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Early ballots in the NC primary
In North Carolina, more people cast early votes for tomorrow's primary than they did for the 2010 midterm elections. In North Carolina, more people cast early votes for tomorrow's primary than they ...
kismet 05/05/2014 27 17 - -
The cost in time and treasure to have valid ID
A couple of months ago I received the notice -- I needed to renew my driver's license. In NC, this requires going to a DMV location, taking a vision test, and all before the current license expires. ...
kismet 11/21/2013 57 26 1 -
Sneaky sneaky NC GOP
Just a little more on the shenanigans from the NC legislature. While Pat McCrory's out front claiming he might veto the massively unpopular SB 695, the House Judiciary Committee is sneaking the same ...
kismet 07/10/2013 2 3 - -
SB 695 (NC): In case it was not crystal clear.
In case it was not crystal clear what the GOP and their anti-woman agenda is all about, witness. Witness this sign from the counter-protest in Raleigh this morning, where a whole lot of loud angry ...
kismet 07/08/2013 18 21 - -
North Carolina. Action.
I am sitting here in Wisconsin, where I'm doing some caretaking for my elderly parents, and watching North Carolina happily follow Perry down the Road of Crazy. They are trying to sneak abortion ...
kismet 07/03/2013 6 15 - -
Y'all mock Chris Christie at your peril
There's yet another diary on the front page of this site that takes a swipe at Chris Christie. Not because he's a Republican nightmare waiting in the wings for 2016, whose horrible policies need to ...
kismet 02/09/2013 525 235 2 -
Early voting in Charlotte, NC
I voted early in Charlotte, NC this morning. I take Zumba classes from an outfit called Queen City DanceOut. They have their classes all over the city, often in community rec centers. This morning,
kismet 10/20/2012 28 28 - -
Republicans out to suppress NC vote (again)
There's not a whole lot to say about this that isn't in four letter words. One of the few vetos that Governor Bev Perdue manage to make stick last year was when she vetoed one of those horrible ALEC-
kismet 05/17/2012 1 4 - 67
Birth control: that's what $40/month means to me
The White House has a neat-ola website where you can tell the President what it means to you to get the 40 dollars per month back that you'll get if the Republicans let the payroll tax cut extension ...
kismet 02/15/2012 7 12 1 64
CMS Superintendent resigns -- to join News Corporation
This is an interesting tidbit from our local Charlotte news. It's going to be a short diary because I don't really know what to say about it except "uh-oh, don't look now, but". Faced with budget ...
kismet 06/08/2011 8 10 - 115
Bev Perdue frees NC-GOP hostages
North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue just thumbed her nose at the Republican legislature's punitive budget proposal. See, they've been holding unemployment benefits for a bunch of North Carolinians ...
kismet 06/03/2011 15 38 1 127
WHEE: Barefootin'
Here's a little impromptu, off-schedule WHEE, just because. For those of us that run, there's been a whole lot of news to look at recently about the concept of ...
kismet 01/28/2010 22 14 - 33
WHEE:  I get knocked down...
So, this week I was going to do a photo-mentary of what it actually looks like to eat less than 2000 calories per day. I was going to be all good and run a calorie deficit all week and exercise ...
kismet 01/10/2010 36 24 - 26
WHEE:  So you say you've got a resolution?
Hi WHEEsters! I'm working on our new theme song! Whaddya think? Does it scan? You say you've got a resolution Well, you know We all want to change our ass You tell me it's a quick ...
kismet 01/01/2010 68 21 - 46
WHEE: Holiday Fit Club Open Thread
Well, we're 14 days into December. I've given the final exam, I've attended numerous zumba classes, and I've fallen off the wagon a bit eating-wise and gained a couple of pounds. I have the ...
kismet 12/14/2009 14 6 1 14
WHEE: Holiday Fit Club open thread?
So I'm tired tonight and it got dark at 5:15 and it's the last weekend before finals and I'm just a little too whatever to write a witty diary about how my holiday fitness is going. This, therefore,
kismet 12/06/2009 45 15 - 23
WHEE:  The Turkey and the Damage Done (+ HFC Open Thread)
OK, the holidays are over and it's time for a little postgame analysis. Did you move the ball toward the endzone over the holidays? Or, like me, did you give into the temptations that moved into ...
kismet 11/29/2009 39 15 1 51
WHEE:  The calorie value of everyday tasks
The world is full of fitness tips and tricks which are less than useless for me: "just cut out the soda" isn't very useful if you never drink soda or juice, for instance. I'm sure we can all think ...
kismet 11/01/2009 40 23 - 145
WHEE:  keeping it fun
Today was a pretty low-energy day until I burned 855 calories in two hours in a Zumba double-header. WHEE (Weight, Health, Eating and Exercise) is a community support diary for Kossacks ...
kismet 10/26/2009 14 9 - 9
WHEE: Pushing Maximum Density
Between 2001 and 2003 I lost 60 pounds. Between 2003 and 2009, I put back on about 15 of it. Between Feb. 2009 and now I've taken off 22 pounds, and am still going. It's a long diary, because ...
kismet 10/25/2009 57 15 - 20
Marriage equality, Louisiana, 2009
So. On what grounds might a Louisiana judge deny a couple a marriage license in 2009? They're gay or lesbian? You're thinking WAAAAY too liberally. ...
kismet 10/15/2009 20 18 - 99
Time:  Obama, "L'etat c'est moi"
OK, this should totally be an open thread comment, I'll admit that right off the bat. But Open Thread is already six posts down the front page, and I've got some idiocy that needs to be pointed out,
kismet 03/04/2009 21 11 - 18
Science IS stimulus (ACTION ITEM)
Science Debate 2008 has just prepared an awesome summary of how science will be impacted if the Senate version, rather than the House version, of the science budgets proposed in the stimulus package,
kismet 02/11/2009 42 35 1 268
Larry Kissell HAS CRUSHED Hayes.
Tonight is a night for short but sweet diaries. Perennial netroots favorite and frequent dKos poster Larry Kissell is looking like he's thumping the Execrable Robin Hayes in NC-08. Robin Hayes, ...
kismet 11/04/2008 21 29 - 53
Early voting in Mecklenburg County, NC
The Charlotte Observer has a really nice article closing out the early voting story in Mecklenburg County today. ...
kismet 11/02/2008 7 10 - -
Help take down the next Michele Bachmann in NC-08
Robin Hayes . Who represents NC-08, a district that stretches from Charlotte ...
kismet 10/20/2008 16 19 - 7
ACTION: I just made my last donation to Obama/Biden
I'm sad to say that today I made my very last donation to the Obama/Biden campaign. It's not because I'm maxed out. And it's sure not because I've changed my mind.
kismet 09/30/2008 27 21 1 -
Watch those labels:  Cadbury pulls melamine truffles
We've heard in the last several days about tainted milk containing melamine being found in baby formula and other milk-like products. But now, the most heinous offense: ...
kismet 09/29/2008 16 14 - 4
Obama talks science.
OK, are you as bored with Sarah Palin as I am? Good. Then you will find it fascinating to follow this link and read all about what ...
kismet 08/30/2008 36 33 2 26
An American Life
Not content with stripping Americans of every last dollar, implementing policies that funnel our wealth into the pockets of the rich at the fastest possible pace, it looks like the Bush ...
kismet 07/11/2008 4 3 1 -
Kennedy: up and walking around
Just some unadulterated good news for Senator Kennedy! I know this isn't much of a diary,
kismet 06/03/2008 25 33 - 13
All of the heroes were already dead
Last night after a good dinner and a couple of glasses of wine I started idly pondering what it was that attracted me (a 40ish white woman) to Barack Obama so strongly that I was never able to ...
kismet 05/31/2008 29 16 - 13
Obama: The Republican Party better be prepared to debate issues
In an article with the hype-free title " Obama warns Republicans about critical ads " ...
kismet 05/16/2008 37 24 1 17
On the ground in Charlotte
I got to the Elizabeth Ave. location at about 6:45 this morning. The campaign had called me last night to encourage me to arrive before 6:30 a.m. so I could go stand with a group at a busy ...
kismet 05/06/2008 13 17 1 -
SEANC becomes SEIU Local 2008
I just wanted to share a little piece of interesting news that has nothing to do with either Barack Obama (well, almost nothing) or Hillary Clinton. I just became a member of the SEIU!
kismet 05/05/2008 3 4 1 2
I saw real people voting today!
I voted today in North Carolina early voting. There's no secret who I voted for. So that's one for Team "O". In line at 2:00 on a sunny Friday afternoon were several older African American voters,
kismet 05/02/2008 11 22 - 19
Clinton and Obama will debate faith but not science
As a scientist, I've really been hoping that the folks at would talk the candidates into holding a discussion ...
kismet 04/08/2008 21 11 - -
Enormous Obama organizing meeting in Charlotte
I just got back from an organizing meeting in Charlotte, NC, that was so mobbed it pretty much thwarted all of the advance team's carefully laid plans for getting the crowd organized into teams.
kismet 03/27/2008 220 230 3 51
Charlotte Obama HQ opens!
For those looking for a change from the endless Wright vs. Tuzla smackdown, I've got a little bit of good news today. Charlotte NC Obama HQ is ready to open and it's looking good!
kismet 03/26/2008 21 14 1 9
Time Magazine featuring "Operation Chaos" today
When Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham are allowed to snigger triumphantly in the pages of Time about how they ...
kismet 03/20/2008 21 20 - -
Economy: what sectors are left?
This little snippet of information just rose to the top of Yahoo! News: The nation's service sector ...
kismet 02/05/2008 74 12 - -
Help me debunk an Obama smear
A not-so-lovely person of my acquaintance has just sent out the Obama/madrassa smear to a mailing list of nice people I know who (ironically) are mainly women who participate in middle eastern dance ...
kismet 01/04/2008 41 1 1 -
Doris Lessing wins Literature Nobel
Apparently this is a highly controversial award, but as someone who has been reading Lessing for years, I couldn't stop smiling when I ...
kismet 10/11/2007 17 13 2 33
Heat and dust
I'm sitting here in Charlotte, North Carolina. The weather forecast calls for ten days of "sunny", interspersed with a little "mostly sunny" and a lot of "plenty of sun". My lawn is dusty and brown,
kismet 10/09/2007 10 6 1 32
K-sploitation? K Ville?
Isn't it a bit sleazy for a TV network to attempt to make money off a recent natural disaster that is still un-remediated, un- cleaned up, ...
kismet 08/21/2007 9 - - -
Do you have a facebook?
Sorry if this has been posted previously, I couldn't find it in the past couple of weeks' diaries. Does what happens in the Facebook stay in the Facebook?
kismet 06/24/2007 10 6 - 13
Safe eating action item: a reassuring response from Bob's Red Mill
One of my favorite sources for flours, both gluten-free and regular, good organic flour, is Bob's Red Mill . Their products are available in health food stores ...
kismet 05/05/2007 10 14 - 12
Gluten: what is it and, eew, how do I get it off me?
There's a lot of really neat discussion of food chains and local sourcing going on around here lately. Enough people have asked questions about gluten in the various food threads that I thought I'd ...
kismet 05/03/2007 52 32 2 23
Shop the perimeter and eat safely
After weeks of pet food nightmare diaries and as we find out more and more about what might be making its way into the human food supply, I see Kossacks asking "how do we eat safely?" "what foods ...
kismet 05/02/2007 47 31 14 142
Edwards/Obama unity and the coming golden age
People, people. I gotta tell you, the Edwards vs. Obama snipe-o-rama is really getting me down, because I have long had a fantasy that needs fulfillment, and if we can't come together on this I ...
kismet 05/01/2007 83 21 - 8
Down on "The Corner"
Sometime on Monday evening, I found myself in a position that Americans aren't often put in: I was checking for my friends' names on lists of the civilian dead. I worked at Virginia Tech for a ...
kismet 04/21/2007 1 - - -
men, women and the price of milk
Awwyeah, I'm about to post a feminist screed on DailyKos. I am SO READY. Today on the front page, we see an article about Rudy Giuliani not knowing the price of bread and milk. This is a Bad Thing(
kismet 04/11/2007 93 19 1 9
AP touts GOP enthusiasm for oversight
What's the headline on AP's story this morning about the prosecutor scandal? GOP wants answers on prosecutor firings That's right! You never knew the GOP was so enthusiastic ...
kismet 03/19/2007 6 4 - -
South Carolina plan to harvest prisoners' organs
I saw this headline on and my first thought was "is this legal?" Inmates in South Carolina ...
kismet 03/08/2007 39 16 - 57
Romney polygamy story enters news cycle
On days when we feel that the RWCM is unfair to Democrats, it sometimes, er, turns the stomach to realize that, in fact, they also eat their own, and they eat their own in particularly unpleasant ...
kismet 02/24/2007 92 14 1 8
(NC-08) Hayes goes negative in my mailbox
kismet 10/20/2006 14 14 - 13
OPEC to cut oil supply?
kismet 10/08/2006 6 5 - -
CCR files preemptive habeas suit
kismet 10/02/2006 14 38 - 6
Larry Kissell, NC-08: A Democrat, Proud and True
kismet 08/26/2006 15 28 - 37
Club for Growth Targets Chafee -- where's the outrage
kismet 08/12/2006 10 8 - -
Fletcher (KY) above the law
kismet 08/11/2006 6 - - 3
Privatize education? Not so fast!
kismet 07/15/2006 14 11 1 30
BBC targets news-starved Americans
kismet 06/06/2006 62 27 - 8
Leave this town by sunset
kismet 05/17/2006 21 17 1 8
Eye in the sky
kismet 05/13/2006 12 3 1 10
What Big Brother sees
kismet 05/11/2006 21 40 10 193
I voted (NC-8 style)
kismet 05/02/2006 1 1 - 7
Bush administration breaking the backs of businesses???
kismet 04/20/2006 8 7 1 -
Bush on pace to break "debt clock"
kismet 03/30/2006 3 8 - -
Fred Phelps /= protest against war
kismet 02/21/2006 10 - - -
The Christmas Wars: coming soon to a Fox...
kismet 11/07/2005 24 5 1 3
The Lysistrata Option (a Modest Proposal)
kismet 11/02/2005 37 7 - -
Flu recombination hot spot in Israel?
kismet 10/24/2005 3 2 - -
[UPDATED] AP/Ipsos Poll
kismet 09/20/2005 11 14 - -
Smug bastards on the loose in NC
kismet 09/18/2005 8 6 - -
The smokescreen becomes the story
kismet 09/09/2005 2 - - -
What computer-savvy volunteers should do
kismet 09/03/2005 12 7 - -
Epidemic planning? Doubtful.
kismet 08/31/2005 3 - - -
Put your fingers to the wind, Democrats...
kismet 08/31/2005 1 2 - -
Hugo Chavez offers hurricane aid
kismet 08/30/2005 24 15 - -
Diebold critic Rubin gets $7.5M to study e-voting
kismet 08/16/2005 10 9 1 22
Honesty becomes a problem for Dubya
kismet 08/05/2005 2 3 - -
NY Dem calls for racial profiling
kismet 08/03/2005 28 - - -
Robin Hayes (NC-8): Flip-flopper extraordinaire!
kismet 07/28/2005 5 - - 8
A picture is worth a thousand words...
kismet 07/05/2005 13 4 - -
Project for a New ASIAN Century?
kismet 04/11/2005 11 9 - -
Santorum on DeLay
kismet 04/10/2005 12 1 - -
Tell me why, Rep. Boucher?
kismet 03/31/2005 10 1 - -
It's impishly fun to [insert Bushism here]
kismet 03/28/2005 26 1 - -
The End Times: Now coming to prime time
kismet 03/26/2005 11 4 - -
Time to pay our dues
kismet 03/09/2005 1 - - -
Carville's poison pen
kismet 03/08/2005 123 9 - 1
Boycott MBNA: The Affinity Card Edition
kismet 03/06/2005 11 7 - 8
Bush Ranger promised ambassadorship
kismet 02/15/2005 1 4 - -
Texas Teens Gone Wild
kismet 01/31/2005 31 8 - -
Teaching the First Amendment
kismet 01/31/2005 4 4 - 7
Why can't Senator Allen read?
kismet 01/27/2005 30 1 - 7
How long have we been dissidents?
kismet 12/13/2004 13 10 - 9
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