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May Day: Socialists of America, Unite!
I was asked to post this here, in case there are any socialists lurking in these parts. This is an attempt for socialists to put aside the sectarianism that has for too long divided the left, and to ...
kindofblue 04/21/2012 30 19 2 116
Keep Public Science Public - Kill H.R. 3699
Support the campaign to kill HR 3699 by sharing it on facebook and twitter . Carolyn ...
kindofblue 01/12/2012 5 16 - 80
In which MT Supreme Court Smacks Down Big Oil Shills and Useful Idiots
The topic of Montana's election financing ruling yesterday has already been diaried - but I spent last night reading the decision and wanted to share some thoughts Cross-posted to my blog ...
kindofblue 01/05/2012 7 2 - 63
Romney: Corporations are the 99%
Fresh off his treading water performance in Iowa, Mitt Romney was at a New Hampshire town hall today, where an Occupy Boston activist was able to ask ...
kindofblue 01/04/2012 5 7 - 112
Dec. 5 - OWS to Newt Gingrich: "You take a bath"
Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich told Occupy Wall Street protesters, "go get a job, right after you take a bath."
kindofblue 12/04/2011 91 204 2 1093
OWS Demonstrates @ Obama Fundraisers - Nov. 30, NYC
Today, November 30, President Barack Obama is coming to New York City for what is, I believe, the first time since Occupy Wall Street began. And why is the president visiting? To speak at the UN? ...
kindofblue 11/30/2011 807 132 2 1306
A call to occupy political fundraisers
The first two months of Occupy Wall Street were glorious, culminating in an incredible day on #N17. What started as just a hundred people camped in a non-descript square ended up in hundreds of ...
kindofblue 11/24/2011 7 5 - 53
What the NYPD really thinks about OWS
This morning I read a piece in Mother Jones entitled What the NYPD really thinks about Occupy Wall Street . The author ...
kindofblue 10/20/2011 16 26 2 224
Occupy the Mall - The March of the 99%
I would like to announce #occupythemall, a nascent grassroots/netroots movement to organize and mobilize our nationwide protests towards an enormous march on the National Mall. With proper ...
kindofblue 10/12/2011 30 13 2 241
Why do we protest?
After being arrested with 740 others for taking the Brooklyn Bridge I was asked by a relative to clarify what our protest is about. Here is what I came up with: We protest the growing inequality ...
kindofblue 10/07/2011 3 10 - 26
Day 15 - Occupy Wall St - Who says our message isn't getting through?
Something changed yesterday. We are bigger now, not only in numbers, but in presence and diversity. We are of all backgrounds, ages, colors - we are the 99% and we will no longer tolerate the ...
kindofblue 10/01/2011 116 159 4 756
Obama channels Matt Santos, 'class warrior' a 'badge of honor'
One of the most frustrating things about being a liberal is watching Democrats constantly let the Republicans frame the terms of the debate. The Republican strategy of using language to ...
kindofblue 09/21/2011 5 10 - 90
Help me with my first NYC election
Tomorrow, Sept. 15, is the primary for local elections in New York City. I have lived in NYC for three years now, and this will be my first time voting in a NYC municipal election. According to ...
kindofblue 09/14/2009 23 3 - 16
March for the Public Option - September 13th
Robert Reich has called for a 'march on Washington' in support of the public option on September 13th. This will be the day after ...
kindofblue 08/21/2009 339 585 9 283
Cindy McCain doesn't understand Roe v. Wade
According to Marc Ambinder , the following exchange occurred between Katie Couric and Cindy McCain KATIE COURIC:
kindofblue 09/04/2008 6 5 - 4
Palin being tutored on foreign policy by Bush staffers
(Again, apologies if this has already been mentioned. I couldn't find it after a quick search.) Where has Sarah Palin been for the last five days? We all know she hasn't been granting interviews -
kindofblue 09/02/2008 83 30 1 35
Sarah Palin was a director for Ted Stevens 527
I haven't seen this story mentioned yet. Apologies if it has already been diaried - this place has been very busy lately. Sarah Palin claims that she "took on the corrupt politicians of her own ...
kindofblue 09/01/2008 46 70 2 31
Sarah Palin, the bridge to nowhere, and another 'maverick' myth
Today, we are being told that McCain chose another 'maverick' - someone who would speak out about waste, pet projects and earmarks. McCain's campaign claims: "She put a stop to the 'bridge to ...
kindofblue 08/29/2008 15 34 1 43
Clinton this, Clinton that... move on!
Everyone around here seems to talk about the need for party unity. That is why Hillary Clinton should have dropped out, after all. Yet, here we are, our candidate has won the presidential ...
kindofblue 06/04/2008 11 1 - 1
The myth that Clinton is the stronger general election candidate
We are now beginning to hear it over and over. The desperate Clinton camp, clinging to any reason to stay in the race, has been repeatedly claiming that their candidate is much stronger in the ...
kindofblue 05/28/2008 19 11 - -
Demographic regression analysis - Pennsylvania vs. Ohio
The conventional wisdom is that Ohio is the best reference point for understanding Pennsylvania. In this diary I use this assumption to analyze the Pennsylvania primary in terms of what Ohio told ...
kindofblue 03/10/2008 45 24 4 26
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