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How Koch tentacles snag high schoolers
Today my high school daughter received an invitation by mail to attend The Washington Youth Summit on the Environment at George Mason University for six days this June. I thought, hmmm, isn't GMU ...
kkjohnson 01/10/2014 14 17 1 -
Should Brazil give Snowden asylum? w/ poll
Update 10:42AM: There has been a request to include a link to Snowden's letter: This ...
kkjohnson 12/17/2013 32 4 - -
Hey NRA, MN school shooters stole guns from law enforcement!
I shouldn't have been surprised by the unrepentant nature of Wayne LaPierre's statement this morning, but I was. There is no recognition that more guns equal more deaths. Minnesota has had two ...
kkjohnson 12/21/2012 3 9 - -
RedState Post Mortems
Some fascinating analysis going on over at Red State, after the scroll:
kkjohnson 11/07/2012 25 12 - -
Bachmann's district is Ground Zero for bullying and suicide
Not surprised? At this moment CNN is airing a special on the rash of suicides in Anoka Public Schools. Four of the suicides are considered to be of students who were considered gay by others. CNN ...
kkjohnson 07/30/2011 6 5 - 97
Rep. Wiener and sex addiction denial
It's difficult not to come to the conclusion that Rep. Wiener is a likely sex addict in denial. Even his statement during his press conference where he denied he had issues, reeks of someone deep in ...
kkjohnson 06/08/2011 64 2 1 140
State Dept. "gossip" on Churchill
This last week I read Jon Meacham's Franklin and Winston . Mid century echoes of the current Wikileaks brouhahah. A Pre-War obstacle to the Churchill-Roosevelt relationship was ...
kkjohnson 11/30/2010 13 9 - 37
Militias  helped create recent MN farmhouse murderer
This was shocking when it happened two years ago. A young man, after a night of bar hopping, ran into a ditch in rural Waseca, in south central Minnesota. He went into the nearest farmhouse and shot ...
kkjohnson 04/13/2009 16 12 - 91
Texas bizman to Sen. Coleman: No more money to your wife
Norm could be sharing a jail cell with his buddy Ted Stevens if this is true. A Texas businessman filed a suit yesterday alleging that his former partner, Kazeminy, an Iranian, had been secretly ...
kkjohnson 10/31/2008 6 10 - -
CNN pulls coverage of Palin/world leaders, updated 2x
Just saw on Yahoo News an AP report that CNN is fed up with McCain/Palin. McCain told CNN that they could film Palin meeting with world leaders, but there would be no press conference. In ...
kkjohnson 09/23/2008 54 29 - 17
If you loved Katrina, you'll love Pawlenty as VP
What a coincidence that Hurricane Gustav is heading for the Lousianna coast at the same time that McCain is considering Pawlenty as Vice President. Pawlenty's political career is one of putting ...
kkjohnson 08/28/2008 12 12 2 12
The McCain meme that works
Amsterdam asks in his diary today: minor update: I'm just wondering whether we should push the 'clueless / lost his bearings' narrative, the 'elitist / out of touch' line, the 'McCain ...
kkjohnson 08/21/2008 17 4 - -
Will you pick lettuce for $50 dollars an hour?
McCain sure thinks you won't. This story has been kicking around for a few days now. I think it's huge. A diary on this by MoDem ...
kkjohnson 04/27/2008 79 21 1 18
GMO the link between recent die offs in bats and bees?
I am not a biologist but the recent reports of bat die offs as reported by the New York Times on March 25 sound very familiar to the Colony Collapse Disorder of bees. They both may be related to ...
kkjohnson 03/27/2008 14 18 3 100
GWB: Happy times are here again
Maureen Dowd's column today picks up on the really wierd phenomena going on in the White House:
kkjohnson 03/16/2008 18 4 1 -
I will not vote for Obama because of Rezko dealings
or that is until he and his campaign clears this up. Frankly the situation on Rezko is uglier than I've ever seen discussed on Dailykos or in the MSM. And I'm annoyed, why wasn't this covered here ...
kkjohnson 01/29/2008 431 16 - 18
MN US Attorney Paulose under investigation
Today's article at Minnesota Monitor on the situation at the Minnesota Attorney's office is rather shocking. The ...
kkjohnson 09/18/2007 14 25 - -
WAR ON TERROR explained by psych research
Recently the New Republic put out an absolutely fascinating piece by John Judis expaining how new research in psychology ...
kkjohnson 08/24/2007 4 7 - 47
Mpls 35W Bridge Update: Rebuild awash in scandal?
At 2PM Central Time, five new bridge designs will be presented to the public. We will be able to comment on the designs. Here is the link:
kkjohnson 08/14/2007 20 7 - 7
Saving Pawlenty in three easy steps
How will the Republicans save one of their young stars? If you don't think they're not discussing this, you don't know politics. I think the plan has been laid out in bits and pieces these last few ...
kkjohnson 08/07/2007 20 12 - 10
 Should we care if mortgage companies target the rich?
Now that the rest of the mortgage market is cooling, a New York Times recent article, "The $3.6 Million Mortgage",
kkjohnson 07/03/2007 2 1 - -
Who knew? Al Gore's quite wealthy
It's not like we all need one more reason to cry that Al Gore isn't sitting in the White House. But this recent Fast Company ...
kkjohnson 06/26/2007 29 6 2 60
Red shirting Kindergarteners?
Some of you have likely seen this article at NYTimes, by Elizabeth Weil.
kkjohnson 06/04/2007 431 175 11 105
Trojan horse at Dailykos?
Or what’s that F*CKING BANNER AD doing here? Most regular users have probably already noticed the flashing banner ad at the top of the front page about “ freight rail being clean ...
kkjohnson 05/31/2007 60 31 1 35
Have the democrats put oil over troops‘ welfare?
Retired military Colonel Ann Wright’s recent editorial in Truthout should be front and center on the debate over Iraq. And why it&...
kkjohnson 05/28/2007 10 6 - -
Are Congressional Dem's scared of being blamed?
I'd like to discuss here Mark Shield's recent take on the Iraq funding issue that was in the Star & Tribune today. Mark Shields seems ...
kkjohnson 05/23/2007 7 1 - 2
Brownback can forget about Wisconsin, with poll
Just read the MSNBC story on Brownback's gaffe at the Republican convention in Wisconsin: he claimed Manning could by NFL's best quarterback ever. ...
kkjohnson 05/12/2007 30 2 - 8
How an earmark sudsidizes coal and unites conserv.'s and environmentalists in opposition.
Steve Forbes in a recent issue of Forbes discusses the infamous $2.3billion loan the FRA(Federal Railroad Admin.) is considering giving to a small privately owned railroad to build a new line to ...
kkjohnson 02/10/2007 1 3 - 14
Iraq Vet denied health care, commits suicide.
I really don't have much to add to this Star & Tribune article except that it needs wider distribution. A Minnesota Marine home from ...
kkjohnson 01/27/2007 169 208 4 18
Defeated MN-01 Rep. blames Rice for Iraq problems
In a far ranging interview with his district's largest newspaper, the Rochester Post-Bulletin, former ...
kkjohnson 12/30/2006 16 10 - 131
Sen. Norm Coleman, R-MN, flip-flops, proving once again,
kkjohnson 11/17/2006 13 5 - 33
MN-01 rally w/o Kerry attracts more than rival McCain rally
kkjohnson 11/02/2006 8 7 - 8
Fighting Dem Tim Walz MN-01 hosts John Kerry tomorrow
kkjohnson 10/31/2006 10 2 - 6
Fighting Dem Tim Walz's, MN-01, opponent gets hit with prof.
kkjohnson 09/22/2006 7 9 - 57
Biggest fed. loan ever to private corp. can only be described as a boondoggle.
kkjohnson 02/17/2006 8 7 - 33
Thune's "coal train to nowhere" finally gets negative press
kkjohnson 01/07/2006 2 10 1 5
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