';)
It is the most dramatic comeback victory I've ever witnessed in years of observing American politics. Not one single poll had Hillary ahead or even within the margin of error. Obama hit the ...
khyber900 01/09/2008 20 15 - -
What Hillary Should Do to Get Her Mojo Back
I support Hillary Clinton for President. I think she is the best qualified, hardest working, most pragmatically progressive candidate in this race. She is the most electable candidate we have ...
khyber900 01/08/2008 61 11 - 5
Sorry, Haters:  Des Moines Register Endorses Hillary!!
The Des Moines Register, Iowa's largest and most influential paper, endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. You can read the endorsement through the link below, but here are some highlights:
khyber900 12/16/2007 272 20 - 27
NH Primary: January 8, 2008
Sorry for the short diary. The NY Times is reporting on its site (by way of the AP) that the NH primary has been moved to Jan. 8th. This is in light of the Michigan State Supreme Court allowing ...
khyber900 11/21/2007 33 2 - 4
Pete Stark: Do Not Apologize!!!
Pete Stark's statement on the floor of the House during the unsuccessful override vote on the S-CHIP bill stirred the passions of many on this site. His comments were a breath of fresh air and a ...
khyber900 10/19/2007 29 32 - 1
Why I'm not skeptical but concerned that the Administration intends to attack Iran
There seems to be a lot of discussion on this site regarding this issue, which I confess I have not read in depth. Nonetheless, after reading Seymour Hersh's columns over the past 18 months--...
khyber900 09/03/2007 11 6 1 -
Message to Democrats: The Surge is a Failure. There is no Al-Qaeda in Iraq.
I am increasingly troubled by the seeming universal acceptance of the term 'Al-Qaeda' by the US media and US politicians to define a certain segment of Sunni Iraqi opposition to the US occupation of ...
khyber900 08/21/2007 6 8 - 6
Palestine:  The Three State Solution?
I'm surprised I haven't seen a few more diaries on the bloody political earthquake unfolding in the occupied territories. I do not know of any observer of the region who predicted that Gaza and the ...
khyber900 06/17/2007 41 3 - -
SPOILER ALERT:  Thoughts on LOST:  Season 3 Finale!!
First off, this was probably the best episode of the show in its 3 seasons. Season 3 turned out to be excellent (despite 2 or 3 flat episodes), as it provided more cliffhanger endings and twists ...
khyber900 05/24/2007 65 6 - -
What the World Bank Teaches Us: Impeach Gonzales!
According to the latest news reports, Paul Wolfowitz will resign his post as head of the World Bank as of June 30th. The World Bank employees, the board, and the investigative staff who conducted ...
khyber900 05/17/2007 8 7 - -
CNN Promotes Glenn Beck's Anti Global Warming Propaganda
I was at the gym this morning and I saw on CNN a promotional interview (read: pimping) of Glenn Beck's special on Global Warming. It was very clear from the interview and CNN's promotional (read:
khyber900 05/02/2007 33 8 - 36
Breaking: Cochran Amendment to eliminate withdrawal timetable defeated. Dems win crucial vote.
I am watching C-Span2 right now, and the Cochran Amendment to eliminate the withdrawal timetable that is currently in the Iraq supplemental funding bill was defeated 50-48. Two Republicans voted ...
khyber900 03/27/2007 16 12 - 1
Message to Out of Iraq Caucus:  You want out of Iraq?  Go after Cheney and Rove!
I'm a big fan of the Out of Iraq caucus in the House. They have been the conscience of our party on the war, and we wouldn't have won the election last year without their clear message. I thought, ...
khyber900 03/25/2007 14 6 - -
The Truth About the Surge
Bush marketed the surge as an attempt to bring security to Baghdad by going after Shiite militias and Sunni insurgent groups. What we have seen since Bush announced the surge is a high casualty ...
khyber900 03/17/2007 4 4 - -
Hey Brian Williams....Want to Revise and Extend Your Remarks?
If any of you watch the NBC Nightly News from time to time, you'll know that Brian Williams has been reporting from Baghdad over the past couple of days and is traveling with General Petraeus and ...
khyber900 03/06/2007 22 9 - -
The Myth of Executive Supremacy in Foreign Policy
One of the issues raised by the GOP and wavering Democrats against imposing restrictive conditions and/or cutting funding for the war in Iraq is the notion that Congress should not interfere with ...
khyber900 03/01/2007 9 7 1 131
Rush Limbaugh is a big fat racist idiot (and other observations)
(From Huffpost): Rush, predictably, spent yesterday playing clips of Obama's interview on 60 Minutes and claimed that Obama didn't really want to be black and he should just give it up and declare ...
khyber900 02/15/2007 9 6 - -
The only way to end the war and save lives before Bush leaves office is to cut Bush's military supplemental and full appropriations requests. That power rests solely with the Democrats. If the ...
khyber900 02/10/2007 80 14 - 8
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